How old should my bitch be before breeding?

by Darren Jamieson on May 31, 2009

How old a bitch should be before breeding is a question often asked by keen yet inexperienced dog owners.

Before rushing out to breed your dog, whether the bitch or as a stud dog, remember that they need to mature themselves first.

For this reason, do not breed your bitch during her first heat cycle.  Typically, a female dog has her heat season approximately every six months; it will last for around two weeks and you need to know (more…)

A puppy hears all, sees all and smells at everything

by Vivien Richardson on May 30, 2009

From the minute puppies are born they start using their sense of smell and hearing, even before their eyes are open. They find their way to their mother’s milk and in some cases they appear to be reacting to nothing.

This is because their senses are more advanced than adults as they need to use them all the time in every part of growing up and all throughout their adult life.

Puppies and adult dogs have over two million cells in their noses which receive scent related calls and most of their brain is used to interpret scent.

This quality is used by police officers all over the world in tracking down unlawful actions by criminals, such as drug smuggling and bootlegging DVDs. No machine has been built which can beat a dog’s nose when it comes to sniffing out evidence.

An example of the strength of a puppy’s or dog’s smelling power was undertaken by placing a teaspoonful of salt in one bucket and plain water in another bucket.

A sniffer dog was given a whiff of the salt and asked to find the bucket that contained the salt water.

Naturally the dog went straight to the correct bucket.

Britain’s Got Dog Talent

by Leanne Thompson on

Britain has definitely got the Britain’s Got Talent fever this week; the semi-finals have been running all week and tonight is the grand final. The winner will receive £100,000 and the chance to perform on the Royal Variety Show in front of the Queen.

Alas, Britain’s dog entry, little dancing dog Tippy Toes left the competition in the semi finals but perhaps it’s a good job. Would the Queen want to be reminded that the Queen is giving up her Corgis (more…)

Tippy Toes leaves Britain’s Got Talent

by Leanne Thompson on May 29, 2009

Dog lovers everywhere voted for Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes in the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final last night but alas, the little dancing dog was sent home with her tail between her legs.

They were up against some talented acts, but even so, (more…)

Puppies prefer to be smelly most of the time

by Vivien Richardson on

Muddy puppyIt seems that most puppies and adult dogs wait until you have picked them up from the dog groomer before they are back in the garden rolling around in the dirty soil or grass cuttings.

This is a habit that puzzles and irritates dog owners, especially as taking them to a dog groomer can be quite expensive.

Although your puppy can not tell you why this is pleasurable, some dog experts think it may be to disguise their scent.

Some of the other reasons given are that your puppy likes a certain scent and will feel comforted by a smell they recognise, such as soil, tobacco, puddles of petrol or grass cuttings.

On the other hand you will find all puppies and adult dogs lick their (more…)

What does a puppy’s unusual behaviour mean?

by Vivien Richardson on May 28, 2009

puppyWhen you buy your puppy you will soon be aware of his character and the strange behaviour that emerges as he gets used to you.

Listed below are some things which to us humans do not make sense, however we have to try and understand their behaviour from a puppy’s point of view.

One of the endearing things puppies do when you and your partner snuggle up on the settee or hug each other is to jump up and try to get in between both of you. He is of course showing jealousy that you are giving your affection to someone else.

This can be amusing at first but checking his behaviour is important or it could ruin your love-life. If you don’t correct his actions when he is a puppy then it can become a problem when (more…)

A skateboarding bulldog

by Leanne Thompson on

tyson-skateboarding-bulldogThis is Tyson and he is one cool dog.  As you can see, he is a British bulldog and is now six years old and still skateboarding.

Tyson is arguably one of the most famous bulldogs in the world having appeared in numerous television commercials, a film or two and even on American Idol and MTV in the past.

Strangely, as much as he loves skateboarding, Tyson’s owners believed he (more…)

Claudia Schiffer dogs were out of control

by Leanne Thompson on May 27, 2009

claudia-schifferClaudia Schiffer is not unused to exposure in the media, but even her dogs have received some unwanted publicity.

The 38 year old supermodel lives in a 16th century mansion in 40 acres of grounds with husband and film producer Matthew Vaughn, and owns a German Shepherd and an Irish Wolfhound.  Locals have complained in (more…)

The Queen to stop breeding corgis

by Darren Jamieson on May 26, 2009

queen-and-corgiIt is the end of an era as the most famous person in the world to champion the Corgi dog breed decides to stop breeding Corgis.  The Queen has decided that following the deaths of two of her favourite Corgis, she will let her seven strong pack of Corgis leave her naturally rather than replacing them by breeding as she would have done in the past.

The Queen has kept Corgis since 1944 when (more…)

Dangers of fetching sticks

by Leanne Thompson on May 25, 2009

golden-labradorPlaying fetch with your dog is a great activity.  It keeps them active and healthy, encourages fun interaction between dog and owner and playing fetch with a stick whilst out walking is a common activity that can be seen on any walk in the park.

However, as pointed out in (more…)

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