Jessica Simpson’s dog only eats the best

by Darren Jamieson on March 26, 2009

Jessica Simpson may be having problems with her weight at the moment due to her admitted addiction to junk food, but her dog is certainly well fed, according to reports. Simpson, star of the much maligned Dukes of Hazard movie, asked a chef in a restaurant to cook her pampered pooch a gourmet meal.

Jessica was in the W Hotel in Arizona to discuss new projects, and while she was there she needed to feed her dog. Rather than opt for some canned dog food, or even some nice tasty chicken, Jessica had the hotel’s top chef cook up a meal for her dog, aptly named Daisy (Jessica’s character in Dukes of Hazard).

Daisy is a poodle – Maltese cross, a Maltipoo. Jessica received (more…)

More house rules for your puppy training

by Vivien Richardson on

Puppy training is a serious business, and if you are part of a family then you have to make a joint decision on the rules of the house with regards to your puppy so that everyone knows how to implement the correct rules.

If you are a single person then the situation is clear as you are in charge of your dog (hopefully).

Here are a few notes for you to refer to when training your puppy:

Q. Is the puppy allowed on a bed?

Answer: Once you let the puppy sleep on a bed, whether it is yours or your children’s then it gives the puppy the impression that (more…)

Miniature dog in full body cast

by Leanne Thompson on March 25, 2009

He might look like the canine version of ‘The Mummy’ but Fudge is a very lucky dog indeed. The miniature pinscher, named Fudge (possibly because he’s the size of a finger of fudge) is just twelve inches high, which makes him easy to pick on for bigger, bully dogs. Fudge was attacked by a giant Japanese Akita, which grabbed Fudge by the throat, breaking his little neck.

It was thought that Fudge wouldn’t survive, never mind walk again, but Fudge was a very determined little dog, and thanks to a large amount of plaster (relatively speaking for Fudge, not that much to the rest of us) Fudge looks like making a full recovery.

Fudge was going for a walk in January when he was attacked, and has been in the plaster for four weeks recovering from his injuries, which included a broken (more…)

You are the Alpha leader, not your dog

by Vivien Richardson on

When you own a dog you have to realise that your puppy needs a leader and if you are not the puppy’s leader there will not be any respect given.

The one who is the ‘leader’ of the pack has the respect and that has to be you, otherwise your cute little puppy will grow up to be an unruly dog.

Some dog owners want to be a buddy with their puppy and be their best friend. However this is not possible.

Teach your puppy to stay until (more…)

Extreme colouring in

by Darren Jamieson on March 24, 2009

You may have heard of extreme sports, such as base jumping (where you leap off the top of a building with a parachute) or bungee jumping. They’re the sort of sports that adrenaline junkies do to get their kicks. They’re dangerous and exciting, and only for adults with a sense of adventure.

It seems that even children like the occasional extreme sport though, such as this small child who enjoys a spot of ‘extreme colouring in’. Rather than use a colouring book, which is so tame, he chooses to use a pit bull terrier (more…)

How to stop your scavenging puppy from raiding the bin

by Vivien Richardson on

The one thing a puppy possesses is a natural talent for finding food, as a puppy dog is a natural scavenger. Most of the time puppies love eating and they will eat just about anything, so if you leave your rubbish bin in the kitchen he will find a way of getting to the scraps of food inside it.

Unfortunately the bin can contain many dangerous items for your puppy, such as (more…)

House rules for your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on March 23, 2009

There are so many puppies that are in charge of their house form the minute they step into their home. You need to remember that it is your house and you have to set the rules; after all you are the one who pays all the bills, buys the dog food and cleans the house.

Setting house rules for your puppy will give him guide lines on how to behave and he will feel part of the family. Bad behaviour is unacceptable and your friends will start keeping (more…)

Is the Iditarod dog sled race cruel to dogs?

by Leanne Thompson on March 22, 2009

The Iditarod dog sled race through Alaska has finished for another year, but the events of this year’s dog sled race have sparked debate over whether the race is cruel to dogs, as several dogs died during the race.

The race covers a track through treacherous conditions over 1,770 kilometres long. One of the races this year was rookie sled racer Lou Packer, who ran into a blizzard while racing his dog sled.

Lou gave an interview about his ordeal in the race where he admitted that he feared for his (more…)

Woman walking dog claims she met an alien

by Darren Jamieson on

According to files just released by the MOD (Ministry of Defence) a woman walking her dog claimed to have met an alien from an another planet, and was even interviewed by the military.

Before you ask, this isn’t an American woman in Ohio, this is a British woman in Norwich!

The incident explained in the newly released files happened way back in 1989, and the woman claimed she was visited by, and spoke to, an alien with a (more…)

Dog lovers offer reward to catch dog killer

by Leanne Thompson on March 21, 2009

A £2,200 reward has been offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for killing a dog in Angus last week. The bulk of the reward has been raised by dog lovers in the region who were appalled at the news of the dog’s death.

The dog, a female mastiff, had been tied to a fence and left to starve to death. While the dog was tied to the fence it ate some of the soil on the ground around it.

Peta, the animal charity, offered £1,000 as a reward for anyone who helps in catching the dog killer, but local dog lovers chipped in and raised the extra to make (more…)

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