Hairpiece of the dog

by Mark James on January 31, 2011

If you were spurred on by our recent article on National Dress Up Your Pet Day, you’re on a slippery slope, my friend. What starts out as a harmless bit of fun for you and your dog will become an obsession. You will find yourself preparing all year for the big day, scouring the internet for the perfect costume for your pooch, and engaging your rivals in a grisly dance of death where only one can have the perfect Dog Vader costume.

However good your pet’s outfit may be, there will be one thing lacking – hair. The replica Las Vegas (more…)

How to care for overweight dogs

by Vivien Richardson on January 30, 2011

fat-dogThe main cause of a dog becoming overweight is usually due to family and friends giving a dog too many extra treats to show how much they love their pet. However, giving your dog large portions of food at mealtimes and allowing him to consume a few extra treats will in fact do him more harm than good and will be a major contributor to weight gain, and poor health.

A dog that can hardly walk due to excess poundage is likely to feel discomfort. It will also place his major organs under (more…)

Terrier tantrums halt post for nearly two months

by Darren Jamieson on January 29, 2011

postman patRoyal Mail deliveries have returned to normal in a street in Northampton, after they were halted for weeks when a postman was attacked by a terrier.

A blanket ban of all postal deliveries was implemented on December 7th after the postal worker was allegedly savaged by the cute bundle of fur, who is a member of the Joyce family. The attack is said to be the latest in a long line of incidents involving the terrier.

Now, nearly two months after the attack, services have (more…)

Iron Age hound keeps watch over treasure haul

by Mark James on January 28, 2011

harborough dogA dog that was left to guard the treasure of an Iron Age shrine more than 2,000 years ago will continue to watch over it when it goes on display for the first time in a museum.

It is thought that the dog was one of three sacrificed to watch over the shrine containing more than 5,000 Roman coins sometime between 1 and 50 AD. It is roughly the same size and build as a modern day German shepherd, and therefore large by Iron Age standards, leading to speculation that it was a guard dog. The Hallaton Treasure, as it is called, also contains other artefacts, such as a Roman cavalry (more…)

Ticks and fleases spread diseases

by Leanne Thompson on January 27, 2011

dog having a scratchFollowing the recent revelation that sleeping with your pet dog can result in you contracting lots of exotic and interesting diseases, we at Dream Dogs thought that we would take a closer look at what risks you expose yourself to by not handling your pet in a hygienic manner.

Dogs can harbour over a dozen forms of diseases that can be transmitted to humans (or zoonotic diseases, if you want to get technical). There’s no doubt that there are health benefits granted by dog ownership, such as lower blood pressure, but we still should be vigilant when handling our canine friends.

Common zoonotic diseases include Campylobacter, which can cause gastrointestinal problems and, in severe cases, (more…)

Police dogs taken off duty after having pups

by Mark James on January 26, 2011

Two superstar sniffer dogs working for the Indian Police are in the doghouse after having a litter of pups each.

Police chiefs in Chhattisgarh, central India, have taken action against the dogs’ handlers, and suspended them from duty for dereliction of their responsibilities.

In their defence, the handlers have cited poor quality kennels and rickety enclosures at their (more…)

How to train a dog with a dog whistle

by Vivien Richardson on January 25, 2011

blow a dog whistleA dog is your best friend, they are loyal and loving, however they do want you to look after them by keeping them well trained and exercised.

Training a dog is not an easy task but, with a little bit of patience, it can be fun. A dog is always willing to learn what you want from him but you have to play your part or you could damage his confidence. Keeping an adult dog focused is easier than a new born puppy, but it is still well worthwhile using a dog whistle.

A dog whistle will help you train your dog to focus, however it is important for a dog owner to test out the dog whistle first until he or she has mastered the technique. When you purchase a dog whistle try it out; puff on the whistle and test (more…)

Choosing the correct dog bowl for your pet

by Vivien Richardson on January 24, 2011

small-dog-feederThere are many different breeds of dogs to choose from, in many different sizes, and accordingly pet accessories should be purchased to suit your dog’s size and eating and drinking requirements.

Plastic bowls are a great asset for a new born puppy, however as a puppy grows bigger it may be necessary to think about changing the dog bowl for a larger and more substantial one.

A dog bowl that is made from plastic is inexpensive but there can be health and safety issues with (more…)

Ve Haf Vays of Making You Walk!

by Mark James on January 23, 2011

Mitzi, a German Shepherd, has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with cutting edge prosthetic foot and ankle.

Paralympians sporting fantastic-looking prosthetic limbs are a common sight nowadays. The pioneering design and space age materials they employ are a far cry from the wires-and-springs ‘can opener’ used by Tee Hee to menace James Bond in ‘Live and Let Die’, but as the technology is now within reasonable reach of anyone who needs it, it was inevitable that it would (more…)

Martha Stewart brained by bulldog head-butt

by Mark James on January 22, 2011

martha_stewart_russell_croweUS media personality, business magnate and one-time jailbird Martha Stewart has been hospitalised after being head-butted by her dog.

Stewart, 69, needed nearly ten stitches to her top lip after her pet French bulldog, Francesca, administered a textbook smack in the mouth.

The TV presenter said that she leant over to her dog to “whisper goodbye” to it while it was (more…)

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