Holistic and herbal remedies for your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on February 28, 2009

There is much more that you, as the owner of a puppy, can do to maintain their health. Holistic veterinary surgeons are growing in numbers and they treat their clients in the traditional way, using alternative therapies methods as an enhancement to healing.

There are spa treatments, herbal remedies, dental collars, and even roman candles all designed to retain your puppy’s good health.

Over the counter products are available for your puppy with advice on (more…)

English Bulldog stud dog service goes wrong

by Darren Jamieson on

A family in America who tried to use their English Bulldog as a stud dog have found their dreams have turned into nightmares. Their English Bulldog, Turk, was to have earned them $3,000 for his services, as that’s the going rate for British Bulldogs as stud dogs, however they have yet to receive their dog back from the dog breeder who was using him.

Turk’s owner, Jodi Szaefer, went to pick her dog up at the end of January but when they arrived at the dog breeder’s home, instead of receiving their stud dog (more…)

What food to buy for your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on February 27, 2009

Milk supplies a high amount of protein which is essential to enable your puppy to grow. Vitamin D is provided in milk and this vitamin helps your puppy’s bones form and to be strong.

Start giving your puppy a tablespoonful of biscuits soaked in some water and make sure there is puppy milk available to top up the meal.

Meat and small biscuits are given to a puppy little by little until they are (more…)

Billionaire’s fortune isn’t just going to the dogs

by Leanne Thompson on February 26, 2009

An American billionaire who left her entire fortune to dog charities has had her will contested in court. Leona Helmsley left her fortune to various dog charities, and she also $12 million to her own dog, Trouble, more than to most of her family and excluding some members of her family.

A US court has ruled however that not all of her fortune should go to charities exclusively for dogs. Her legal documentation apparently awards her trustees with the discretion to make changes in which charities the money is donated to, so now the $8 billion that Hemlsley has left to charities will be (more…)

Three year old girl raised by her dogs

by Darren Jamieson on February 25, 2009

A three year old girl was found by social workers in Russia, being cared for in her family home by her pet dogs. The girl’s mother, an alcoholic, had neglected the girl, leaving her to fend for herself. Luckily her dogs adopted her into their ‘pack’.

When social workers entered the home, they found the three year old girl crawling around on all fours, with the dogs, and gnawing on bones like a dog. She also used the dogs for warmth, and barely knows how to speak, answering just (more…)

How to house train your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on February 24, 2009

Newspaper Routine:

To start your puppy on his training routine you need to place some newspaper near his basket. Also place some near the back door, unless your door is near the garden and easy to keep opening at the puppy’s beck and call.

When your puppy wakes up, or has eaten his meals, place him on the newspaper immediately and say ‘paper’ so that your command is (more…)

Stud dog training for your puppy

by Leanne Thompson on

It may sound a little absurd, but if your puppy is to be used as a stud dog then it is important to ‘teach’ him how to be a good stud dog from an early age and to start from as early as three or four months old or as soon as possible.

The first thing a good stud dog needs to know is how to read the signals and communicate well with a bitch.  The best way for him to (more…)

Herbal and home remedies, Kennel Cough and your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on February 23, 2009

You will know if your puppy has ‘kennel cough’ as you will hear a dry honking sound coming from your puppy instead of his usual tone. It will keep you awake at night more than your husband’s snoring!

Usually the condition will last for two weeks until the phlegm starts loosening in the puppy’s throat.

There are over the counter suppressants available but the cough does need to run its course. However, it can be dangerous for your puppy (more…)

Dog riding a bicycle

by Leanne Thompson on

If you like videos of dogs doing clever tricks, you’ll love the latest video that’s become a hit on video sharing website YouTube. The latest dog video hit shows a dog riding a bicycle.

The video shows a Dalmatian, named Dotty (of course) riding on his red bicycle through the streets in Japan. In the video, Dotty climbs onto his bike (featuring stabilisers, he’s not that good) puts his paws on the pedals and begins pedalling through the streets, with other cyclists.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video on YouTube. What do you think of Dotty the Dalmatian, could your dog be trained to do this?


Using aromatherapy oils for your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on February 22, 2009

Aromatherapy oils are a well known healing treatment for humans. However, more and more veterinary practitioners are turning to other treatments as an alternative to prescribed medication for dogs.

A puppy has a keen sense of smell right from the time he is born and puppies can benefit from the aromas of aromatherapy oils.

It is important to remember that your home is a strange place for your puppy until he gets used to everything and everyone.

If your puppy is nervous or shows signs of being sensitive when he is (more…)

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