Dog returned to Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James

by Leanne Thompson on February 18, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse JamesLosing your family dog can be a distressing experience, and Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James knows just how that feels as he recently lost his beloved dog CinnaBun.

Jesse James owns a motorcycle shop called West Coast Choppers on Long Beach, and the dog, CinnaBun, spends all day with him at the bike shop. Recently Jesse’s dog wandered off, which sent the biker into panic looking for him. Jesse posted flyers up around Long Beach and used Twitter to plead for help in finding his dog.

The Twitter message stated:

CinnaBun our shop dog & pet been missing since 2pm yesterday. If you find her plz call 562-983-6666

Jesse and his dog had been separated for three weeks before (more…)

Dog collar auctioned for £7,340

by Darren Jamieson on February 17, 2010

A dog collar was auctioned for $11,590 (£7,340) at an auction in New York City.

The dog collar originally belonged to famous Victorian author Charles Dickens and was auctioned off at Bonhams New York sale of dog art.

Made from (more…)

Ewan McGregor to take dog on biking trip across South America

by Leanne Thompson on February 16, 2010

ewan mcgregorEwan McGregor has said he might be taking his dog Sid on his next biking journey.

38 year old Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor has been spending more time with his motorcycle love on his BBC television series Long Way Down and Long Way Round where he was accompanied by his mate Charley Boorman. (more…)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has a new love

by Darren Jamieson on February 15, 2010

Robert-PattinsonWhile his character in Twilight, Edward Cullen the vampire, may not have a beating heart of his own, Robert Pattinson has managed to set the hearts racing in girls all over the world. Many hearts may have also skipped a beat when they read the headline that Robert has a new love of his life, but relax, it’s not of the female variety.

It was believed that Robert Pattinson and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart were making dough eyes at each other when the cameras stopped rolling, but both have denied these rumours. Instead, Edward’s new flame is (more…)

Happy Valentine’s Day

by Darren Jamieson on February 14, 2010

valentine dogIf your dog could wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, then no doubt he or she would but to your dog, today is no different than any other day and he loves you just as much as every other day.

A dog has been called ‘man’s best friend’ in the western world for what seems like forever – although of course it also means ‘woman’s best friend’. There are hundreds of millions of dogs across the world and they perform roles including the traditional herding, hunting and protection but also modern roles such as helping the handicapped.

Even if (more…)

How to tell if your dog has constipation

by Vivien Richardson on February 13, 2010

Like humans, dogs can become constipated at some time in their doggie lifetime.

The symptoms of your dog’s constipation are when he seems to be straining when and nothing happens or his stools are exceptionally hard.

When you realise that your dog has not emptied his bowels, remember to have a mental check regarding any medicines he may be taking as some medications can cause constipation. (more…)

Treat your dog for Valentine’s Day

by Leanne Thompson on February 12, 2010

No matter what event or holiday it is, whether it is Christmas, Halloween or birthdays, dogs never miss out – and why should they, being ‘man’s best friend’? Valentine’s Day is no different.

Pet shops and stores all over the country have been filled with Valentine’s doggie treats for weeks. You can buy a heart-shaped biscuit, a cuddly Cupid dog toy or a pretty blanket with love hearts. As with many holidays, you can even go the whole hog and dress your dog up in a Valentine’s outfit! (more…)

A puppy’s tail tells a story

by Vivien Richardson on February 11, 2010

When you take your puppy for his first injection with your local vet the first thing they check is his weight, followed by an inspection of his body, eyes, ears and mouth.

The vaccines that your vet gives to your puppy will add a small amount of disease in his body. This will help your puppy’s immune system to kick in and defend him and will remain at full strength for about a year. (more…)

Cat owners more intelligent than dog owners?

by Leanne Thompson on February 10, 2010

It appears the long-standing cat vs dog fight has moved up a notch and now the fight is being taken to the owners. According to research from academics at Bristol University, the characteristics of a cat owner as opposed to a dog owner show that cat owners may indeed be more intelligent than dog owners. The findings were (more…)

Are dog coats cool?

by Clare Jones on February 9, 2010

The dog coat has traditionally been a controversial item of doggy fashion. These accessories for dogs come in different styles and it is hard to avoid subjectivity when considering their merits. It does seem to be a matter of personal taste, but it is possible to argue that things are changing.

Defining cool is a nigh impossible task. If something is widely frowned upon, it is not cool. If something has too much mass appeal it is not cool either. The music industry, which is all about cool, provides numerous examples of this point. (more…)

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