Dog ensures his abuser is refused parole

by Leanne Thompson on August 31, 2010

louis vittonWe at Dream Dogs believe the laws regarded abusing dogs are far too lenient the world over – with custodial sentences very rarely handed out and dog abusers very rarely even being given lifetime bans from owning dogs again. However, one dog abuser in Alabama in the USA has received a sentence worthy of his crime, and his victim (a pitbull nicknamed Louis Vuitton) helped to ensure he stays behind bars.

Juan Daniels was convicted of abusing a dog in 2009. He beat the dog, and even set fire to it. For his crimes he was given a custodial sentence, but alarmingly was up for parole last week. Juan Daniels stood before the ‘Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ and could have been released early – had it not been for the star witness, the dog itself.

Louis Vuitton entered the parole hearing, looking much better than he did directly after his ordeal, and acted as a witness against his abuser. After his shock appearance, Juan Daniels was refused parole and was told he would not be eligible again until (more…)

Things to look out for with your dog’s health

by Vivien Richardson on August 30, 2010

Dog GogglesWhen you are watching your dog and he is pawing his ears in an irritable way, followed by a licking of his claws, it could be down to the fact that he has dirty ears.

There are many reasons a dog could end up with dirty ears, and they will try to remedy the problem themselves.

There are many reasons why a dog could have dirty ears. It could be because the dog has too much ear wax; this will need medication to help to loosen the wax for easy removal. It could be down to too much hair growing in the ears; this is easily resolved by a dog groomer who will remove the offending hairs.

A breed of dog that has long hair may have sweaty ears or smelly ears; sometimes it just takes their owners to hold their ears to dry them out.

On a more serious note, if your dog has (more…)

Pet insurance company pays out after dog eats a beehive

by Darren Jamieson on August 29, 2010

As any dog owner will tell you, it’s important to have an adequate pet insurance policy. Dogs can get into all sorts of strife, and without comprehensive dog insurance you could be landed with an out of control bill from your vets. However, there are some things that you wouldn’t think a pet insurance policy would cover – such as if your dog became ill after eating an entire beehive full of bees.

That’s just what happened recently to a dog in America, obviously. Ellie, a Labrador, recently ate an entire beehive full of dead bees, and the pesticides that killed them. Naturally, after eating this strange lunch she became very ill and required veterinary care, but thankfully was fine after a few weeks. In true American style, Ellie has been awarded the official prize of the most unusual pet insurance claim in America, given out by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co (VPI).

Ellie’s beehive eating antics won her first place amid stiff competition from other danger seeking dogs such as the border collie who, attempting to get at the postman, ran straight through a window and the terrier who decided to bite into a (more…)

Coping with a dog that has internal parasites

by Vivien Richardson on August 28, 2010

However much we love and care for our dog, there is a chance they will contract a parasite at some stage; which is normally diagnosed when clearing up their mess.

A Tapeworm is a parasite that most dog owners are aware of. They tend to be noticeable in the hair around the anus; not a nice thing to have to think about but your dog will appreciate you checking them out every now and then.

The roundworm is the most common parasite. It has a lifecycle which needs a complete worming session 15 days apart; one to remove the adult roundworms and the next session to (more…)

Drew Barrymore mourns passing of dog Flossie

by Leanne Thompson on August 27, 2010

Drew Barrymore, who appeared recently in our list of the top 5 actresses who own dogs, is mourning the passing of her dog Flossie. Flossie wasn’t just any ordinary dog, as she once saved Drew’s life 12 years ago, in 1998, when she awoke the household and alerted them to a fire.

drew-barrymore-flossieFlossie, a cross between a Labrador and a Chow, saved both Drew Barrymore and her then husband Tom Green as they slept through a fire in their home in Beverly Hills. The dog sadly passed away in July – aged 16 – and Drew honoured her lifelong pal by spreading her ashes on the Ganges in India, during a recent trip.

Now that Flossie has passed away, Drew has a new puppy that she is training. While speaking on a recent interview on the David Letterman show, Drew revealed a (more…)

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Review

by Darren Jamieson on August 26, 2010

With still a week or so to go on our Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore competition, where you can win £20 worth of UK cinema vouchers, we thought we’d turn our attentions to the film itself.

The first Cats and Dogs film, released in 2001, was a triumph for special effects in the way it merged live action with CGI. While the film may not have set cinema box-offices alight, it did prove to us something we’ve known for many years; cats are evil, dogs are the good guys.

As the first film wasn’t a runaway success it is perhaps surprising that Warner Brothers decided to make a sequel, and even more surprising that they waited nine years for it when the only people who would have really enjoyed the original will now be more into The Expendables, than Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

But make a sequel they did, and reading some of the reviews online you’d think they’d made an (more…)

The responsibility of a dog owner to their dog’s health

by Vivien Richardson on August 25, 2010

Dog-Health-ProblemsThere are thousands of dog owners who try to have as much information as possible about puppy and dog care. Just knowing about the correct way to care for your dog is going to help keep him stay in good health throughout his lifetime.

Dogs give back their love and affection in return for their happy lifestyle, each one having a personality and character that is reflected in how they are treated within their home environment.

Taking time to look at manufacturers labels on pet food for a puppy, adult dog or senior dog will show you how much of each ingredient is in the dog food, the ingredients with the higher amounts will be at the top of the list.

A dog requires a balanced pet food that is low on fat and salt. However, some dogs prefer (more…)

7 things you didn’t know about Cesar Millan

by Mark James on August 24, 2010

Cesar Millan, for those who may not have heard of him, is better known as ‘The Dog Whisperer’. The twinkly eyed Mexican with the perfect set of gnashers has risen to worldwide fame due to his seemingly supernatural ability to tame the most vicious, neurotic or disobedient dog. You may have caught him on TV as he silences a howling pooch with a look and a stern “Tsst!”, instructs a clueless owner in the application of ‘calm, assertive energy‘ or out rollerblading with a pack of his dogs. Let’s face it, he’s such a dude that he’s made rollerskating cool again, after Cliff Richard killed it off in the video for ‘Wired for Sound‘.

Cesar doesn’t talk much about his private life in his show, so we at Dream Dogs are going to take a peek at the guy behind the curtain operating the wheels and levers.

1) Cesar grew up on a farm

Born in 1969 in Culiacán, Mexico, to father Felipe Millán Guillen and mother María Teresa Favela de Millán, young Cesar grew up on a farm owned by his grandfather. He displayed a natural affinity with animals, but more so with dogs. Such was his skill, he was nicknamed el Perrero, or ‘the dog boy‘. Cesar credits his love of animals to his grandfather. He said:

“To him, everything about an animal was beautiful. He adored them. He didn’t love animals in the way Americans love animals – to see a birthday party for a dog, he would get a kick out of that.”

“He was the epitome of honesty, integrity, loyalty. And that’s what he loved about animals.”

2) Cesar remembers the exact moment that he wanted to work with dogs

He was 13 years old and was being accompanied by his mother to a judo competition. He stopped in front of a statue, and declared to her that he wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world. He admits that at the time he was unaware that you could (more…)

How to retrain your dog when you move house

by Vivien Richardson on August 23, 2010

Dog Moving HomeMost puppies are slow with their first training routine, but they soon catch on and learn a set of expected training commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘basket’.

Toilet training a puppy might have taken a ‘wee’ while longer (sorry about the pun) but as time passes an adult dog is capable of keeping to an established toileting programme. However, when a house move is on the cards, the whole business can be scary and stressful for consenting adults, for a pet dog it is worse; they pick up on their owner’s emotions and worry if they are the cause of this turmoil.

Top tips:

While you are moving your stuff into the removal van, place your pet in an empty bedroom with his favourite toy, dog bed and one of your old jumpers to give him the same smell of reassurance that you did when he was a puppy. Leave his dog bowls nearby as well.

A dog should travel with you in the back of your car to his new home. To help him to feel confident, take him (more…)

Top 5 Cartoon Dogs

by Mark James on August 22, 2010

As all good things must inevitably come to an end, so does Dream Dogs’ week long pageant of pooches. If there’s one common theme that’s been present, it’s that each dog we’ve talked about has been a real dog. However, the moment is upon us to look at the staple of kids animated TV shows – the cartoon dog.

There are so many animated shows featuring dogs that this was a hard one to trim down to five. Inevitably, the results are controversial. There are some that you may have thought as an obvious shoe-in that cruelly didn’t make the cut. There was much discussion here at Dream Dogs Towers over who should be included. Other technicalities arose, such as whether K-9, Doctor Who’s radar-eared sidekick should count as a dog at all – after all, he was real in some sense – or Dino, Fred Flintstone’s pet who acted like a dog but looked like a Brontosaurus.

Fisticuffs ensued and noses were bloodied, but after the dust settled we were left with this, our list of the top five cartoon dogs.

Scooby Doo

Arguably Hanna Barbera’s flagship cartoon show; the show stuck to a tried and tested format, with dull-as-ditchwater Fred, minx Daphne and spectacles-dropping frump Velma playing the straight man to Scooby and Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rodgers. Scooby and Shaggy would split from the rest of the gang on the hunt for ‘Scooby snacks’ (whatever they were), and what would follow was predictable. Scooby and Shaggy would try to escape the monster by pretending to be chefs or barbers, Scooby would fall into a trap laid by Fred and someone would appear behind a secret wall panel.

Scooby Doo and the gang

Scooby Doo and the gang

Don’t even think of mentioning (more…)

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