Fun at the vets for your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on April 30, 2009

Your vet is going to be a partner in your puppy’s life and it is important they have a good relationship. Trusting his veterinary surgeon will have a calming effect on your puppy.

When you receive your puppy, take him to the vets and introduce him to everyone.  The fuss he receives from the staff will soon have him feeling secure and welcome.

It has been said that rubbing your (more…)

A ‘controversial dog creche’

by Leanne Thompson on

Recently, Girls Aloud wanting a dog crèche was featured in the media and it seems that many people thought it a good idea.  Other bands have crèches for their children, so why not for their dogs?  Dog crèches are very popular in the United States and one or two have sprung up in the UK too.

Today, I read of a ‘controversial dog creche’ being approved in Wootton Bassett and I thought to myself, how can a dog crèche be controversial?

Local residents are reportedly (more…)

Allergic reactions to puppy vaccinations

by Vivien Richardson on April 29, 2009

Yesterday we published an article about why your puppy needs his first vaccinations as soon as possible, but some people do worry about how their puppy might react.

Most veterinary surgeons have their own schedule regarding your puppy’s vaccinations.  They will have based their ideas on their local knowledge of the diseases common to your area.

Though modern vaccinations have saved thousands of lives there some puppies that have had allergic reactions to a vaccine.  Reactions generally just make your puppy feel listless for a couple of days but in the odd rare case (more…)

It’s Robodog: Robot Dog to be used by British army

by Darren Jamieson on

The BigDog Robotic DogHe’s part dog, part machine, all soldier… he’s Robodog.

OK, so he’s not actually part dog. He is in fact all robot, but the similarity with Robocop still holds true. Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the four legged robot known as The BigDog has been designed to help British troops lighten their load when heading into battle.

The average soldier carries with him over 100lbs worth of equipment, which is where The BigDog comes in. The BigDog is a four legged robot that can walk over any terrain, carrying with it more than 340lb of equipment and supplies. The robot dog features sensors to enable it to balance, and cameras in the head allow it to process visual information.

The dog can even keep its balance on uneven or slippery terrain (such as ice) and it can withstand a knock, such as a kick, without (more…)

Glow in the dark dogs cloned by scientists

by Darren Jamieson on April 28, 2009

Ruppy glowingSouth Koreans aren’t noted for their love of dogs (at least not in way we would interpret ‘love’) and some South Korean scientists have further pushed the boundaries on how we perceive their relationship with their canines by genetically modifying some puppies to glow in the dark.

You might be wondering what use is a puppy that glows in the dark, other than perhaps the obvious novelty factor, or the ease of finding them if you let them off the lead at night. Well, the scientists who created these ‘glowing dogs’ claim that they’ll be invaluable in helping to cure diseases, as well as being handy novelty night-lights.

The glowing dogs are all clones, and are all named Ruppy (which has very cleverly been made by combining the words ruby and, yes you guessed it, puppy). The dogs are beagles and look fairly normal in daylight, but when darkness falls and the ultraviolet light comes out, they (more…)

Vaccinations and your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on

When you meet your puppy, he or she should have been taking milk from his mother and this will give him a head start in protecting him from disease.

When he leaves the litter, his own immune system must take charge of protecting him. The immune system makes anti-bodies to protect him and he requires vaccinations to help this process so it is important not to delay your puppy’s vaccinations or you increase the chances of your puppy becoming sick.

Vaccinations work by (more…)

Can dogs catch swine flu?

by Darren Jamieson on April 27, 2009

dognursespigIt’s the latest scare to our health and it comes from pigs, but can swine flu affect canines? As working dogs can spend a lot of time around livestock such as pigs, and even domesticated dogs tend to meet pigs at such places as petting zoos and ice-cream farms, it’s worth asking ourselves whether dogs are susceptible to swine flu.

The answer is that so far (more…)

Girls Aloud request dog crèche

by Leanne Thompson on

Girls Aloud kicked off their new Out of Control tour this week at the Manchester MEN Arena, but it seems that dancing in sexy outfits and having a good time is not the only thing on their mind.

27 year old Sarah Harding is missing her male French bulldog puppy Corker, pictured here, whom she acquired in February of this year.  Sarah is said to be so upset that the Girls Aloud group has asked if they can have a doggie (more…)

Watch the puppy treats

by Vivien Richardson on April 26, 2009

All puppies love treats of some sort or another, and they are particularly useful in training programmes.  Puppies love to earn treats as part of their puppy training.  However, it is important to remember to include them when checking how much your puppy has eaten on a daily basis in order to avoid having a overweight puppy!

Some of the more commercial treats are full of corn syrup, scraps of meats and sugar. Commercial biscuits which have less additives and sugar are the best choice. In general, the hard (more…)

Cruft winning Pointer dogs ordered to go

by Darren Jamieson on April 25, 2009

german-shorthaired-pointerA prize-winning grandmother has been given an ASBO and ordered to get rid of two of her Crufts winning Pointer dogs following neighbour’s complaints about their barking.

64 year old Trisha Eldridge of Anstey, Leicester has bred Pointer dogs for over twenty years from her home, but following complaints from her neighbours about her dogs barking, the part time secondary school teacher has been taken to court and ordered to find new home for two of her Crufts winning dogs.

Mrs Eldridge said she is devastated over having to re-home prize-winning 18 month old Beryl and four year old Song, but if she doesn’t comply she could be jailed.  Her dogs have (more…)

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