Firework safety rules for you and your dog

by Vivien Richardson on December 31, 2009

dog-fireworksAt this time of year, fireworks will be going off all night and as many pet owners are aware, fireworks drive most animals including dogs up the wall. The loud noises that people appear to enjoy can cause a great deal of stress for animals.

The symptoms of their stress include shaking, trembling, trying to hide and verbal barking, whimpering or howling.

In some cases (more…)

If your dog is bored of his dog food

by Vivien Richardson on December 30, 2009

Many owners think that it makes no difference if you feed them the same food day after day. After all, the dog never leaves any food in his bowl.

Cats can eat the same food every day but dogs love variety.

If you offer you dog some fresh turkey or his normal dog food which one is he going to go for? Certainly not the dog food.

Perhaps your dog will (more…)

The cost of dog breeding

by Leanne Thompson on December 29, 2009

When you breed dogs, you should never do it for the money – although that’s not ethical, it isn’t the only reason you shouldn’t do it for the money; you’ll also generally be disappointed.  To breed and rear puppies is an expensive and time-consuming task, although rearing puppies is a delight and many find it rewarding to see new life in their own home.

To start with there is the stud dog fee, and (more…)

How to handle attention seeking dogs

by Vivien Richardson on December 28, 2009

Tips for attention seeking dogs are important to follow. If you have bought a puppy and expect to have a bond with your new pet that is great. However in some cases your pet wants your attention all the time to give him a feeling of security. (more…)

Why do dogs swallow non-food items?

by Vivien Richardson on December 27, 2009

Some dogs will swallow anything they can get their hands on and this can cause a real problem for their owners, not least because they may regularly end up at the vets and cost a small fortune in vets bills and dog insurance premiums. (more…)

Maths can help to balance your dog’s diet

by Vivien Richardson on December 26, 2009

There are so many pet dog foods out in the marketplace today it can be daunting when it comes to choosing the best quality dog food that can keep your pet healthy. (more…)

Merry Christmas from all at Dream Dogs

by Leanne Thompson on December 25, 2009

ChristmasdogoutfitChristmas wishes to all our readers – and their dogs too of course.  We hope Santa Paws visited your home and remembered to leave a stocking for your four-legged best friend as well.

We’d like to thank everyone for visiting our site this year and for their comments and contributions.

Merry Christmas!

Dream Dogs Team

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Dog Christmas menu launched by Dog’s Trust

by Darren Jamieson on December 24, 2009

Christmas PuddingMuch though our dogs may love the smell of our human food at Christmas, feeding your dog the same food as you eat at Christmas can cause serious health issues, as the Dogs Trust has reminded dog owners this Christmas.

The Dogs Trust has launched its new Doggy Christmas Menu to help raise awareness of problems that arise (more…)

What to feed your bitch after whelping

by Leanne Thompson on December 23, 2009

Many resources are dedicated to advising dog owners, and new dog breeders, how to look after and feed the puppies but the bitch needs to be well looked after too.

After whelping the first meal your bitch should be easy to digest.  Some dog breeders recommend chicken soup with a little rice; others recommend (more…)

How to choose a show dog

by Vivien Richardson on December 22, 2009

Whatever breed of dog you have chosen for a pet and you want use as a show dog, there are no guarantees your dog will be a winner.

When choosing your breed of dog, even for showing, you have to take into account your dog will have to fit in with your family and your lifestyle. (more…)

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