My weapon is a dog

by Darren Jamieson on May 24, 2009

This week the BBC broadcast another documentary on dogs in the UK, but this time it wasn’t the Kennel Club and its attitude towards stud dogs that was under the microscope in the Pedigree Dogs Exposed programme. BBC3 were looking at the problem of dangerous dogs in the UK, or rather the problem of irresponsible owners who were treating their pets as weapons because of some desire to be seen as being tough.

dmx-dogThe programme, “My Weapon is a Dog”, was hosted by Rickie Haywood-Williams from Kiss FM. He interviewed many owners of aggressive dog breeds such as pit bulls and tried to find out just why they wanted to use their dogs as weapons. One of things that Rickie uncovered was the synergy between dangerous dogs and US rap stars, as the US doesn’t have any ‘Dangerous Dogs Act’ such as the one seen in the UK, so pit bulls and other dogs are more freely available. US rapper DMX (pictured) is a known fan of the dogs and features them in many of his videos and album covers. Indeed DMX’s videos are at times bordering on dog fighting videos.

A self proclaimed dog lover, DMX has been arrested for animal cruelty and was sentenced in 2002 when 13 pit bulls were (more…)

Dog training: no such thing as ‘pack leader’

by Darren Jamieson on May 23, 2009

For years, dog behaviour and dog training specialists have insisted that to train your dog properly you need to be seen as the pack leader and so asset dominance over your dog.

Yet in an interesting study released earlier this week from the University of Bristol’s Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences, there are reports that this theory is incorrect and there is no such thing as the ‘leader of the pack’ and dogs should be trained using reward rather than punishment.  The old thought process stated that the ‘top dog’ dominates the pack all the time and as such, dog owners were encouraged to be seen as the dominant leader to ensure they were in charge of their ‘pack’.

The study says that this ‘top dog’ notion varies in different situations and (more…)

Dalmation or Dalmatian?

by Leanne Thompson on May 22, 2009

dalmatian-puppiesFor anyone who considers themselves a bit of a fan of quizzes or of dog breeds, they might have been interested to note the below question on the opening show of ITV’s new quiz show Divided, screened on Monday 18th May.  See what you think:

Which of the following dog breeds is spelt incorrectly?

A.    Chihuahua
B.    Dalmation
C.    Dachshund (more…)

Bathing your puppy can be fun

by Vivien Richardson on May 21, 2009

To make bath time pleasant for your puppy take extra care in preparation and allow plenty of time so your puppy will associate his bath with being a happy experience.

If you are washing your puppy in the family bath or a baby bath you will need the water to be warm and not too hot.  Have ready and near at hand the puppy shampoo and a towel for drying off the excess water. Do not use human shampoo as they are not good for a puppy’s coat.

If you are using the family bath try using a hand held shower to rinse off the soap. If you are using a baby bath have a plastic jug handy.  An old towel in the bath will stop your puppy slipping.  Always (more…)

Could your dog be a blood donor?

by Leanne Thompson on

The UK has its first dogs mobile blood bank and it is searching for doggie donors to help relieve the shortage of dog blood.

To donate blood takes less than eight minutes but dog owners are requested to allow half an hour in order that their dog can have a check up afterwards.  As with humans, dogs give one pint of blood.  After they’ve given blood, dogs receive dinner and a goodie bag complete with dog toys as a thank you.

The mobile trailer is fitted with weighing scales, a waiting room with television (for the owners, not necessarily the dogs) and a hydraulic table for giving blood.

Dog’s blood is in (more…)

Social Networking website for dogs

by Darren Jamieson on May 20, 2009

Websites such as Facebook and MySpace are very popular in the online world, with people being able to connect with their friends and family wherever they are. You can meet new people, share stories and photos and keep your friends apprised of your latest developments.

But what about dogs? There seemed to be a gap in the market for a social networking website for dogs and other pets. Not anymore, as has filled the gap. is a social networking website for pets and their owners, with the emphasis very much on the pets. You can upload your profile picture (so long as your pet is in the picture) and meet new and interesting dogs for chat, friendship or play.


The website isn’t just for dogs (more…)

Robbie Williams shows love for dogs

by Leanne Thompson on

Robbie Williams may be a high flying super star A list celebrity, but that doesn’t stop him loving his dogs and spending over £4,000 per month on visiting them.

35 year old Robbie Williams is a real dog lover and has several dogs.  For those who want to know how many dogs Robbie Williams has and what they are, it can be quite confusing.  He has a Labrador retriever/pitbull terrier cross breed, a German Shepherd called Rudy, a bull mastiff called Duke, a wolf called Sid and a Rottweiler called Missy, amongst others!  You may also read about his dog, Sammy, who sadly passed away.

Recently, the former Take That star moved back to the UK and lives in a £7 million Wiltshire home with his girlfriend Ayda Field but had to leave his dogs in his LA home in California due to (more…)

Watching your puppy

by Vivien Richardson on May 19, 2009

Common sense can play a large part of keeping your new puppy healthy but you have to watch them all the time.

When your children were little you would have made your home child proof and now it is time for your home to be puppy proof.

Some of the easiest things to do are to put safety latches on doors and make sure rubbish is out of the way.

If you are working on your car in the garage or in the garden outside, take (more…)

How do I know if a dog is going to be good with children?

by Leanne Thompson on

Whether or not a dog, or a particular breed of dog, will be good with children is a question dog breeders and people who work with dogs come across on a regular basis.

Any individual dog, or breed of dog, can be good with children if raised properly around children in the same way that any dog can be bad with children if they are not properly socialised or raised with children in the wrong way.  The responsibility lies with the owner.

Each breed was bred for a particular purpose and there are some aspects of a breed that may contradict behaving and interacting well with children.  An example often quoted is herding breeds – these were bred for their herding ability and as such they will attempt to herd almost anything, including children!  A natural way to herd is to nip gently and this can be alarming for children.  Similarly, a guard dog may not realise that a visiting child playing roughly with ‘his’ child is not a threat and so (more…)

Trick your puppy into taking his medicine

by Vivien Richardson on May 18, 2009

A puppy that constantly moves around when you are trying your best to give him or her medicine can be quite tricky. It is essential to keep the experience stress free so the puppy will not learn to hate any form of medication and treatments given by yourself at home.

If you have been prescribed liquid medication by your local vet, ask for a large syringe without the needle. Place the tip of the syringe in the side of the puppies mouth (not the front) and squirt a little of the liquid gently into the mouth area.  Do not attempt to force open the mouth as the medication is more likely to end up all over you instead!

Tablets and capsules are the most popular form of (more…)

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