Halloween costumes for dogs

by Darren Jamieson on October 31, 2008

It’s the season to be scary and drape your house in cobwebs (unless of course you already have cobwebs in your house, in which case you’re all set). It’s Halloween, and children will be calling round very shortly demanding sweets in exchange for not throwing eggs at your door and covering your car in flour.

Isn’t it wonderful?

For dog lovers though Halloween has a very different meaning. Halloween represents the time of year to dress your dog up in a series of bizarre costumes, whether you plan to take them trick-or-treating or not.

Luckily, mostly thanks to the American market who love their dog accessories, there is a wealth of dog Halloween costumes for you to buy for your dog, including (more…)

Pelican eats dog in bizarre twist

by Clare Jones on October 30, 2008

This shows that you never get between a Pelican and its lunch, though Katijina the Rhodesian ridgeback thought she’d have a go nonetheless, and dived in when the Pelican was about to eat a frozen chick from the owner of the bird farm. Roland Adam was about to feed the Pelican when his dog flew in and stole the food from in front of him.

I was preparing foods for the birds in our outdoor kitchen, when I noticed Petri at my side looking for a snack. I decided to feed her one of the chicks I had been preparing when Katijina raced in, caught the frozen bird mid-air and gobbled up Petri’s dinner.

Then the Pelican decided that if she couldn’t have her food, she’d try to eat the (more…)

How do I take great photos of my dog?

by Clare Jones on October 29, 2008

If you’re a dog lover, the chances are you’ve spent many an evening trying to photograph your dog, attempting to get a picture that fully captures their personality. We’ve all tried, but all too often the dog refuses to play ball, or in some cases opts to ‘actually’ play ball when you’re trying to get their attention. They look away, run off and just won’t recreate the poses you know they’re capable of just because you’ve got your camera out.

Help is at hand however from a new book, which comes out on November 1st, and offers invaluable tips on how to take great photos of your dog. The book, PhoDOGraphy: How to Get Great Pictures of Your Dog, is available for (more…)

Police officers found guilty of abusing pet dogs

by Darren Jamieson on October 28, 2008

Two police officers from Prestatyn, North Wales, have been found guilty of abusing their pet dogs. They pleaded guilty in court to the offenses, and the court was shown a 20 minute film of footage of the two police officers kicking their dogs.

They face a possible jail term as a result of their offenses.

The two police officers, Anja Mason (29) and Craig Macleod (34) also risked being sacked from the police force over the incident. The evidence of them abusing their dogs was caught on camera by a neighbour, who then reported them to the RSPCA.

The video can be seen on the BBC website.

The two dogs, a collie puppy named Tess and a rottweiler named Snoopy, were both abused and (more…)

Dog saves kittens from a fire in Australia

by Clare Jones on October 27, 2008

Dogs aren’t noted for their affection towards cats, their mortal enemy. However Leo the terrier cross from Australia displayed an undying love for a litter of newborn kittens that were threatened when a fire broke out in his home.

Leo refused to leave the house as it filled with smoke, instead choosing to stay with the kittens, who were kept in (more…)

Two dogs get $700,000 left to them in a will

by Darren Jamieson on October 26, 2008

Some dogs are well looked after, some are right royally spoilt, and some… well, some get left almost $1 million in a will and sleep in four poster beds and are waited on hand and foot.

Two dogs named ‘Wags’ and ‘Deefa’ have been left $700,000 in Australia by their owners, meaning they’re now living in the lap of luxury in a (more…)

Dog lover offers reward to find owner of mistreated dog

by Darren Jamieson on October 25, 2008

The Duchess of Hamilton has offered a reward to find the owner of an abandoned dog that a motorist found cowering on the roadside. Joanna Bowie discovered the dog near Aberdeen in Scotland, weighing less than a stone, having been dumped by its owner.

Joanna coaxed the Staffordshire bull terrier from its hiding place by offering the dog (more…)

USB Humping Dog

by Leanne Thompson on October 24, 2008

If you’ve got far too many USB sockets on your PC or laptop, and that USB rocket launcher and the USB drinks coaster that keeps your coffee warm isn’t enough, you’ll need this USB humping dog stick.

Perfect for the dog lover who likes to transport files back and forth from their laptop to their PC, the energetic stud dog is always ready for some USB socket humping action whenever (more…)

Sniffer dogs hired by parents to sniff out drugs in children’s bedrooms

by Darren Jamieson on October 23, 2008

It’s every parent’s greatest fear that their kids may end up doing drugs; luckily for parents in the USA there is a solution. A company based in Jersey, Sniff Dogs, allows parents to hire out trained sniffer dogs to search their children’s bedrooms for drugs.

The company charges £200 (which is about £125) for an hour of the dog’s time to sniff out a range of drugs and illegal substances, including cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. The dogs locate illegal substances and then sit next to them so that parents can (more…)

Dog plays football on virtual soccer video game

by Clare Jones on October 22, 2008

If you find it difficult getting off the sofa to give your overly demanding and energetic dog some much needed exercise, you’ll be interested in this video of a Jack Russell (one of the most energetic of dog breeds) playing virtual soccer.

The inventive game allows players to ‘kick’ a digital ball on a video screen pitch by standing on the screen, which all seems fairly straight forward until you unleash a frantic (more…)

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