What’s your dog related New Year’s resolution?

by Mark James on December 31, 2010

When the kerfuffle surrounding Christmas is over, and we’ve unwrapped presents by the score, drunk enough eggnog to float a battleship and lain corpulent in front of the TV to watch the Bond film, we tend to start feeling a little guilty. It’s therefore not surprising that we attempt to assuage our guilt by making a resolution for the New Year. Whether it’s to lose weight, give up smoking or pay more attention to the jobs that need doing around the house, although our intentions may be noble, we rarely stick to them.

The solution? Do something worthwhile that takes virtually no effort on your part – set up a monthly direct debit to a charity for instance. There are many worthwhile causes, but here’s a few dog related charities you (more…)

Prepare your pet for New Year’s festivities

by Mark James on December 30, 2010

dogs partying at New YearWhat’s your plans for New Year? Will you be hitting the town in a skimpy dress, heels and no coat despite the freezing weather? Will you be hosting a wild party at home, where someone will no doubt advertise it on Facebook causing it to descend into a riot? If you’re anything like us at Dream Dogs, you will be settling down in front of the box, drinking pint glasses of White Russians and watching Clive James’ Review of the Year and Jools Holland’s Hogmanay.

As is usually the case, there will be someone in the neighbourhood who will decide to set off fireworks until the wee hours. Apart from disrupting your sleep, as a dog owner you’ll know that the noise can cause a great deal of distress to your pet too. As is the case with Guy Fawkes Night, preparation is vital – here are a few tips to (more…)

How to ensure your dog is receiving essential dog nutrition

by Vivien Richardson on December 29, 2010

dog eating his foodA dog requires stability in his home, and regular meals that consist of quality ingredients that will help as he reaches adulthood and, later in life, seniority.

Just as humans need to eat the best groups of foods, so does a dog. A brand of puppy or dog food should have the following ingredients listed:

  • Proteins and Carbohydrates.
  • Good fats and low amounts of salt.
  • Vitamins and minerals.

A dog requires all of the above, fed the right amount of portions at mealtimes and having access to fresh water at all times. Manufacturers of dog food are required by law to print the ingredients and the relevant amounts (more…)

Toowoomba man ties knot with his pet Labrador

by Darren Jamieson on December 28, 2010

As a nation of dog lovers, the UK is well known for spoiling their four legged friends. One only has to take a stroll around the nearest pet shop or idly browse the internet to see the dog baskets, collars, toys and treats available to shower on your pet. In fact, many owners consider their dogs to be part of the family, and treat them like a favourite child.

However, some would say that one man in Toowoomba, Australia, has taken his love for his pet Labrador a little too far.

In an emotional ceremony, Joseph Guiso gave an emphatic ‘Yes!’ when asked if he accepted (more…)

Shrewsbury Council to issue fines over menacing dogs

by Mark James on December 27, 2010

Following on from Wandsworth Council’s crackdown on dog owners, Shrewsbury Council has also decreed new measures that dog walkers must adhere to.

Plans being drawn up by Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Council signal the start of fixed penalty notices being issued to dog owners who do not have their pet on a lead when walking on land owned by the council.

The penalties would be enforced by special dog wardens, who have the authority to decide if the dog is causing a (more…)

Pause for paws

by Mark James on December 26, 2010

dog-paw-careOne particular aspect of looking after your pet dog that many people seem to overlook is the condition of his paws. Pretty much like our own feet, we tend to ignore them until something goes wrong. Your dog can’t tell you if he’s in any discomfort, and the first you know of it is when he’s limping.

It’s advisable to have a regular routine for checking your pet’s paws – every day, if possible. Paws are very sensitive, even considering that your dog walks about on them all day, and he may not like having them touched. However, if you start your checks (more…)

Did you get Tina and Chandi on DVD for Christmas?

by Darren Jamieson on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from everyone at Dream Dogs on this fine Christmas morning. You’ve no doubt opened all of your presents by now and are either delighting in the gifts you’ve received, or are upset at not getting exactly what you wanted.

So, did you get the new DVD from Britain’s Got Talent finalists Tina and Chandi? If you did, that’s great; you can now watch the DVD with your dog and begin to teach your dog new tricks (because old dogs can most definitely learn new tricks).

If you didn’t however, don’t despair, because here at Dream Dogs we have three copies of the DVD to give away, and (more…)

Top 5 last minute Christmas presents for your dog

by Mark James on December 24, 2010

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and thanks to the arctic conditions that have gripped the UK in the past week or so, any presents that you have ordered online are probably still in a delivery van stuck in a snowdrift somewhere. If you’re short of presents for a loved one, a trip to the local garage for a bag of charcoal briquettes and twenty Rothmans is an excellent last minute substitute, but what of your pet pooch? Petrol stations aren’t renowned for the wide range of fancy dog collars or dog baskets, so a last minute trip to a high street pet shop may be in order to ensure they don’t feel left out on Christmas morning. Let’s look at the top five last minute presents that you can buy for a dog:

After Dinner Chocolate Mints:

These dog friendly carob and peppermint treats will be just the ticket when your pet settles down at your feet to watch (more…)

What to do when your dog has a dry nose

by Vivien Richardson on December 23, 2010

dog with a dry noseThere is an old wives’ tale that says if a dog’s nose is dry then the dog must be feeling off colour and is in need of veterinary attention.

This tale is simply untrue; dogs that have a dry nose can be in good health and full of energy. A dog’s nose will be wet or dry according to different conditions.

Symptoms of a dog that is not well:

When you check your pet’s nose, if he has a discharge running from his nasal passages and it yellow, green or black in colour then you (more…)

Safestix: Soldier aims to make playtime with your dog safer

by Mark James on December 22, 2010

safestix-and-a-dogHealth and safety regulations, which many think are the bane of life in modern Britain, have influenced pretty much everything we do. Now, the dreaded words are being applied to the simple game of fetch with your pet dog.

Safestix – a rubber substitute for, well, a stick – have hit the shelves in the UK amid advice that real sticks can be harmful to your dog’s health and prevent any unnecessary claims on your dog insurance.

The 2ft long pliable toy was dreamt up by Paul Blair, a sergeant in the Army, after Razzle, his four year old Jack Russell terrier, was (more…)

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