Judge and dog collar’d for attack on student

by Mark James on December 21, 2010

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Judge Beatrice Bolton as she was found guilty of ownership of a dangerous dog and slapped with a fine last week.

As reported on Dream Dogs, her German Shepherd attacked student, and next door neighbour, Frederick Becker, 20, as he sunbathed in his back yard in Rothbury, Northumberland.

Three year old Bundenbury Francer, AKA Georgie, set about the hapless student and sank his teeth into his leg, ripping his trousers and wounding him.

As the guilty verdict, along with a £2,500 fine, was delivered in (more…)

Train a dog owner before you train the dog

by Vivien Richardson on December 20, 2010

house-training-puppyIt is exciting when you are expecting a new arrival such as a baby, well, not a human baby, but a puppy that will need just as much attention.

New owners of puppies tend to panic and spoil the puppy, leading to complications with behaviour further down the line. Dog owners over react and hope the puppy will know how he or she is expected to behave; of course it is a learning curve for both parties and bonding can be fun, with a little help from us.

Top tips on loving your puppy:

He will be excited and want to please you, however he will be missing his mum and brothers and sisters so be aware he will be (more…)

Should you feed your dog chocolate?

by Vivien Richardson on December 19, 2010

dog eating chocolateThere is sometimes a difference of opinion between owners of dogs on the subject of giving a dog chocolate, and with Christmas coming up there is more temptation to share chocolate with your pal.

The main question that needs answering is whether or not chocolate is poisonous to dogs? I am afraid to say this, the answer is yes.

It can depend on the type of chocolate and the amount you give him though; tiny bits are not going to be as toxic as a full chunk broken off from a large bar of chocolate, such as a Galaxy or Dairy Milk bar.

The culprit of this toxicity is called Theo bromine; easily metabolised by human beings but (more…)

Judge’s dog ‘puts the bite on student’

by Mark James on December 18, 2010

The student life has come a long way from getting out of bed in the afternoon, eating enough Pot Noodles to fell a horse and watching Blockbusters whilst wishing you had the chance to ask Bob Holness for a ‘P’.

Nowadays, a student is expected to storm the Houses of Parliament, smash the state and crack members of the Royal family over the head, as well as get their assignments in on time (or at least think of a really creative excuse as to why they haven’t).

Of course, this is an exaggeration… perhaps. However, one student has cause to feel hard done by the establishment after he was bitten by a judge’s dog.

Frederick Becker, 20, was sunbathing in his parent’s garden when his neighbour’s pet German shepherd bit him on the (more…)

Man who was bitten by dog told to take it home by police

by Mark James on December 17, 2010

A man was left shocked when police instructed him to take home a stray dog that had just savaged him.

Martin Seymour was set upon by a Staffordshire Bull terrier whilst he was walking his own pet dog near his home in Lincolnshire. The vicious dog attacked the hapless 32 year old without any provocation, and sank its teeth into the man’s leg, breaking the skin.

Mr Seymour managed to wrestle free from the dog, and even managed to get a leash on it as it was wearing a dog collar. Not wanting to leave the crazed animal wandering the streets, he walked the dog round to his local police station to hand it in, but it was closed. He then he phoned the police station and was left stunned at the advice (more…)

Oxford University reveals who is smarter – dogs or cats?

by Mark James on December 16, 2010

It’s a debate that has raged since the first caveman threw a stick for his prehistoric pet to fetch – are dogs smarter than cats? It seems that eggheads at Oxford University have come up with an answer.

In a move which will no doubt give dog owners much ammunition to lord it over their feline loving counterparts, scientists at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford have determined that dogs are (more…)

John Lewis pulls the plug on Christmas dog ad

by Mark James on December 15, 2010

John_LewisAs well as being the season where everybody is required to display jollity to some degree, December also brings a slew of TV campaigns for big name high street chains, but this year, an advert by John Lewis has provoked the ire of dog lovers.

The ad in question depicts an Irish Wolfhound sat forlornly amid a blizzard of snow, whilst a young boy hangs a stocking over his dog kennel. The child then retreats to the warmth of his house whilst his pet looks on dejectedly.

However, even though the snow was fake and it was an advert, campaigners for animal welfare were outraged, and claimed that John Lewis were sending out the wrong message about caring for animals (more…)

Is it legal to dock my dog’s tail?

by Mark James on December 14, 2010

dock a dog tailWe’re all used to seeing particular breeds of dog with their tails docked. Jack Russells, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and Bulldogs would seem strange to the casual observer had they been wagging a full tail, and a docked tail can make dog grooming that little bit easier. However, in recent years, legislation within the UK has changed with regards to the docking of dogs’ tails.

Docking was actually banned within England from April 2007, and in Wales from March 2007. As is often the case with legislation like this, there are several notable exceptions.

The first exception to the ban on docking dogs’ tails is for working dogs. If the dog has a degree of probability of performing specific types of work when it matures, it can have its tail docked by a vet. It must be less than five days old, and the vet must be able to certify that (more…)

Win Tina and Chandi: Teach Your Dog New Tricks on DVD

by Darren Jamieson on December 13, 2010


What’s the point of brushing my dog’s teeth?

by Mark James on December 12, 2010

brush a dogs teethThis is a question that you may well find yourself asking from time to time. It can be a frustrating task to undertake if your pet pooch decides that he likes having stinky teeth, thank you very much, and the temptation exists to wrestle your dog to the floor and prise his mouth open to give them a much needed scrub. Try this however, and there’s only one of you who will come off better. Here’s a clue as to whom – it’s not you.

Pretty much like humans, the lack of any dental care results in catastrophic gum disease, namely gingivitis. Dogs are not prone to developing cavities in their teeth, but instead accumulate a brown deposit around their gums. Known as calculus, it can cause your pet’s gums to recede and expose the roots of their teeth. This can cause the teeth to become loose in their sockets, and expose your dog to infections. Worse still, the infection can spread – known as (more…)

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