Canine cancer tips written in new book

by Leanne Thompson on June 20, 2011

42Rules_FightDogCancer-bigDog cancer is a subject that is not usually talked about very often, but dog cancer, much like human cancer is caused by damaged DNA that can cause an uncontrolled increase in cells. An exposure to carcinogens such as smoke, pesticides, additives and preservatives all impose a risk to a dog over time.

Sometimes a dog may have inherited damaged DNA which may result in an inherited cancer but this is not too common. There is a correlation between the dog’s age and the chances of the dog contracting cancer. Worryingly cancer is now the (more…)

Evil Bob going for free in online ad

by Mark James on June 19, 2011

Tem Sosa, a pig farmer, tried to get rid of her border collie when she recently posted an ad online. While she has no qualms about giving the dog away for free she frankly writes about his bed behaviour, wonky teeth and smelly breath.

In the advert that she posted onto the secondhand sales site Preloved she said:

‘Evil Bob would love to find the perfect home as I have put up with him for nearly ten years and can’t take much more.

‘He is probably the worst dog you will ever meet. He started life as a failed (more…)

Free Micro-chipping scheme to be launched

by Leanne Thompson on June 18, 2011

A free micro chipping scheme is to be launched by a council service.

Micro chipping allows easy identification of dogs that have run away, even if the dog has managed to lose both collar and ID tag. The dog gets a unique number and that is registered on a nationwide database that along with the owner’s details will lead it to a safe return.

Redbridge council is offering a free service throughout June that will (more…)

Eating strange substance could have caused dog’s death

by Darren Jamieson on June 17, 2011

A Labrador that ate green slime while on a walk on a beach in the Wirral sadly died only hours after.

The dog ate the strange substance and within hours was suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting and was rushed to the vets. Unfortunately he died shortly afterwards from acute shock. Mr McNulty, who tried to treat the dog at Hoylake Vets, was quoted in the Wirral Globe just after the incident:

“The owner had taken his two dogs for a walk and both were seen sniffing around this green slime. He saw one of the dogs eat something and was later plagued with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Unfortunately the Labrador (more…)

Blind man told to leave cafe because of dog

by Mark James on June 16, 2011

Andrew Lee, of Princess Court in Trumpington of Cambridge, entered the Tudor Rose cafe last May with a friend and Vinnie, his guide dog, to get a cooked breakfast but when they walked in a waitress immediately asked them to leave.

Mr Lee stated:

“I went into the café in Mill Road with a friend last Wednesday. The waitress came up and said you can’t have any dogs in here.”

He tried to talk to the cafe manager but they still maintained that he must leave.

To avoid confrontation, the three left (more…)

How much is the doggy in the window??

by Leanne Thompson on June 15, 2011

A multi-millionaire, Kenny Lai, has invested in a number of Tibetan mastiffs which are the most expensive dog breed in the world. He bought a £3.2 million collection of dogs three years ago and has now bred his collection so it is now worth around £8 million.

He is breeding the dogs after their numbers dwindled after the Yushu earthquake last year, which is believed to have wiped almost 90% of the breed. Following this event, Lai wanted to make sure that (more…)

Dog sensation to release book

by Leanne Thompson on June 14, 2011

One of the world’s most popular dogs is to get a book deal documenting life as he knows it, or as his owners know it, presumably.

Boo, the Pomeranian, is well known amongst friends and followers on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. The loveable Pomeranian has over 1.1 million followers on its Facebook Page and some of the YouTube videos have racked up almost 800,000 views each. The dog has become so popular that T-shirts and many more items of merchandise are widely available on the internet promoting his accomplishments.

However, the dog’s mission for international stardom is not stopping there. Now an (more…)

Pets more like humans according to survey

by Mark James on June 13, 2011

An online dog related survey carried out by online shopping comparison website, Kelkoo, has resulted in some surprising statistics.

It shows that pampered pets are being elevated more frequently to human status with as many as 28% of pet owners allowing their dogs to share their bed. The same amount of people spoils their pets with presents at Christmas and birthdays and 6% of people allow their pets to eat food from their plates.

The UK is home to over 40 million pets and the research, which asked 1,121 pet owners in the UK, revealed the growing special bond that people share with their pets which does not seem to know any bounds. 18% of owners asked said that they treat their pet like a child. 9% of dog owners said they prefer to spend time with their pets than another family member. Pets are also giving a (more…)

How to treat Demodectic Mange

by Vivien Richardson on June 12, 2011

Demodectic Mange is a skin disease that is found in either young dogs or older dogs. It is caused by the mite known as Demodex canis, or Demodex inj. It is not, as some people think, the cause of a poorly kept or dirty kennel. In a young dog it happens because they have a poorly developed immune system and can’t fight off the disease. In older dogs it is caused by a suppressed immune system. The mites can spend their entire life on a single dog, and their life cycle can take 20-35 days.

Transmission of the mites from one dog to another is by direct contact only. This means that the bedding areas that your dog sleeps on will not be contaminated as the mites only live on the dogs themselves. Virtually every mother will pass on the mites to their puppies, but most of the new puppies will be immune to the effects. The dogs that aren’t immune to this develop more serious cases of mange.

Demodectic MangeThe common sign for Demodectic mange in dogs usually include hair loss, crusty red skin and, in some cases, there may be a grease or moisture that will appear where the dog is losing its hair. Hair loss will usually begin around the muzzle, eyes and the general area around the head of the dog.

If the dog has generalised mange then the symptoms will not just be evident on (more…)

Camping holidays with dogs

by Mark James on June 11, 2011

Going camping is a popular summer tradition for a lot of British families, even though we don’t really have the weather for it. Being surrounded by the great outdoors can also make it a perfect place for dogs too.

Before going on holiday, it is recommended that you make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date so a trip to the vets would be advised. Keep a record of the certificates in case of an emergency.

Woodlands can be covered with fleas and ticks, meaning that your (more…)

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