Do your doggie doo-doo duty

by Mark James on October 21, 2010

This morning, when walking to my car, I was greeted with a present left to me by someone out walking their pet dog. It was a poop, but not just any old poop. This was cartoonish in its dimensions: seemingly as big as a birthday cake, I could only wonder what kind of monster could have left it there. Worse still, it was right by my car door, meaning that I had to exercise extreme caution in getting into my vehicle.

Despite the distractions that came as part of my working day, I was unable to rid myself the image of the prize-winning dookie from my mind’s eye. On returning home that day, I noticed that it was no longer there. Instead, there was a trail of footprints of the poor unfortunates who happened to tread in it. My heart went out to them.

I can actually understand the mentality of the dog owner who doesn’t take the time to clean up after their dog. If it’s late at night and you’re out walking your pooch when there’s no one around, it’s tempting to (more…)

Hermaphrodite dog hopes for a new owner

by Mark James on October 20, 2010

An unfortunate dog that possessed both male and female organs has undergone an operation in an attempt to increase her chances of finding a new owner.

Georgie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was born a hermaphrodite – in other words, having both male and female reproductive organs. Her rare condition meant that finding a new home for her was tough, according to Manchester Dog’s Home.

Manager of the home, Lisa Graham, commented:

“Georgie received a lot of interest but when people found out she had both male and female organs they backed away.”

Now, Georgie has had her male parts removed in an operation paid for by the home, which is located in (more…)

How to spot arthritis in a dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 19, 2010

How to spot arthritis in a dogWhen your pet has suddenly started to change his behaviour, or you notice he appears to be lethargic, it could be that he has a problem with one or more of his joints. Arthritis is not a condition that only appears in a senior dog’s time of life, a puppy can also suffer from arthritis.

How to spot the symptoms of arthritis:

  • A dog may stop enjoying his playtime with you, or he could be reluctant to walk or climb the stairs
  • If he is limping or if he struggles to (more…)

Diet tips for an older dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 18, 2010

When your puppy grows up into a strong adult dog, it is hard to imagine him ever being at a stage in his life where you will see him starting to struggle with the simple every day tasks, such as walking. However, dogs do get old; it’s a sad fact of life and something that dog owners have to come to terms with.

A pet diet for a senior dog has to change. He requires a pet diet full of extra vitamins that will give him a chance to be more flexible, while improving and lengthening his quality of life. Humans, as they reach their mature time in life, start to slow up mentally. It is the same with a mature dog, mental slowdown and some bodily dysfunctions can (more…)

Dream dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Dog show disaster

by Mark James on October 17, 2010

A Dream Dogs week long list wouldn’t be a Dream Dogs week long list without at least one contentious inclusion. This, the last in our week long series of funny YouTube videos featuring dogs, doesn’t actually feature a dog. Well, not a real one at least.

In this video, a young girl has set her video camera up in her bedroom with the intention of staging a dog show with her stuffed toys. What happens next has the vital ingredients for a funny video – it’s unexpected, and it involves pain and humiliation for the person involved.

Keep your peepers peeled for another weeklong series of the best funny dog videos on Dream Dogs soon.


Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Copper comes a cropper

by Mark James on October 16, 2010

Welcome to day 6 of Dream Dogs’ celebration of the funniest dog moments recorded for posterity.

Police dogs have a fearsome reputation. We’ve all seen footage of a German Shepherd chasing down a lumbering volunteer dressed in protective clothing and sinking his fangs into the poor sap’s arm. Even the most ardent hippy protestor would think twice about tangling with such a well trained animal. It’s no wonder that the police are well known for their training techniques. However, they don’t always have it their own way, as this copper discovers. What happens at 0:28 is just the cherry on the cake…

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final video in our series.


Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Screen Door fail

by Mark James on October 15, 2010

Pretty much like celebrities, we can forgive our pet dogs for being a bit thick because they can be sooooooo cute. Having an intelligent dog that understands and obeys your commands is fantastic, but there’s something endearing about a pet dog that is doing something really stupid. This video is a perfect example; the family’s labrador wants to go outside, but he’s used to his master opening the door to let him out. What the hapless pooch doesn’t realise is that there’s no screen in the door frame…

Make sure to visit Dream Dogs tomorrow to see hat’s next in our week long series of excellent YouTube dog videos…


Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Disobedient boxer

by Mark James on October 14, 2010

It’s day 4 of Dream Dogs’ week long celebration of funny YouTube dog videos. In this one, the proud owner of a boxer dog has taken it to the beach for a training session.

His owner throws him a ball and wants him to bring it back, but typically he doesn’t do what he is told. His owner defends him, explaining that dogs have to “ponder a situation” and that his pet is “meditating” on what to do.

However, what happens next is accompanied by a hilarious voiceover by the owner. Warning – this video contains one or two minor swears.


Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Sleepwalking Dog

by Mark James on October 13, 2010

On day 3 of Dream Dogs‘ week long compilation of YouTube dog hijinks, we have a classic video for you. If ever you needed proof that dogs dream, this is it; Bizkit is something of a minor YouTube celebrity due to her sleepwalking antics, and her owner has posted several videos that are all worth checking out.

There’s something a little eerie in seeing her ‘run’ whilst she’s laying on the floor, and other videos show her rooted to the spot and barking at something unseen, all whilst she is fast asleep. In one later video, she has even fitted the somnambulistic Bizkit with a crash helmet to stop her bonking her head whilst she is in a fugue.

Watch this and you will see why…


Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Window Fail

by Mark James on October 12, 2010

Well, it’s day two of Dream Dogs‘ top seven YouTube dog videos. This classic is a perfect example of why you should take some time out to give your pet a scratch behind the ear or a tummy tickle when he wants it. It stars possibly the seediest guy Dream Dogs has ever come across, and we shudder to think of whatever it was he’s up to in the clip.

His dog – a greyhound, by the looks of it – just wants a bit of affection but is denied. By the way, we don’t know if this took place in a house or a high rise apartment…


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