How to put your mind at ease when combining air travel and dogs

by Vivien Richardson on March 31, 2011

dog on a planeWhen there is an occasion for dog owner to travel overseas and the journey involves taking a pet dog, owners want answers to certain questions such as:

When a dog has to stay confined on a long layover, would the owner be able to time out to visit?

If your dog is kept in a cargo hold which has been specially adapted to keep it comfortable, are the airline staff fully trained Cargo Agents?

The question about cargo agents is a sensible one, as they should be trained to look after animals and are fully conversant in animal health care.

Trained staff will prepare dog food, make sure that your dog is drinking enough fresh (more…)

New survey shows how dogs put the dampers on Brits’ love lives

by Mark James on March 30, 2011

A new survey has revealed how having a pet dog is wreaking havoc with the love lives of Brits.

A recent study, which was commissioned to coincide with the release of movie Marmaduke on DVD, asked 3,000 pet owners how having a pet impacted on their relationships.

Amazingly, nearly one in five said that they would prefer to have a pet dog than a relationship. In fact, dog owners proved to be particularly picky about how a pooch factored into their love-lives; 81 per cent of them declared that (more…)

Top docs clock ticks on dogs

by Mark James on March 29, 2011

A strain of tick which is native to Europe has gained a foothold in the United Kingdom.

Scientists discovered five of the blood sucking beasties in Wales and the south-east of England as part of a search for the pests.

More than 3,500 dogs were checked out in 173 veterinary practices, and any ticks found were shipped off to the lab for analysis.

This particular species of meadow tick is known to carry several types of infection that have, up to now, failed to spread to the UK.

Faith Smith, who led the study on behalf of (more…)

Top tips on how to massage your dog

by Vivien Richardson on March 28, 2011

massage a dogHumans love being massaged; the feeling of relaxation when a massage is carried out is hard to describe but the benefits are enormous.

A dog can receive similar benefits from a massage within the home, when given to him by his owner on a regular basis.

A home massage will see the same benefits in keeping him healthy as would a human being: an increase in blood circulation, reduction in the onset of pain for a senior dog and help to reduce any levels of stress.

Relax and enjoy your time with your dog; it should not be a chore, and a massage can be (more…)

Pregnancy and your pet dog

by Vivien Richardson on March 27, 2011

pregnant dogA huge grey area exists for many would-be dog breeders when it comes to mating your dog in the hope of breeding a litter of puppies.

Age is everything; a dog that becomes pregnant too soon can be susceptible to lots of medical problems. Breeding too soon is risky for the female, and different breeds of dogs are ready to mate at different stages in their lives. I can depend on the maturity of the breed of dog; most breeds have a more enjoyable pregnancy if they are mated at the age of 18 to 24 months.

A young dog that is not fully mature may have a problem breastfeeding her litter, as she can almost be considered (more…)

How to spot the onset of cherry eye in a dog

by Vivien Richardson on March 26, 2011

cherry eye in dogsCherry eye‘ is the term used by vets when your dog’s third eyelid becomes prolapsed, giving the eyeball the appearance that it has sunk.
The collapse of the third eyelid exposes the delicate tear gland, which can cause a degree of dryness but more pressingly exposes the tissue to dirt and unwanted bacteria.

The result is the blood around the skin tissue is not allowed to flow properly, which is an essential function of a dog’s eye.

Unfortunately, when one eye becomes infected there is every (more…)

How to easily remove clots of matted dog fur

by Vivien Richardson on March 25, 2011

There are many breeds of dog with both long and short fur that can suffer from dirt attaching itself to the coat, with removal can be painful for a pet.

matted-fur-dogIf you are an owner of a dog that has a coat of long hair it can be frustrating; after taking him or her out for a daily walk you come home to discover clumps of matted hair caused by mud or dirt.

Taking your pet to a professional dog groomer can be expensive, although it can be sometimes necessary if the matted fur is too near a dog’s skin tissue. However, the problem can be made easier by following a few rules:

Brush the dog gently; always try to work with a dog brush as it helps to prevent further (more…)

Eating Poo: The habit that dare not speak its name…

by Mark James on March 24, 2011

As much as we love our pet dogs, they have a great capacity to gross us out. Whether it’s sniffing each other’s bums, eating stuff that would barely pass for roadkill or licking their own wedding vegetables (admittedly, men everywhere are jealous of their ability to do that), there is one habit which we at Dream Dogs, with our cast-iron stomachs and an unflinching willingness to discuss anal glands, blanch at: coprophagia.

cute dogIn plain English, coprophagia is when your dog will eat its own stools. There’s no doubt that it’s a pretty disgusting habit, so why does your pooch do it? Surprisingly, there are a couple of good reasons for this behaviour.

The first one lies with an ancient survival instinct. A wild adult dog would ingest a puppy’s poop in the (more…)

Armed cops have a real-life Dog Day Afternoon

by Mark James on March 23, 2011

If you saw 30 riot police, armed officers, a veterinarian specialising in lions and the RSPCA rushing to an incident, you would be forgiven for thinking that it was all going down at a circus, possibly involving Eastern European terrorists and Bruce Willis in a blood-stained vest.

However, this massive police operation was to tackle two dogs that had bitten a teenager.

The two mastiffs had turned on 19-year-old Daniel Boardman and were in the act of biting him on the arms, legs and posterior when the police arrived.

They battered down the door of the house in Rishton, Blackburn, and tasered each of the dogs before pulling the (more…)

How to choose the correct dog for your lifestyle

by Vivien Richardson on March 22, 2011

busy man with dogThere are so many different breeds of dog, and all of them could make a welcome addition to the home.

Each breed has a wide range of characteristics and temperament; as such, some breeds require more attention from owners than others.

First, examine your lifestyle; think about the time you have free to spend with them, and if you have other family members, would they be old enough to take over some of the daily schedule?

A dog requires immediate attention, especially if you purchase a new puppy. He or she will require grooming, feeding and taking for a daily walk, and in some cases the larger breed of dog will want more than one walk a day.

The initial outlay of dog collar, dog lead and dog bowl with the correct size of dog (more…)

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