Sound advice all dog owners need to hear

by Leanne Thompson on June 30, 2011

Many dogs deal with sound sensitivity in different ways. Reactions can range from a dog becoming startled or a dog becoming completely paralysed with fright. With the approach of summer, thunderstorms are more likely and there are certain steps you can take to help calm your dog down when he or she hears loud noises.

FireworksUnfortunately, these occasions with thunder and fireworks usually happen a couple of times a year. This means that it is likely that both you and your pet will be caught off guard. If this happens it is important that you remain calm. Dogs will pick up a rise in stress or anxiety levels and this may make them feel more stressed and anxious too.

Providing background noise by turning on a television or a CD player can be a good way to (more…)

Arthritis in dogs

by Leanne Thompson on June 29, 2011

Arthritis is a common problem and is one of the oldest diseases around. It is known that dinosaurs were not free from arthritis and early humans also could not escape. Therefore it is not surprising that it is common in both humans and dogs.

It is thought that arthritis affects thousands of dogs in just the UK alone and is one of the most common sources of chronic pain that vets treat.

Arthritis in dogsThere are a few changes that your dog can make in his behaviour that may alert you to the fact that they may have arthritis. Even subtle changes in your dog’s behaviour should be looked at closely.

If the dog has trouble sitting or standing and is tending to favour one limb over the other may (more…)

Keeping calm is crucial to sooth hyper hounds

by Mark James on June 28, 2011

Everyone knows a hyper dog. A dog that is constantly jumping and running around trying to take in as much as possible, bounding away in the dog park chasing after every other dog despite their owners plea to come back. However it’s clear that with hyper dogs obedience is often ignored.

Dog trainer Cheryl Wittevrongel trained hundreds of dogs and has over 7 years experience of teaching dogs the right way to behave. She has realised over the years that these dogs need special requirements in order for them to settle in the right way. With this in mind she created the ‘Settle Down Spot’ plan in which she believes that calm people will have calm dogs.

The programme that is 6 weeks in length dogs will teach and reinforce to dogs the (more…)

Dogs do their bit for the environment as sales of green dog toys increases

by Leanne Thompson on June 27, 2011

Dogs do their bit for the environment as sales of green dog toys increases

A popular internet site that specialises in selling dog toys has claimed that there is a significant increase in the amount of eco-friendly toys that are flying off their virtual shelves. The green dog toys are becoming easier to sell as dog owners become more aware of dangers to the environment caused by chemicals and production.

In just this year alone, the website Dog Geekz has recorded that 85% of the stock (more…)

Chattering teeth could be a seizure

by Mark James on June 26, 2011

Your dog’s teeth can chatter for a number of reasons. While this may look funny and amusing it may be wise that you check your dog is not suffering from more serious health problems.

Certain breeds of dog are more likely to suffer from chattering teeth due to a Multisystem neuronal degeneration. Breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Maltese and Bichon Frise are all much more likely to suffer from this disorder. This will not only cause the dog’s teeth to chatter but will also result in shaking all over the body. If your dog is displaying these signs then treatment at the vets (more…)

Can you give your dog a vegetarian dog diet?

by Mark James on June 25, 2011

Some people who adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle may choose to reflect their diet onto their dogs. Yet is a dog that doesn’t eat meat going to have a healthy quality of life compared to a meat-eating canine?

Dogs in reality are almost omnivorous and like to consume both plant based foods and meat. However a dog is mainly a carnivore and deal better with meat based foods. Their guts, although designed to consume a wide variety (more…)

Service animals no longer just for blind

by Leanne Thompson on June 24, 2011

Service animals, like blind dogs, are of vital importance to the people that they care and provide a service for. However there are many more dogs that are being used to help try and detect illnesses such as cancer, comfort patients in hospital and aid people that have difficulties with their mobility. There has been a huge rise in demand for dogs who can provide these services.

guide dogs not just for the blindHospitals have seen advances in technology with biopsies and CAT scans that confirm cancer and people getting blood tests done that will confirm diabetes. However there is a new tool that can be used too help detect these (more…)

Apprenticeship jobs with dogs

by Darren Jamieson on June 23, 2011

With the economy the way that it is right now, and the job sector here in the UK at one of the lowest points that it has been for many years, you could be forgiven for thinking that young people were on a hiding to nothing when they leave school. They could go to university (if they can afford the tuition fees or want to get into debt) or they can sign on and hope for the best.

However, another option with regards to finding employment is through an apprenticeship course, and for animal lovers (especially dog lovers) there are plenty of options to be found.

Dog GroomingDog grooming, for example, is an industry where people can learn a specialist skill that is always (more…)

Noise Action Week shushed barking dogs

by Leanne Thompson on June 22, 2011

A dog that barks is usually trying to get some sort of communication out to its master, usually letting them know if they are bored or stressed or maybe that have been unwittingly trained to bark by their owners. However, if a dog’s barking becomes excessive it can lead to strains in relations to neighbours and can even put them at a health risk.

As part of Noise Action Week that ran earlier this month, the East Riding of Yorkshire council (more…)

Fighting dogs increasing problem

by Mark James on June 21, 2011

Battersea Dogs Home has said there is a worrying rise in the number of dogs that are being abandoned and have shown signs they have been used for fighting.

The institution based in South London has had had two cases of dogs being abandoned with injuries believed to be from dog fighting is as many weeks. Both dogs had similar injuries that included infected wounds round their heads and scarring around the muzzle. A common sign that the dog has been used for fighting.

battersea-dogs-cats-homeHalf of the dogs out of the 6,000+ admitted to the home were bull breeds, Staffordshire bull terriers or a banned breed of pit bull.

One year old Rosie was abandoned at the charity gates in the middle of the night. She had (more…)

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