Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, is touring the UK

by Vivien Richardson on November 30, 2009

cesar-millan-dog-whispererCesar Milan the acclaimed dog whisperer is here in the United Kingdom. Many frustrated dog owners are pleased to hear that this Californian dog trainer has come to this country with his twelve date arena tour, although the subject of Cesar Millan and his ‘dog whisperer’ techniques seem to divide dog  owners into those who love him and those who hate him.

This tour for Cesar is an (more…)

Eye diseases that can affect a dog

by Vivien Richardson on November 29, 2009

Dogs’ eyes are not like peoples’ eyes; they have been blessed with a third eyelid or membrane. The membrane is usually pink in colour and situated in the corner of his eye. This pink membrane is more noticeable in bloodhounds and spaniels and serves as extra protection for dogs.

If anyone is starting to worry, worry not as it is a normal part of a dog’s body. There has been a concern in the past from pet owners that their beloved dog was going blind but this is usually not the case.

Conjunctivitis is one eye disorder that (more…)

You could be poisoning your dog

by Vivien Richardson on November 28, 2009

Every year there is a number of pet dogs who die due to owners not being aware of the dangers of poison.

Dogs who are left to wander around in bushes or rummage through rubbish in dustbins or in woods are the ones largely at risk.

In the home your dog could be the clever (more…)

Dog owners healthier than gym bunnies

by Darren Jamieson on November 27, 2009

According to a recent study, dog owners are getting more exercise than gym bunnies. The research was carried out by a pet care expert, Bob Martin, and they found that dog owners were getting regular exercise from walking their dogs, exercise that they wouldn’t otherwise be getting.

The research claimed that the average dog owner took their dog for a walk twice each day, for an average of 24 minutes each walk. This comes to a total of 5 hours, 35 minutes exercise per week.

The researchers also claimed that dog owners took their dogs for extended walks three times per week, which meant a further 2 hours 33 minutes exercise for the owners and the dogs.

dog walking

When compared to non dog owners who hold gym memberships, the researchers found that the average person exercised at the gym for (more…)

Chihuahua upstaged in Famous Grouse ad

by Leanne Thompson on November 26, 2009

Dogs get everywhere nowadays, so much so that it seems we are fascinated by famous dogs – and this fascination has been tapped into by the latest advert from whisky brand, Famous Grouse; a brand renowned for its adverts.

The latest Famous Grouse ad spot broke earlier this week on Monday and according to Campaign Live aims to:

tap into the cultural fascination with fame and its transient nature by presenting a brand to which fame actually does apply

A Chihuahua represents the pampered star with fleeting fame – suitably so, considering the fascination with ‘handbag pooches’ and the rather disconcerting growing popularity of the Chihuahua breed.

The diamonte dressed-Chihuahua struts across the screen accompanied by flashes of paparazzi cameras until it meets the Famous Grouse.  When they meet, the dog points its nose in the air and struts off screen, leaving the grouse to raise a rather quizzical eyebrow, shake its head and shiver before the words appear on screen:

Famous for a reason – Scotland’s favourite whisky

The ad is created by AMV BBDO and directed by Gerry O’Donnell.

No doubt there will much laughter generated by this great new advert, but also several dog owners rushing out to buy a diamonte dog coat for their dog…  Watch the advert here:

Squirrel attacks dog!

by Darren Jamieson on

Dog attacks SquirrelWe’d all do pretty much anything to save our children if they were in trouble, even if that meant attacking something more than ten times our size. That’s just what a brave squirrel did this week when its baby was about to be attacked by an inquisitive dog.

The dog, who has not been named, found the baby squirrel sat on the ground. As most dogs would do, he thought it was a toy and was about to ‘play’ with it when the squirrel’s mother intervened and saved her young, by leaping onto the dog’s head.

The dog and the squirrel seemed to wrestle for a while, so that the baby squirrel could escape to safety. The squirrel used its speed, claws and (more…)

Taking photographs of your dog

by Darren Jamieson on November 24, 2009

We all think that our dogs are natural posers. The truth is that most dogs do love to pose; the only problem is that when the camera comes out they tend to stop posing and run away, almost as if they ‘know’ that you want to take a photograph of them.

Dogs aren’t like children, as children understand that when a photo is taken, they will be able to see it later, so they will pose (at least for a short while). Dogs are a law unto themselves, and trying to photograph them can seem like you’re photographing wildlife.

In a sense, you are.

It is possible to take great photographs of dogs though; you just need to know the tops tips for creative photography where dogs are concerned.

1 – No Surprises

The first tip is to let your dog get used to the idea of the camera. There’s not point waiting for your dog to strike that all important pose, before reaching for your camera. Your dog will know that you’re (more…)

Should dog walkers have a Code of Conduct?

by Darren Jamieson on November 23, 2009

DogWalkerIn a move that could result in the industry’s first Code of Conduct, professional dog walkers are being approached and requested to join the code presented by Brighton and Hove Council.

The council has said the move has come about due to the rapid increase in the number of dog walkers operating professionally in the city and in response to public demand, the council has drawn up a register of (more…)

Worms, your dog and children

by Vivien Richardson on November 22, 2009

All dogs at some time in their life will have worms. All dogs have worms when they are first born and there is no reason to be alarmed.

An adult dog that is healthy can also have worms and unless you check they can be shedding thousands of worms every day in their faeces. If your dog is sick you may even see worms in their vomit, although this is rarer.

There has been a large level of bad press about (more…)

A dog’s bad habits can be changed

by Vivien Richardson on November 21, 2009

Some of the bad habits dogs show to their owners is similar to going back to a wild dog’s primitive behaviour.

Some of the behaviour problems can be due to human neuroses. To give an example a dog that has been happy on his walks with traffic passing by and suddenly starts to show they are upset. Clearly there will have been something happened to change a dogs mindset.

Humans in general find it difficult to understand (more…)

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