Full list of past Crufts winners

by Leanne Thompson on March 31, 2010

The Crufts dog show was won just a couple of weeks ago by Yogi, a Hungarian Vizsla – the first time that the Best in Show was won by that particular breed of dog. This started us thinking about how many different breeds of dogs had actually won the show, and where you could find a full list of the Best in Show winners. The Crufts website itself doesn’t seem to hold this sort of information – even for recent winners – so we’ve compiled this up to date list of the Best in Show winners at Crufts, from Yogi’s success just a couple of weeks ago, Charmin’s victory last year (a Sealyham Terrier) to as far back as 1928.

We’ve also listed, where possible, each dog’s Kennel Club name.

Those familiar to dog breeding and dog shows will know that the letters ‘Ch’ before a dog’s name show that they are a champion of two or more major shows.

We’ll update this page each year with the new winner at Crufts – so you’ll always have this information (more…)

Tevez scores 3 as dog is honoured at Eastlands

by Darren Jamieson on March 30, 2010

The headlines from last night’s game at Eastlands, where Manchester City defeated Wigan 3-0 with a 12 minute hat-trick from former United man Carlos Tevez, may have gone to the diminutive Argentine striker, but it was a black Labrador who stole the hearts and minds of the City faithful.

Manchester City’s bid for the fourth Champions League spot took a back seat at half time when Treo the Labrador, a lifelong City fan (apparently) was honoured by the club for his exploits in Afghanistan. Treo was recently given the animal version of the Victoria Cross for his life saving antics while patrolling in Helmand province. Treo would sniff out potential dangers in the shape of (more…)

A change of diet for a senior dog

by Vivien Richardson on March 29, 2010

senior dog food

When your canine friend is a new puppy you tend not to think about how quickly the years will pass. All of a sudden your puppy has gone through the adult dog stage and is now in his senior years.

A senior dog requires a senior dog’s diet. Older dogs still need to be fed quality dog food, however there has to be a few changes with the ingredients.

Manufacturers of pet food recognise the dog nutritional requirements they need to keep a senior dog healthy at this stage of their life and will print the list of ingredients and vitamins on the side of their packaging. Dog food intended for a senior dog should (more…)

Understanding inbreeding is knowing the genealogy of bitch and stud dog

by Leanne Thompson on March 28, 2010

The issue of inbreeding between stud dogs and bitches is not entirely easy to identify, however, in order to avoid it happening it is critical that pedigree dogs that go back at least eight generations are accurately analysed.

Stud dogs that appear out-crossed, with no individual ancestor appearing more than once amongst three generations of pedigree, may descend from only four of the same dogs, and are therefore likely to be highly inbred.

Coefficient inbreeding is the percentage estimate of all variable gene pairs which are homozygous (identical), due to the inheritance of common ancestors. Coefficients pinpoint key ancestors which feature any inbreeding and provide estimates of their overall genetic contribution.

The breeding and mating of an unrelated half-brother stud dog and their half-sister produces inbreeding co-efficiency of 12.5%, whilst stud dogs and bitches that are brother and sister or father and daughter will produce (more…)

Kym Marsh gives up rescue dog

by Darren Jamieson on March 27, 2010


Coronation Street actress and former member of pop group Hear’Say, Kym Marsh, has given up a rescue dog that she took in just a few months ago. Kym complained that her rescue dog, Oliver, didn’t gel with her pet Chihuahua, Charlie.

Only two weeks ago Kym appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, despite being just 33 years old herself. On the frank interview Kym talked about her engagement to Jamie Lomas from Hollyoaks, her pervious marriage to Jack Ryder and her recent miscarriage.

Kym adopted the rescue dog when he was a puppy in January this year, but sadly Oliver and Charlie didn’t get on and Kym acted on a ‘last in, first out’ policy with her dogs. Oliver does still have a home however; as Kym made sure there was someone to take him in.

A spokeswoman for Kym Marsh commented:

Oliver was rather too enthusiastic and boisterous for the family’s older pet chihuahua Charlie.

Play between the dogs was getting rough and upsetting Charlie who is a bit old and grumpy.

An unnamed friend of Kym’s said that Oliver is now in a good home with (more…)

Protect your puppy with a regular grooming routine

by Vivien Richardson on March 26, 2010

434468851-Puppy-groomingGrooming your puppy (or adult dog) is a way to protect your pet from unwanted health problems, whether small or life threatening.

When you brush, comb and run your hands over your puppy’s fur your hands will pick up any bumps or lumps that should not be there.

The intimate relationship you form with your dog can be a life saver and this, combined with the general housekeeping duties of watching his eating, drinking and bathroom habits will help your pet to stay in good health.

If you find that your puppy’s nose is dry and flaky, instead of being soft and moist, then take time to have him checked out at the vets.

When your puppy has been out for his daily exercise or has been running around your garden, play safe and check his paws for unwanted stones or foreign objects that could (more…)

Dog breeding Hitler ad deemed not offensive

by Leanne Thompson on March 25, 2010

peta-poster-300-292423499There aren’t many organisations who would choose the subject of Adolf Hitler and the ‘Master Race’ to promote its campaign, but Peta (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has never been a stranger to controversy. Peta recently created a poster for display around the UK showing a pedigree Maltese dog sporting a Hitler style moustache, together with the slogan:

“Master Race? Wrong for People. Wrong for Dogs. Boycott Breeders. Adopt.”

The poster was meant to target dog breeders by suggesting that the ‘breed standards’ adopted by Crufts and the Kennel Club were to the detriment of all dogs. The idea is that you should adopt rescue dogs rather than trying to seek out one organisation’s ideology of a master race.

Sound familiar?

That’s just what Peta thought. However, when the poster was displayed around Birmingham in the run up to the Crufts show it caused quite a stir, and generated a few complaints.

One of the complaints came from the Kennel Club, naturally, who commented:

We put a complaint in to the ASA on behalf of all of the responsible pedigree breeders – and indeed pedigree dog owners – who love and care for their dogs and who know that they (more…)

Wales bans electric shock dog collars

by Darren Jamieson on March 24, 2010

electric_dog_training_collarNot usually known for its leading the way with European policies, the small country of Wales has become the first in Europe to place a ban on the use of electric shock dog collars, which up until now have been used to train dogs. The ban was passed yesterday by the Welsh Assembly, and came into force at midnight last night. Anyone caught using one of the collars on a cat or dog could face six months in prison, or a fine of £20,000.

The ban on the electric shock collars was supported by both the Kennel Club and the RSPCA.

The ban wasn’t supported however by the Electronic Collar Manufacturers’ Association – who warn that banning use of the collars could result in more dogs being abandoned as their owners fail to train them successfully. The collars are sometimes used in dog training; they give the dog a small shock, controlled by the owners, when the dog has misbehaved.

Elin Jones, Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister, commented on the ban of the dog collars:

It is important that owners are aware of the ban, and that they now take appropriate steps to comply with the law.

I’m pleased that as a government, we are taking a proactive approach to promoting the welfare of animals by banning the use of (more…)

Understand your dog’s breed before choosing stud dogs

by Leanne Thompson on March 23, 2010

dog-breedingOne of the most important aspects of dog breeding is when it comes to choosing the perfect stud dog, or ‘sire’, for your litter of puppies.

Expert advice is always helpful for understanding your dog breed and an understanding of her strengths and weaknesses will ensure you have the knowledge necessary to make informed dog breeding decisions.

If it’s not possible to spend time with your bitch’s original breeder then it will be necessary to gather breed information and closely analyse your bitch’s positive and negative points. There are many experts in dog breeding and it is always a good idea to speak to your vet to see if they could suggest an expert breeder for a stud dog.

Look at the attributes of your breed. Typically, your bitch’s qualities requiring consideration will include her physical features such as her top line, rear angulations, coat texture, temperament, as well as (more…)

Florence Bechelet and the case of the missing Corgi

by Darren Jamieson on March 22, 2010

There’s nothing worse for a dog owner than finding that your beloved dog has run away from home, except when something smells fishy about their disappearance. 92 year old Florence Bechelet returned home to Jersey recently to find that her corgi, Coral, had vanished – apparently having run away from home.

However, alarm bells started ringing when Florence heard how a dog matching Coral’s description had been bundled into a car by a woman using a walking stick. The game was now, most assuredly, afoot. Florence recognised the description of the woman as being her former carer, Betty Lansdown. Betty had just finished working for Florence after more than two years, and had been understood to have left Jersey, for England.

Some investigative work revealed however that Betty had not left Jersey on the day she had claimed, and had instead booked into a hotel room in order to launch her cunning plot to dog-snatch the corgi.

Florence Bechelet explained:

It was terrible. Betty had looked after me very well, I don’t have a bad thing to say about her in that respect. But I always thought she had more time for the dog than me.

Florence then discovered a forwarding address for her former aid, and handed it to the police. Investigating officers then (more…)

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