Lungworm: the parasite that can kill a dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 31, 2009

There are two types of lungworm which could affect a pet dog. One is called dirofilaria and the other is angiostrongylus vasorum; both of these parasites could attack dog’s lungs and prove fatal.

In this country it is the latter one that attaches themselves to a dog. Years ago it was considered that the worst areas for infection of dog’s lungs were in South Wales or the West Country. Today the lungworm has spread (more…)

Common dog ailments and diseases: the abscess

by Vivien Richardson on October 30, 2009

As a pet owner you always hope to keep your dog in the best of health all through their life. However there are some common ailments which can cause your pet dog unnecessary suffering, such as an abscess:

An abscess is usually noticeable by a large red (more…)

Your dog’s so fat, he can’t scratch his ears!

by Leanne Thompson on October 29, 2009

One dog in Scotland was so fat that he couldn’t scratch his own ears.  After being removed from his owner, he has now shed a third of his own weight.

The four year old Labrador called Bob is believed to have been the fattest dog in Scotland weighing in at an enormous 64 kg.

His owner, Ralph Dryden, was convicted of (more…)

Dog spends cash on Xbox Live account

by Darren Jamieson on October 28, 2009

dog chewed xbox controllerAll dogs cost money in one way or another on things like food, dog insurance and the odd toy, but one dog accidentally spent his owner’s cash on his Xbox Live account.

According to Kotaku, one rather-less-rich dog owner named Greg fell asleep whilst Oscar, his one year old Labrador/Hound dog had a (more…)

Facebook campaign to free rescue dog

by Leanne Thompson on October 27, 2009

Over 4,900 people have joined a Facebook campaign to set free a rescue dog in what they claim is a miscarriage of justice.

The four-and-a-half year old Border Collie is the best qualified search and rescue dog we have in Britain, being the only dog we have that has passed the International Rescue Dog Organisation’s readiness for mission test.  Darcy is trained to rescue victims of both natural disasters and terrorist attacks by finding them in even the greatest amount of rubble.

However, today she is not on duty but (more…)

Chihuahua smuggled through airport in Dublin

by Darren Jamieson on

One of the worst parts of going on holiday for any dog owner is leaving your beloved dog behind. Sadly, the realities of trying to take your dog with you when you fly are very troublesome, which is why one dog owner tried to smuggle his Chihuahua through airport security at Dublin airport.

The dog was concealed in a handbag (as Chihuahuas tend to be these days) which was then put through the airport scanner. Airport officials believed the small shape inside the handbag to be a stuffed toy, but on closer inspection found that it was a live dog – albeit a very small one.


The dog, and his owner, had just arrived at Dublin on a flight from (more…)

Dogs are as bad for the environment as a 4×4

by Darren Jamieson on October 26, 2009

With the environment becoming something of a hot topic at the moment and many people doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint, 4×4 owners are constantly vilified in the media. However, a new book claims that 4x4s, such as the Toyota Landcruiser, aren’t as bad for the environment as the humble pet dog.


Could a Shih Tzu be more harmful to the earth than a Mitsubishi Shogun?

According to the book, ‘Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living’ the carbon footprint, or paw print, left by dogs is much larger than their size would have us believe. The book claims that a medium sized dog produces the same carbon footprint as a Toyota Landcruiser which is driven (more…)

Puppy training starts with a dog collar and lead

by Vivien Richardson on October 24, 2009

Adequate exercise is important in keeping your puppy fit and healthy. The amount of exercise your puppy will need on a daily basis and as he grows up will depend on the dog breed.

A puppy should become accustomed to walking with a dog collar and lead from an early age. Choose ‘puppy’ dog collars and dog leads as they are softer than the adult dog range.

Let your puppy wear his new dog collar around the house before using the dog lead.

A puppy has a high (more…)

Crime-fighting dogs star in Liverpool charity calendar

by Leanne Thompson on October 23, 2009

Crime-fighting dogs from the police force’s dog section star in a new calendar for charity as the cutest police constables on the best in Merseyside.

The police force’s dogs tackle drugs, gun crime and track offenders, but they had a job of a different kind to do when starring in the 2010 Merseyside Police charity calendar.

The calendar is (more…)

The pig that thinks she’s a dog

by Darren Jamieson on October 22, 2009

A runt piglet called Prudence, saved by an animal charity, has joined the pack of six dogs that helped with her upbringing.

The poorly piglet, at just five weeks old, would have been shot by her owners but an animal rescue centre adopted her.

Prudence made herself at home with a rather unlikely group of six puppies in the rescue centre and grew up with the dogs.  She has (more…)

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