Dog salon opened in Gloucestershire

by Leanne Thompson on November 30, 2011

Debbie Caswell, a former Gloucestershire Constabulary police worker has decided, after 18 years, to swap helping take criminals out for drying dogs instead, since starting up a salon for dog grooming.

Debbie decided to open up her dog grooming business after accepting voluntary redundancy early this year.

The redundancy money came in handy when starting the business adventure and Debbie now grooms (more…)

YouTube canine sensation is called Fenton not Benton

by Mark James on November 29, 2011

A short YouTube video has now been viewed more than 700,000 times since being posted on the site last week.

Ali Goodyear, 37-years-old, had taken his animal loving 13-year old son to Richmond Park in London for a day out. They set about filming some deer in the park and ended up getting some fantastic footage of a different kind.

Their video pictures a man running after his dog, Fenton, who has managed to get away from his owner and is seen chasing a huge group of deer.

The owner is heard in the video screaming for his dog and trying to catch up with him after he makes a dash for (more…)

Dog reunited with British family

by Darren Jamieson on November 28, 2011

A Hampshire family has paid out £1,300 so they can be reunited again with their dog after the heart-wrenching situation of leaving their pet in Dubai.

Their family dog, Holly, was brought home by Dad, Darren Smith, for his family when they were out in Dubai. Darren had found Holly when she was living as a street dog; they saved her and brought her into a loving environment.

Sadly, they couldn’t take their pet with them when Darren found (more…)

How to stop your puppy jumping up

by Vivien Richardson on November 27, 2011

Puppies are excitable and amongst their other ‘endearing’ puppy qualities, like to jump up. With muddy paws dirtying clothes or sharp nails snagging fabric, some visitors may find your boisterous puppy jumping up rather annoying. It is not the puppy’s fault and is just a natural instinct for a puppy in their attempts to communicate, get attention or show that they are pleased to see you!

However, whilst a puppy jumping up may be annoying but tolerable, as your dog grows, it can be dangerous especially when around children or people who are unsteady (more…)

First time dog owners must carefully consider the breed

by Leanne Thompson on November 26, 2011

Buying a puppy for the first time is certainly exciting. If you have never owned a dog before, it is very easy to have your head turned by the cute little balls of fur that you encounter whatever breed they might be and you may become overwhelmed and make very emotional decisions.

Impulse purchases when it comes to buying a puppy are never a good idea though. Before you buy a dog, you must have thought long and hard about whether or not you are ready to look after a puppy. It is not fair to you, your family and (more…)

Pudding’s not just for Christmas

by Mark James on November 25, 2011

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is being cared for by Dogs Trust Evesham after being attached to a park bench and abandoned overnight.

Administration manager Nick McCoy found the female bull terrier on the morning of Saturday November 19th. The Staff at Wickhamford re-homing centre have named the female bull terrier Pudding and hope to have her re-homed before Christmas.

Pudding is the latest of an increasing number of bull breed dogs that have been handed over to the centre during this year. This is due to many people opting for status dogs before realising they are not able to take care of them properly.

Mr McCoy said:

“In the current climate we are seeing more and more people handing over (more…)

Quick ways to toilet train a puppy

by Vivien Richardson on November 24, 2011

When you bring home an adorable little puppy, your family will be looking forward to lots of cuddles and fun with your new addition to the home. However, the reality can be somewhat different. Whilst your new puppy will be undoubtedly cute and have some very endearing traits, when the puppy decides to use your dining room carpet as a toilet, you will realise that owning and training a puppy is a huge responsibility and that (more…)

Does your dog need a dog bed?

by Vivien Richardson on November 23, 2011

When you buy a dog, you will find that there are a lot of accessories on the market that appeal to the dog owner. Of course, dogs are not cheap pets to keep and this is important to bear in mind when you are considering buying a dog but how essential are all the dog products that appeal to the pet lover on the market? For example, does your dog really need a dog bed?

Your dog should get used to sleeping in one spot as this may make for an easier family life. Fighting your dog off (more…)

Dog Driving Down Under

by Darren Jamieson on November 22, 2011

An especially talented canine has been spotted driving a large mobile home after observing his owner and learning to drive the bus.

A German Koolie, just two-years-old, named Woodley, was caught in control of the mobile home’s wheel as it raced down the road.

The owner of the bus, a Mr Richard McCormack, spoke of the intelligent canine and how he had learned how to drive the vehicle after watching him over time and had mastered the controls himself. McCormack was also keen to point out that it wasn’t the first or (more…)

Playtime in Easley, America, for despairing dogs

by Leanne Thompson on November 21, 2011

Work has finally started at Hagood Park on Easley’s long awaited dog park, according to the City Administrator, Fox Simons.

Simons has said that he hopes the dog park will be ready to open before the festivities of Thanksgiving this year.

The dog park is said to be around an acre and will accommodate both small and larger dogs. There will also be benches, a water fountain, a transition space and even some play structures for the dogs to keep entertained.

As well as the planned new dog park, Simons is also planning to have at least (more…)

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