Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take home new dog

by Leanne Thompson on October 31, 2011

Things must be getting serious between teen icons Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as they’ve adopted their first dog as a couple.

Gomez is no stranger when it comes to adopting rescue dogs however, as she’s cared for five homeless dogs over the past few years.

This new dog was adopted by the pair from D’Arcy Animal Rescue Centre in Winnipeg. The couple were said to have (more…)

Is it ok to leave a puppy at home alone?

by Vivien Richardson on October 30, 2011

Many working single people think about buying a puppy for company and many busy households with full time jobs also look to a pet dog to complete their family. However, before you buy a dog, you may wonder if it is ok to leave a puppy home alone for many reasons. Will your puppy bark incessantly and annoy the neighbours? Will your puppy be destructive, chewing your furniture or (more…)

Can puppies and older dogs live together?

by Vivien Richardson on October 29, 2011

Just as young children can be endlessly boisterous and tiring to entertain for the older generation who occasionally like to relax and unwind, a puppy and an adult dog can have different approaches to life. It can be difficult to introduce a puppy into the home when there is already an older dog but as dogs in general tend to be very loving and good natured animals, it is not impossible for them to both live happily in your home.

Initially, your older dog is probably not going to enjoy the attentions of a puppy. Puppies can enjoy a bit (more…)

Puppy stages of development upto seven weeks

by Leanne Thompson on October 28, 2011

When you bring your new puppy home, they learn so much and what they learn will have a long lasting impact. When a puppy starts to mature, even their sexual patterns will be affected by what they have been taught and what they learn, even from an early age.

All breeds of dogs go through many different various stages as they get older and grow up, which can be psychological, mental and physical behaviours.

If you learn to understand the different stages in your puppies development, then it will certainly (more…)

Should you get another dog after your dog has died?

by Vivien Richardson on October 27, 2011

It is very sad when a pet dies and dogs can feel so part of the family that it really is like losing a member of your family when a dog dies. The emptiness in your home may be very apparent which is why many consider buying another dog when their pet has died.

Getting another puppy after a beloved dog has died is a very personal decision and there are no rules on whether this is the (more…)

Greek Protesters Attack Police With Sausage

by Mark James on October 26, 2011

Greek protesters, turning out daily in Athens to throw bricks at riot police against the backdrop of the country’s financial problems, have unveiled their secret weapon – Sausage, a good natured stray.

The ginger mongrel lives in Syntagma Square at the heart of the city, and has captivated the country by providing some comic relief as a contrast to the on-going violence and brutality. Siding with the indignant mob, he can be seen at the front line stirring up trouble by barking at the police and occasionally tripping officers up as they charge the crowd.

Sausage actually goes by several different monikers. To some, he is known (more…)

Should you buy another dog?

by Vivien Richardson on October 25, 2011

Many people, especially those working full time, may feel like getting another dog to give their existing dog or puppy some companionship. You may feel guilty if you leave the home for long periods of time during the day. It may seem like an ideal solution however, in the ensuing weeks after bringing your new dog home, you may begin to wonder what (more…)

Guide dog savaged in Bull Terrier attack

by Mark James on October 24, 2011

A seeing eye dog was left covered in blood after it was attacked by another dog in a supermarket in Leith.

The savage incident lasted more than five minutes, as staff leaped to the defence of two-year-old Una and tried repeatedly to free her from the jaws of a bull terrier in the Duke Street outlet of Tesco.

Elaine MacKenzie, who owns Una, recounted the terrifying incident to The Scotsman:

“I popped in to do a bit of shopping and as I walked towards the exit I stopped to make sure I’d put everything in my bag and all of a sudden this dog, that was tied to the shopping baskets holder, just flew at us.

“Una made a noise that can only be described as a scream as this dog got hold (more…)

Training a naughty puppy

by Leanne Thompson on October 23, 2011

Many people envisage that owning a puppy is going to be bundles of fun for the children, a little ball of cuteness for the whole family to love and, as your puppy grows into a dog, a loyal companion and member of the family.

What you might not expect from a puppy is biting, the destruction of your furniture or any shoes left lying around, the barking or an aggressive personality. A naughty puppy might not be what you signed up for (more…)

How to clip your dog’s nails

by Vivien Richardson on October 22, 2011

Part of your dog’s regular grooming should involve trimming and clipping their nails, this should be done routinely, as long nails in your dog or puppy can cause further problems in the future.

Dog’s nails can grow continuously if they are not trimmed and this should be done every few weeks to maintain them.

Not only can a dog scratch you with their long nails, but they can also get them stuck (more…)

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