Oscar – the world’s most travelled dog

by Leanne Thompson on December 21, 2009

travelling dog in new yorkOscar the dog has claimed to be the world’s most well-travelled explorer after a journey that saw him visit 29 countries across five continents whilst visiting the world’s most famous landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower.

Oscar’s owner Joanne Lefson rescued him from (more…)

Your dog is the food you give him

by Vivien Richardson on December 20, 2009

When dogs and humans got together there began a wonderful partnership with a bond and ultimate protection from both sides.

In the wild dogs would scavenge by eating scraps and bones from woods, markets, butchers and any back alleyway.

After a short time dogs that lived with the family in their home or on a farm came to realise food was put in front of him and naturally he was grateful. (more…)

Christmas shopping for your dog

by Darren Jamieson on December 19, 2009

santa dog christmas outfitChristmas is almost upon us, it’s the last mad hectic Saturday to do your shopping and many will be running round to purchase last minute gifts. For those with a busy family it can be easy to forget to buy a present for the dog – and as he’s man’s best friend and been faithful all year, surely he deserves a great Christmas treat? If you’ve forgotten, shame on you – but here are a few tips for what your dog will love for Christmas (more…)

Faith the dog gives hope to injured soldiers

by Leanne Thompson on December 18, 2009

Faith the dog was born as a puppy without her two front legs at Christmas 2002, and subsequently was rejected by her mother. The little Labrador-Chow mixed breed was sent to be buried along with her sibling puppies from the litter.

Reuben Stringfellow, aged 17 and now an Army worker, was asked to bury the puppies. He asked his mum if little Faith could be fixed and his mother, English Professor Jude Stringfellow agreed to try to help the little puppy.

Faith had to be carried for a while to stop her from trying to crawl on her chest and chin but with a lot of patience, practice and the help of some peanut butter Faith has learned to walk on two legs.

For the past six years, Faith has (more…)

Wild dogs turn green eating toxic waste

by Darren Jamieson on December 17, 2009

greendogsAn entire pack of wild dogs in Russia appear to have turned a bright green colour.  It is suspected this has been caused by the dogs eating dumped toxic waste.

Locals say that the stray dogs, believed to be former guard dogs let loose, scavenge at a tip on the outskirts of the city. (more…)

Police dog unit reduced by half

by Leanne Thompson on December 16, 2009

policedogThe dog unit at Strathclyde Police is set to reduce both its police dogs and dog handlers by half in the New Year.

A representative from the force has said that improvements in efficiency and better ways of working combined with new shifts (more…)

Have a little patience with your new puppy

by Vivien Richardson on December 15, 2009

When you are teaching new puppy new behaviour skills they should be carried out every day and with a huge amount of patience.

Ideally keeping your training short is better than expecting your puppy to have a long memory.  Short sessions stop boredom setting in; three minutes is about the time a puppy can focus on what is expected of him. Training for three minutes and then a leisurely walk or playtime will help him to associate (more…)

A well groomed dog is a healthy dog

by Vivien Richardson on December 14, 2009

Just as humans love to be pampered by having their hair cut and nails manicured, your dog loves to be pampered with visits to a dog groomer.

Regular grooming in a dog’s home gives you (more…)

Watching for symptoms of dog allergies

by Vivien Richardson on December 13, 2009

There are some breeds of dog who suffer from airborne inhalants and this is usually recognised by owners when their pet starts scratching around the ears and neck area. This can result in your dog having a skin rash.

In the summertime a pet dog can be affected more due to the warm weather and the pollen that is airborne. If the rash or itching is present all the year round it may be an indication that your dog has an allergy to mould or dust.

Even one flea on its own can produce itching to a dog that is sensitive to most allergies. The symptoms are biting and licking around the rump or base of a dog’s tail.

Some dogs are intolerant to their dog food. Wheat or meat based products can also result in skin problems, flatulence, vomiting and paw licking.

In most cases where there are food or flea allergies you can treat any fleas and change your dog food to an allergy dog food, which contains natural ingredients and is kinder to your dog’s digestive tract.

Some are harder to control than others. Inhalant allergies may need allergy injections or antihistamines.

If you are worried about mis-diagnosing the symptoms your local vet will be able to determine the cause and the best plan of action.

Using a stud dog directory

by Darren Jamieson on December 12, 2009

A stud directory serves two purposes, firstly to allow a dog breeder to select the most appropriate stud dog for their breeding bitch and secondly to allow a stud dog owner to advertise the services of their dog.

Assuming you have already considered all the expense of letting your dog have puppies and all the other things you should know before you breed and have decided that it is the right thing for you to do, then your first task will be to find a stud dog.

Finding the right stud dog is often no easy task.  You want (more…)

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