Puppy insurance gives new owners peace of mind

by Vivien Richardson on December 11, 2009

When you purchase a new puppy a reputable dog breeder will often have given you a four week pet insurance plan to complete and send off in case of accident or severe illness.

The first few months of a puppy’s life is (more…)

The Dogs Trust prohibits Christmas dog hand outs

by Leanne Thompson on December 10, 2009

According to the East London Advertiser, The Dogs Trust is refusing to give wannabe dog owners dogs from December 20 until after the festive season has finished. This prudent stance adopted by the animal charity is intended to ram home the message that a dog is not a suitable Christmas gift.

Animal Welfare Minister (more…)

Young Scottish dog lover is an inspiration

by Darren Jamieson on December 9, 2009

A Scottish dog lover has made an amazing effort to support the cause of animal welfare. She has featured in the local media because of her dedication for assisting dogs. What is perhaps even more remarkable than her 54 mile sponsored cycle ride on behalf of dogs is the fact that she is only ten years old. She travelled on (more…)

Halloween dogs on Russell Howard’s show

by Leanne Thompson on December 8, 2009

At Halloween and Christmas, many dog owners love to dress up their dogs although not all dogs love it quite as much as their owners do.  Russell Howard’s new show ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ on BBC Three featured a section on dogs (more…)

Steven Gerrard hires German Shepherd to protect home

by Darren Jamieson on December 7, 2009

Liverpool FC skipper Steven Gerrard has a new addition to the home: a German Shepherd named Quinn.

The four year old, ferocious dog is set to guard the footballer’s £3 million mansion during the Christmas holidays whilst his schedule is particularly busy.

Gerrard might be keeping some distance but is reportedly very happy with (more…)

How to choose a dog bed

by Darren Jamieson on December 6, 2009

slipperdogbedAll dogs need a bed or somewhere to call their own – it is their place of sanctuary, somewhere to retreat when they want some quiet time or to rest.

Like many dog products, due to our great love of dogs there is a wide range and variety of dog beds available. Whether you are buying a dog bed for a puppy or a new dog bed for your older dog, here are a few tips to (more…)

Guide dog barred from budget airline down under

by Darren Jamieson on December 5, 2009

A guide dog was prevented from boarding an Australian budget airline in a move which may have damaged the reputation of the firm internationally. Employees at Jetstar told a blind couple not to take the guide dog onboard. The decision, which seemed to go against the firm’s own policy, has caused a great deal of upset.

The incident was reported in The Daily Telegraph and happened in the city of Melbourne. Glen Bracegirdle and Kathryn Beaton were going through the usual security checks when Jetstar staff told Kathryn she (more…)

Border collie gains accolade for therapeutic role

by Leanne Thompson on December 4, 2009

Cognac is a border collie who regularly visits hospital patients to assist them with their recovery. With owner Sue Cole, this dog has been attending hospital every week for five years. His efforts have now received formal recognition from Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, according to the BBC.

The Friends of Southampton General Hospital are merely one of the voluntary organisations who have been favourably impressed by Cognac’s contribution to society. When someone is ill they can stop enjoying life, especially if they have few visitors. Research has shown that an optimistic mood can contribute towards a speedier recovery. The presence of a dog in a hospital can lift the spirits of many patients – Cognac has (more…)

Dog returned safe after five years lost

by Darren Jamieson on December 3, 2009

A dog stolen five years ago has been returned to his owner safe and well.

The Patterdale terrier was named Scrappy Doo after the cartoon character of the same name, and was stolen from his owner’s garden in 2004.

His owner, Tom Smith, had (more…)

Trains delayed by dog on the line

by Leanne Thompson on December 2, 2009

We’ve all heard some pretty feeble excuses as to why trains have been delayed here in the UK. The excuses range from leaves on the line to the wrong kind of snow, but a new excuse was used yesterday as trains from London heading towards Sussex, travelling through the Ouse Valley area, were delayed because of a dog, on the line.

According to Sussex Police, the trains were stopped when a dog owner ‘indicated strongly’ that he was about to climb onto the train track to retrieve his dog, which is believed to have been hit by a (more…)

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