Newfoundland Breed Profile

by Leanne Thompson on May 31, 2010

The Newfoundland, also known as the Newfie, the Gentle Giant or the Blackbear is a powerhouse of a dog. It is generally accepted as probably the strongest of any breed, including Irish Wolfhounds, Mastiffs and Great Danes. They were originally bred to work alongside fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada, and are noted for their huge size, sweet, even temperament and loyalty to their owner. Newfoundlands have webbed feet, a water resistant double coat and are excellent swimmers; rather than ‘doggy paddle’, they move their legs in a style more akin to a breaststroke. Newfoundlands are celebrated for their water rescue abilities.

Typical Newfoundland

Height: 27 – 30 inches
Weight: 132 – 176 lb
Average Litter Size: 4 – 12 puppies
Life Expectancy: 8 – 13 years
Good With Children: Yes
Kennel Club Classification: Working Dog

Colour of an Newfoundland

The most common colours for a Newfoundland are black, black with white markings, black with blue highlights, brown and grey. White dogs with black markings are know as Landseers, and are considered as Newfoundlands in the UK and America. However, in Europe Landseers have longer legs and less muscle mass, and so compete separately in dog shows.

Grooming a Newfoundland

Newfoundlands have a double coat; the outer coat is thick and coarse, whilst the undercoat is dense, oily and soft. Your Newfoundland will require daily or weekly brushing with a hard brush and its undercoat will usually shed in the spring and autumn. Extra care with grooming is required at these times. Newfoundlands that live indoors tend to lose their undercoats. It is best to avoid bathing unless it is absolutely necessary, as the natural oils in the coat will be stripped away. Instead of bathing, dry shampoo occasionally.

Newfoundland Common Ailments/Health Issues

Newfoundlands can be susceptible to hip or elbow dysplasia, which is a malformed hip joint. However, lots of breeds are prone to this, especially larger ones. Some Newfoundlands may have hereditary cystinura, or bladder stones, and a smaller proportion may have (more…)

Tips on home dog grooming

by Vivien Richardson on May 30, 2010

A new puppy is one furry friend that has a nasty habit of rolling around in the newly cut grass, just when he comes back from being pampered at the dog groomers.

Adult dogs do the same, but they are more cunning – they just seem to know where to find the mud in a garden, they appear in front of you with their dog collar covered in mud and bits of twigs sticking out of their wagging tail.

Whatever breed of dog you have in your home he is adorable (most of the time) and you love him whether he is clean or dirty. However, most dog owners would agree that they want their dog to look good all of the time, yet they cannot afford (more…)

English Bull Terrier Breed Profile

by Mark James on May 29, 2010

The English Bull Terrier is instantly recognisable by its egg shaped head, deep set eyes and animated gait. Often described as a fun-loving and clownish, it’s a loyal and obedient dog that becomes very attached to its owner. This breed requires firm leadership and a lot of exercise as they tend to be destructive if they are bored. Originally bred as a fighting dog, they are much gentler today, but will protect their owner if the situation arises.

Typical English Bull Terrier

Height: 20-24 inches (51-61 cm.)
Weight: 45-80 pounds (20-36 kg.)
Average litter size: Between 1 and 9, but averages around 5
Life expectancy: About 10-12 years
Good with children?: Yes
Kennel Club Classification: Terrier

Colour of an English Bull Terrier

English Bull Terriers are divided into two colour classes; the White Bull Terrier and the Coloured Bull Terrier. The White Bull Terrier may only be all white, but is allowed to have coloured patches on its head, whilst the coloured Bull Terrier may be (more…)

Dog breeder dies aged 85

by Darren Jamieson on May 28, 2010

One of the country’s leading stud dog breeders, Pam Heasman, passed away this week at the age of 85. Pam used to be the secretary for the Greyhound Trainers’ Association and she was a noted trainer and breeder of greyhounds. She also kept many champion greyhound stud dogs. She died this week in a Kings Lynn hospital, aged 85.

Pat Quinn, a personal friend of Pam Heasman, commented on her life this week, saying that she was:

“a lovely lady who was totally dedicated to her greyhounds”. He said her passing was the end of an era.

Pam was the last of the old school. And as my son David said, she’s probably now talking greyhounds up above with Stan Gudgin, Paddy Milligan and Noreen Collin.”

Pat Quinn said that Heasman would be remembered as one of the greatest keepers of stud dogs in the sport of greyhound racing. In 2005, Heasman was recognised for her work in the field of greyhound racing when she was (more…)

Woman saves dog from 3 metre python

by Leanne Thompson on May 27, 2010

UK dog lovers can be thankful they don’t live in Australia, where threats to small dogs such as the Australian Carpet Python are commonplace in rural areas. This last week one Australian woman, Brenda van Bovene from Goicoechea, had to leap to the rescue of her little dog, an Australian Silky Terrier, when she heard her cries of distress coming from the garden.

Five foot one inch Brenda ran into the garden to find a 3 metre long carpet python twisting itself around her 11 year old dog, with intentions on making a lunch of the dog. Brenda bravely leapt at the snake and grabbed it by the tail, before wrestling with it until it released her dog. The python then made a bolt for cover, hiding under a barbeque.

Brenda explained:

“I was in the study and Tammy was making this terrible noise.

I’ve heard it once before … it’s a horrible sound, a really bad stress signal, so I ran outside to investigate.

“I’m only 5ft 1 inch and it looked twice as big as me – it was a (more…)

Break out the Fizz: Tesco Bank Announces One Millionth Pet Insurance Policy

by Darren Jamieson on May 26, 2010

And she’s not the only one as Brits name pets after their favourite tipple!

Tesco Bank, the UK’s most successful supermarket bank, has announced it has sold its one millionth pet insurance policy in the UK.

The millionth pet to have been insured by Tesco Pet Insurance is a two year old
Labrador called Fizz owned by Philip Shepherd from Doncaster.

On hearing the landmark news, Mr Shepherd said:

“Fizz really is one in a million! She’s as much a part of this family as any of us. We’d be beside ourselves if anything ever happened to her and should she fall ill or have an accident, we want to be able to give her the best possible care. I consider my Tesco Pet insurance policy to be an affordable way to make sure Fizz is well looked after and gives me peace of mind.”

As well as being the name of Tesco Pet Insurance’s one millionth pet policy holder, Fizz is also our (more…)

How to stop a puppy biting and chewing

by Vivien Richardson on

When a new puppy is born he soon learns that he has gums. It is common practice for a puppy to stop suckling his mother once he finds that his teeth are making an appearance. Most of the time a puppy’s biting and chewing is related to teething; however this does not constitute a reason for it to continue.

While your dog is at a young age it is acceptable for you to give him boundaries on behaviour, what he can play with and of course what type of biting is acceptable. This routine has to be put in place on the first day he enters his new home, after a few cuddles of course.

Training a puppy is a bonding time for both parties and all family members must stick to the same (more…)

Dog walker awarded damages from rollerblading pensioner

by Leanne Thompson on May 25, 2010

A ninety year old pensioner has been ordered to pay £6,000 compensation to a dog walker after crashing into him and injuring his neck, back and legs, while roller skating in the park.

Oliver Galsworthy admitted the accident but denied liability stating that both the dog and the unnamed walker had run into his path as he roller skated down a little-used track, and it was only by chance that he missed injuring the dog as well.

However several eye witnesses confirmed the dog walker’s account that Mr Galsworthy was (more…)

Basic puppy training starts with ‘sit’

by Vivien Richardson on May 24, 2010

Choosing a new dog collar, or puppy collar and lead can be fun. However, remember that these items are there to act as a safety net when your new dog decides to wander off on his own.

A dog collar and lead can be used to lead your puppy out into the garden to relieve himself after each meal, and many times during the day. Once your dog has got used to you and his new home then it is time for some basic dog training.

Stand in front of your puppy, pat his head to get his attention and make eye contact. It is essential that you, as the owner of this puppy, use a friendly tone so he looks forward to his daily training and starts to bond with you.

Place a small treat in your right hand, allow him to sniff it. Hold the treat above him and when he tries to get it, move the treat towards the back of his head and (more…)

Dog neutering campaign backed by Octomom Nadya Suleman

by Darren Jamieson on May 23, 2010

Nadya Suleman is famous for having 14 children, despite being very cash-strapped. Eight of those children came along in the same pregnancy, when she gave birth last year – earning her the nickname ‘Octomom’ by the press.

Now Nadya is using her fame to support a neutering campaign for dogs and cats, named the ‘People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals’ initiative’

Nadya is displaying a sign in her garden in California, USA, promoting neutering for animals. She has been paid $5,000 to keep the sign in her garden, approximately £3,470 – which should help pay for some of the nappies that she no doubt needs for her eight babies. The sign is three foot wide by four foot high, and reads:

‘Don’t Let Your Dog Or Cat Become An Octomom. Always Spay Or Neuter. PETA.’

Nadya decided to promote the campaign and receive payment for it after she faced eviction from her home. She has an overdue (more…)

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