How often should a dog be groomed

by Vivien Richardson on September 20, 2009

Both small and large breeds of dogs need regular grooming to keep them healthy. When choosing a dog as a pet it is important to keep his grooming requirements in mind.

Regular grooming keeps a dog’s coat in good condition and stops fleas from settling and keeps bacteria at bay.  A dog’s coat will shine when it is groomed on a regular basis.

Some dogs have a dry skin which will show in the form of (more…)

Choosing the correct pet products for a senior adult dog

by Vivien Richardson on September 19, 2009

If you are an owner of a senior dog, usually classed as six years old or over, there is a need to change to accommodate his needs for the rest of his life.

Pet products are changing all the time and there are different dog collars, dog leads and dog bowls available to help your dog stay comfortable in this stage of their life.

One of the main areas of change to look at is your dog’s food and biscuits. There are a wide variety of pet foods which have more vitamins added to the ingredients to keep your dogs liver healthy.

Tins of dog food and dog biscuits which show they are suitable for senior dogs (more…)

Jessica Simpson continues search for pet dog

by Leanne Thompson on September 18, 2009

jessica-simpson-daisyEarlier this week, it was reported that Jessican Simpsons beloved dog Daisy, a cross Maltese-Poodle, had been snatched by coyotes.  Rather than traditional search methods, often covered by a dog insurance policy, Jessica Simpson had decided to use a more modern and ultra-tech method and tweeted on Twitter, saying:

“My heart is broken (more…)

Take your dog to work day

by Darren Jamieson on September 17, 2009

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th September was once again the annual Take Your Dog To Work Day, an event that is still not widely known or recognised but with each year that passes it seems that more people become aware of it.

This day is organised and promoted by The Blue Cross in an effort to raise funds to help with animal care and dogs in particular and encourage people to spend more time with their dogs. (more…)

How to teach children to handle a puppy correctly

by Vivien Richardson on September 16, 2009

Puppies and children can become good friends for life. It has been documented that children who show respect and care for or any animal are more likely to do well at school and become responsible adults.

Team work begins:

Showing a child how to handle a puppy and to speak to him in a correct manner is the first lesson.

Explain how running or carrying their puppy can result in injuries for both of them if they fall.

Teach them not to bother the puppy when he is (more…)

Real Radio’s Barry the Basset shows how it’s done

by Darren Jamieson on September 15, 2009

Basset hound lovers know how well they can express their feelings as their eyes show everything, and Barry the Basset Hound shows how true that is in Real Radio’s latest TV advert.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The TV advert was reportedly created by Clear Marketing in Manchester and Barry the Basset has built a bit of a fanbase with his own Facebook page and Twitter following, which have built up over the summer to more than 1,000 Facebook fans and 350 Twitter followers.

Barry the Basset says:

“My philosophy in life? Keep your nose, ears and everything else to the ground. Not that I’ve got any option…”

Barry the Basset loves to boogie to the Real Radio music… does your Basset hound do this? (more…)

Lymphoma most common dog cancer

by Darren Jamieson on September 14, 2009

Lymphoma is a highly common cancer in dogs and the most common that vets have to deal with for dogs.

The lymph system is part of the immune system and circulatory system, made from many lymph vessels and nodes.  Cancer of the lymph system, otherwise known as lymphoma is when the lymph cells start reproducing uncontrollably.  These lymph cells, or lymphocytes, are then too many in the bloodstream of the lymph nodes themselves.  Unfortunately, lymphoma is nearly always a fatal disease.

How do I know if my dog has lymphoma?

There are two types of lymphoma: the one with (more…)

Natural health remedies for dogs continue to grow

by Vivien Richardson on September 13, 2009

Whether you have bought a puppy recently or you are a dog owner with an more mature dog, there is a tendency nowadays to worry over choosing the best health care for your pet.  As a result, natural healthcare for dogs is an expanding business and food nutrition is high on the list along with natural medication.

A dog’s requirement may vary according to the size and breed of the dog.  If you own a working dog, he or she will require a balanced diet of vegetables, wholegrain and of course not forgetting a good protein such as meat.

The effort you make to keep the dog on a balanced diet (more…)

Is this the world’s most expensive dog?

by Leanne Thompson on September 12, 2009

worlds most expensive dogThis month, a Tibetan mastiff may well have broken the world record for being the world’s most expensive dog when a Chinese lady known only by the surname of Wang bought the dog for a figure reported to be 4 million yuan (£350,000).

The prize dog is called Yangtze River Number Two, is 18 months old and stands 31 inches (80 cm) tall.  Apparently, a parade of 30 cars were sent to the airport in Shaanxi to collect Yangtze and a crowd gathered to meet him.

Earlier this year, a figure of $155,000 (more…)

Racing with your dog can be a fun way to keep fit

by Vivien Richardson on September 11, 2009

This game is not a good idea if you own a greyhound or an Irish setter, but if you have a medium sized dog such as a cocker spaniel then this energetic training routine may be a great way for you both to keep fit.

You will need a small clicker, garden canes, stopwatch, small healthy dog treats, sweets and small toys. Another family member who wants to join in can make it more interesting.

The first thing to do is to create a race track in the yard or garden at the back of your home with either canes or cones. The best layout is a zigzag or a circle. (more…)

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