Bobby Charlton dog walking advert upsets Welsh council

by Darren Jamieson on November 20, 2008

He may still be England’s top goal scorer, and the nation’s favourite granddad, but Sir Bobby Charlton is in hot water with councillors near Cardigan, West Wales, for his dog walking antics.

The dog walking in question is shown in a TV advert, for Actimel, that features Sir Bobby walking his dog on football playing fields in a park, then when the ball comes near him he rifles it into the top corner, showing that despite being seventy-years-old, he’s in great shape.

This however has upset councillors from Y Ferwig, in Ceredigion. They say that the advert encourages dog walkers to walk their dogs on playing fields used by children.

The Advertising Standards Authority does not agree though, saying the advert doesn’t condone (more…)

Cats and Dogs living together: Family of dogs adopts cat

by Darren Jamieson on November 19, 2008

It’s something you just don’t expect to see, a family of dogs playing happily with a cat… a wild cat at that! However that’s just what has happened, as a family of dogs has adopted a wild cat cub in Germany after the cat’s mother couldn’t feed her litter.

The wild cat is called Shakira, a Serval (African wild cat) and she was born in a zoo in Germany. She was very ill after her mother was unable to feed her, and her siblings all died. Luckily for Shakira, animal carer Roland Adam took the wild cat into his care, and that of his dogs.

Shakira came to us when she was just 14 days old. A friend of mine from the zoo contacted me and told me how Shakira’s mother had not (more…)

Leading your pet dog: A guide to walkies

by Vivien Richardson on November 18, 2008

Taking your dog for walkies is very important for their health, their amusement and for your bonding with your dog. Here are a few important considerations when it’s time for walkies.

  • Collar and Leads vary according to the dog breed. However you don’t need any special equipment, just a plain collar and lead.
  • Avoid collars and leads made of chain as these can hurt your dog’s neck and your hands.
  • Check that the collar fits well and you are able to slip two of your fingers underneath, showing that’s not too tight for your dog. (more…)

Three pedigree dogs found wandering streets in North Wales

by Darren Jamieson on November 17, 2008

Three Shih Tzu dogs were found wondering the streets in North Wales this month, with badly matted coats and in need of care. Two of the Shih Tzus, one female and one male, were found in a derelict building in the North Wales town of Conwy. A third Shih Tzu, another female, was found on the street the same week.

According to Inspector Kevin Paton the dogs were in such a bad state that they had to be shaved. Their hair was so matted that they were in discomfort.

I am hoping the public will be able to tell me where these dogs came from.

They were not friendly when we first brought them into the centre but this was simply because they were in pain from (more…)

Crunch time for dogs and their owners

by Vivien Richardson on

It has been reported that due to the credit crunch thousands of people are losing their homes. However, the smallest members of families are also losing their homes, the family pet dog.

The reason for dogs losing their homes is due to a shortage of money to pay veterinary bills and the insurance premiums for pets that are soaring sky high.

Battersea dog’s home has reported an increase in the numbers of people wishing to (more…)

Woman banned from selling sick dogs after faking Kennel Club certificates

by Leanne Thompson on November 16, 2008

Dog breeder Liz Baird has been convicted of selling unhealthy dogs to customers, and of faking Kennel Club certificates to make out that the puppies were pedigree dogs, registered with the Kennel Club.

She has received a fine of £2000 and has been banned from selling sick dogs.

The story was broken by the Sunday Mail, which showed the extent of the problem, where hundreds of customers had been conned into buying dogs that they believed to be pedigree dogs, with a trusted lineage. In fact the dogs weren’t pedigree dogs, they weren’t registered with the Kennel Club and many of them were (more…)

George Bush’s dog bites journalist

by Darren Jamieson on November 15, 2008

He may have only a few weeks left in the White House, but he’s not going quietly. No, not George Bush, his dog Barney. With all the talk at the moment being about what dog Barack Obama will choose for his First Dog, the current First Dog wants some media attention of his own.

With that in mind he’s bitten a reporter, live on TV. Barney, a Scottish Terrier, bit out (more…)

UK population of rare Komondor dog is boosted by 25%

by Darren Jamieson on November 14, 2008

A record litter for a rare dog has seen the UK population of the Komondor dog boosted by 25%. A usual litter of pups for the dog is just four, but new mother Kyra had a litter of nine puppies recently, taking the UK population of Komondor dogs from just forty, to forty-nine.

The scarcity of the dogs means that they are also very valuable, as each puppy is expected to sell for £1,000 a piece. The dogs have a unique appearance, as the Komondor dog features natural ‘dreadlocks’, making them the world’s hairiest dog.

As each puppy is identical they’ve been daubed with colours so they can be identified, and they’ve also been temporarily named after (more…)

Liaquat Ali jailed for arranging dog fights

by Darren Jamieson on November 13, 2008

An Accrington man, Liaquat Ali, has received a six-month jail sentence for organising dog fights after being investigated by the RSPCA. He has also been banned from keeping dogs for the rest of his life.

His convictions included organising dog fights, causing dogs to fight and keeping premises that were specifically designed for dogs to fight each other. According to the RSPCA, this is the first conviction they’ve achieved under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Two properties that Liaquat Ali rented were searched by the RSPCA last summer, where in one property they found a starving dog chained in a box, without food and water. The other property was a flat in Accrington, where they found (more…)

Stud Dog of the Year Award 2008 for Top Honcho

by Leanne Thompson on

The Irish Greyhound Review awards took place at Shelbourne Park in Dublin this week, and were presented by Martin Cullen, the Minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism.

Top Honcho was talk of the town as this great stud dog won the Stud Dog of the Year award yet again, for what is his seventh year in a row.

Top Honcho is owned by Michael and John Dunne, the Dunne brothers from Portlaoise in County Laois and they accepted the award in person from the minister. On the Irish Greyhound Review forums, one or two members are now claiming that surely this must make Top Honcho one of the greatest (more…)

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