How to dry bath a dog

by Vivien Richardson on July 31, 2009

Although you bathe your puppy or dog at regular intervals it can be convenient at times for your dog to have a dry bath.

Dry baths are not as effective as wet baths. If you have a puppy that is ill or if you need to stop your dog from becoming stressed, they are an alternative remedy.

One of the home remedies used for a dry bath is a mix of cornstarch and baby powder but this can be messy.  There are products in the market that you can purchase. (more…)

Bond Girl Eva Green wants to fake blindness for dog

by Darren Jamieson on

22075368_Eva-Green-1She may be a beautiful Bond Girl (winning Daniel Craig’s heart in Casino Royal) and has her own perfume, but when it comes to her dog, there’s nothing actress Eva Green won’t do, and she means nothing.

Eva recently moved from Paris to London, where she now lives, and because dogs aren’t allowed on the Eurostar, Eva had to leave her beloved dog behind. However, Eva loves her Border terrier so much that she’s considering hatching a Bond villain style plan to bring the dog over from France to live with her in London.

Eva explained her plan to Contactmusic:

I’m thinking about faking (more…)

Tripping over your dog is one of the most common ways of injuring yourself

by Leanne Thompson on July 30, 2009

huge.36.181529When it comes to injuring ourselves, we British are very inventive at finding new and interesting ways to cause ourselves harm doing activities that really shouldn’t harm a fly. Yet even the most innocuous activity seems to cause us Brits severe injury, are we that brittle?

One of the most common ways of injuring ourselves in the UK, according to a survey held by Mobigel Paineze Spray, is by falling over the family dog. We’re also just as susceptible to walking into glass doors, and pulling muscles without exercising. Incredibly 65% of Britons have pulled a muscle without even attempting any exercise.

A spokesman for Mobigel Paineze Spray added:

It would seem that people don’t just injure themselves when they are on the sports field or working in the garden – simple, everyday activities can also be the cause of muscular pain and discomfort.

The most common activity to cause injury, affecting 53% of Britons, is suffering injury while (more…)

Collar saves dog from cliff fall

by Darren Jamieson on July 29, 2009

mac-golden-retriev_1451716cEvery responsible dog owner knows that your dog should wear a collar at all times. If your dog wanders off and gets lost, the information on their collar will be used to trace the owner (you) and return your dog to you. It also helps to show that your dog is owned by someone and isn’t a stray.

Oh yes, and the collar can save your dog from falling 70ft off a cliff.

That’s just what happened to a golden retriever who was chasing a rabbit by a cliff’s edge on the Isle of Wight. The golden retriever is called Mac and he chased the rabbit off the cliff, and rather than fall to his death was saved when his collar became snagged on the rocks.

Mac still suffered serious injury, breaking tow of his legs and suffering a collapsed lung, but he survived and is now walking again, albeit with the aid of splints.

Mac was with his owner Margaret Sills when he bolted after a rabbit, heading straight over the (more…)

How to stop your puppy chewing

by Vivien Richardson on

beagle-puppy-chewing-a-shoeYour gorgeous puppy that looks at you with those large appealing eyes will not be able to stop himself from being inquisitive. Once he has set his mind on an object the natural reaction for him is to start chewing it, no matter what it might be.

Chewing is a natural motion for a puppy so provide him with a selection of toys, dog chews and other pet products which will take his mind off your property.

Biscuit chews can be dangerous if they break up into pieces as they may cause your puppy to (more…)

How to get rid of the fleas from your home

by Vivien Richardson on July 28, 2009

If you have a puppy or dog that had fleas and you have treated him for fleas then the next positive action is to start getting rid of the fleas in your home.  This must be the same day you have got rid of your puppy’s fleas.

The lifecycle of a flea means that five percent of the fleas were alive on your puppy but the other ninety five percent are still living in the dog bed, carpet and even outside in your yard.

The eggs (more…)

Parrots play catch with family dog

by Darren Jamieson on July 27, 2009

This week, the Daily Mail reported how two exotic parrots love to wreak havoc raiding the local apple trees and playing catch with the family dog, Flitzer.

The two year old female Macaws are called Mio and Ava and live in Hamburg, Germany with their dog and owner Julian Knott.

25 year old Julian told the newspaper how (more…)

Tips for jogging with your dog

by Vivien Richardson on July 26, 2009

If you are an adult who likes to keep fit, or maybe just wants to get fit, you may decide that your dog would be an ideal jogging companion.

It is important to take into consideration the age of your dog. If you have a young dog, you might find jogging will increase his or her activity levels whereas an older dog may not have enough energy to jog and the impact on his limbs may cause him an injury so you might like to ask the advice of your local vet.

To start, (more…)

A guide dog for a blind dog

by Leanne Thompson on July 25, 2009

Five year old Border collie Clyde is completely blind, but thanks to his partner, another Border collie called Bonnie, he gets a new lease of life as Bonnie acts as his guide dog.

This pair of dogs was featured in the Telegraph on Friday, describing how Bonnie stays only inches from Clyde and (more…)

Five legged puppy has operation

by Darren Jamieson on July 24, 2009

five-legged-dogA five legged Chihuahua puppy called Lilly has had a successful operation to become a four legged and happy puppy.

The little dog is only seven weeks old and vets in New York removed her extra limb in an operation that lasted ninety minutes.

The puppy’s new owner (more…)

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