Halloween dog costumes

by Leanne Thompson on October 31, 2010

It’s the time of year once again when people like to dress up as ghouls and ghosts and dispense candy to children who come knocking at the door. For animals though, Halloween is usually a time when they have to stay indoors, locked away for fear that they’ll be scared by all of the comings and goings, or want to run out and play with all of the children.

Of course, some dog owners (and you know who you are) believe that their dogs should be as involved in Halloween as anybody else and insist on dressing their dogs in Halloween costumes. With the dog clothes market growing every year (mostly in America it has to be said) Halloween costumes for dogs are now available in many different styles and sizes.

Here are some of our favourite Halloween costumes for dogs that we’ve seen this year. Let us know too if you’ve dressed your dog in fancy dress, either for Halloween or just for fun.

Choosing the right dog collar for a large dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 30, 2010

Leather Dog CollarIf your favourite breed of dog is in the larger group of dogs, even when he is at the puppy stage of life you may find it difficult to choose the correct sized dog collar. A puppy grows very quickly, more so with a larger dog. When at the puppy stage, a dog collar does not have to be expensive but as he grows and as his neck reaches its full width, a comfortable quality collar is essential.

However, there is no need to splash out and purchase an expensive leather collar, unless that is your preference, as a simple nylon puppy collar will suffice to begin with. Make sure the fit is correct, do not choose a heavy collar that will weigh heavy on a puppy’s neck, at the same time check the buckle fits well and does not hamper his movements.

You should be able to fit two of your fingers underneath the dog collar. Some collars may be too long, so trim the excess amount as it will (more…)

Dog saves owner’s life following brutal attack

by Darren Jamieson on October 29, 2010

A black Labrador named Henry is being hailed as a doggie hero after his quick thinking saved the life of his owner in Scotland. Henry was being walked by his owner David Baird in Kilbirnie, in Ayrshire, this week when David was attacked by assailants. David was viciously beaten and left for dead on a cycle path, just yards from his home, and is believed that he would have died had it not been for Henry.

Henry, the Labrador, ran home to raise the alarm to David’s wife Annabel. Henry arrived at his home and began scratching on the front door to alert Annabel’s attention to the incident. When Annabel opened the door and found the dog on his own, Henry led her to where her husband lay unconscious, covered in blood.

Annabel immediately alerted the police and the ambulance service, and David was taken to hospital where he remains in (more…)

Choose the correct dog food for a large dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 28, 2010

large dog eatingWhen choosing quality dog food for a large adult dog, one that weighs over 50lbs for example, it is essential for the dog’s health that the ingredients are well balanced. A larger breed of dog has a higher level of metabolism; therefore the food that is given to him should qualify for good joint health and satisfy his dietary needs.

An owner of a large dog should choose large kibble; larger pieces will give a dog more satisfaction and promote the movement of good chewing. It is essential that, even when a puppy, a large breed of dog for the first eighteen months of his life should be fed puppy food that will keep him fully satisfied.

An adult dog will require dog food that is specially prepared to keep his body in good condition; to keep his bones and muscles nice and strong, with bright clear eyes and a (more…)

Why does my dog smell?

by Vivien Richardson on October 27, 2010

smelly dogAll breeds of dogs have their own individual odour; however some dogs tend to be smellier than others. This is not to say that all dogs have a foul smell, but a dog’s scent can be overpowering to people, especially for those who do not own a dog.

Some of the odours found coming from your dog can be due to yeast infections, or disease and bacteria within the ears nose and throat area. Regular check ups with a local vet is a preventative measure for such doggie smells.

One condition that can be smelly, and also cause a dog to be in pain, is in the anal area. Glands in that part of a dog’s body need to be emptied regularly. The signals of problems there are your dog pulling his bottom along the floor and, of course, the (more…)

Pixie Lott loves the dogs

by Leanne Thompson on October 26, 2010

British pop sensation Pixie Lott has won a great many fans since she appeared on the scene just a short while ago, but while she’s gone from chart topping singles and TV appearances to intimate performances in Manchester to a select few fans, the big question on everybody’s lips is whether she’s a dog or cat person!

Pixie Lott

While Pixie may be about to launch her latest tour, labelled the ‘Crazy Cats Tour’, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a cat person at all. Pixie actually refers to her legions of fans as ‘cats’, rather than harbours any love for the furry felines themselves. Speaking in an interview with the Daily Star, Pixie instead stated that she’s a (more…)

The Great (Dog) Escape

by Darren Jamieson on October 25, 2010

We’ve all seen The Great Escape (and if not, why not?) where British POWs escape from a Nazi prison camp during World War II. The sight of Steve McQueen on that motorbike eluding the Germans is enough to send shivers up the spine of any viewer on a bank holiday weekend.

The Great Escape

However, an Australian man recently re-enacted the Great Escape when he busted his dog out of doggie prison, and fled with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, going on the run.

The dog, named Max, was on death row at the time after being ordered destroyed for (more…)

How to choose a dog coat for your dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 24, 2010

dog coatWhen the cold and wet weather is on its way, a dog can benefit from wearing a dog coat to keep him warm and dry. A dog that loves to run around in a park, diving through bushes and rolling about on the grass, will be glad you purchased a quality dog coat which will save him from getting cuts and scratches.

It is worth paying a little more for a dog coat that is going to stand up to wear and tear for many years to come, but obviously a puppy will require more than one new dog coat until he reaches adulthood.

Here are some top tips when purchasing a dog coat for either a puppy or a dog:

Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to the start of his tail, if your pet is (more…)

How to stop a dog from barking

by Vivien Richardson on October 23, 2010

anti bark collarA new puppy can often cause its owners a problem at night with excessive barking. Constant disruption of sleep for owners of a new puppy soon leads to a short temper. However, barking for puppies and dogs is their natural way of communication, they may be feeling stressed, lonely, threatened or in need of attention.

A dog barking during the day is usually ignored, so it is important to coach a puppy or dog that is excessively barking so they realise it is not acceptable.

Canines are inclined to bark, calming them down with a special anti bark dog collar that has been manufactured to help in these situations will require patience and understanding from dog owners. There are various anti bark collars (more…)

How to help a child deal with the loss of a dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 22, 2010

Losing a dogIf a family dog becomes ill and passes away, everyone is bound to grieve at the loss, but for a child it can be more dramatic. Some children may feel guilty as a mix of emotions rise up; in their mind it may be that they think they are to blame for the loss of the dog in some way.

The one worry that arises from the loss of a dog in a child’s mind is what happens to a dog, will they be in heaven and will they see them again some day.

Taking time to communicate with a child verbally and keeping them busy will help them to come to terms with (more…)

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