Dogs that chew: what to do

by Vivien Richardson on November 20, 2011

Dogs that chew everything within reach can be a problem. There are several reasons for this type of behaviour, here a few:

When he or she is left alone, they get bored just like children. So having a good chew at something is one way of passing the time, dogs don’t really care if they are chewing your new shoes or the toy you have just bought for them, as far as he or she is concerned, it is just something nice to chew.

Lack of exercise
Certain dogs will need more exercise than others, this depends on the breed, age and energy levels of your dog. Exercise (more…)

You have the new puppy, what else do you need?

by Vivien Richardson on November 19, 2011

Bedding: Your puppy needs his own space. There are many different baskets on the market, just make sure that you get one that will take into account the final size of your puppy. Some people advocate crates rather than baskets; your breeder will be able to tell you what your puppy is used to and where he will be comfortable.

Feeding: Bowls and feeders in sufficient numbers so that there is always a clean one to hand. Wash them separately. Check with your breeder or (more…)

Area restrictions for dogs in Warwick District

by Mark James on November 18, 2011

Warwick District councillors are set to roll out restrictions as to where dog owners can take their dogs for a walk in the area.

This has been on the council’s agenda for a while now and areas where dogs are not allowed, in and around Leamington, are set to be increased if officials’ recommendations are agreed to.

In September, councillors for the Warwick District voted for the measures to stop dog (more…)

Is it possible for dogs and cats to live together?

by Leanne Thompson on November 17, 2011

Why they are so different?
The dog is naturally a pack animal; even domestic dogs still have that need for company which is reflected in his attachment to his owner. Cats are very independent and don’t always appreciate fuss and attention.

The introduction
This is best done when they are young but the principle is the same whatever the age. Don’t hold back either the dog or the cat and let them get to know (more…)

Children and dogs, a happy mix?

by Darren Jamieson on November 16, 2011

Children love to play with puppies or dogs. Certain dogs love the noise and the games associated with children, others will actively avoid contact with little ones. Therefore, is it a good idea to introduce a puppy or a dog to a young child?

Getting it right at the beginning
Before you take your new pet home, take your child to meet him or her. The dog must be happy around children, it is a good idea to ask the breeder or rescue centre for their feedback on how the dog reacts with children.

Basic safety rules
Good hygiene and common sense make the relationship a happy one. Teaching a child not to push his or her face too (more…)

Schmeichel bow wows out of Corrie

by Mark James on November 15, 2011

Coronation Street’s had its fair share of disasters recently, first we had John Stape making the full transition to serial killer and hiding his victims under the factory floor, then came the tragic tram crash which took the lives of a few of the locals; but little did the Street know that the worst was yet to come.

Monday night’s episodes of the soap saw Chesney make the agonising decision to have his beloved Great Dane put down, something that is sure to hit the spot with the British dog loving public.
Chesney’s tough decision came after realising he didn’t have enough money to pay for Schmeichel’s life-saving operation (more…)

New York Dog breeder will not face charges

by Leanne Thompson on November 14, 2011

New York officials have said that a US man, who bred his dogs on his own premises, will not face cruelty charges after losing around 20 Italian Mastiffs in a fire in his 20-by-20-foot shed in his backyard.

The director of Westchester County’s SPCA, Ernest Lungaro, has stated that, from the evidence collected and from how things appeared at the shed, he believed the owner had not intentionally caused harm to the animals.

The director has now come out and said that he confirms the dogs had died from an (more…)

Birmingham Alabama helps train up leader dogs

by Darren Jamieson on November 13, 2011

Leader Dogs being trained are often seen in Birmingham and, on an average day, a few of the dogs can be seen walking around the town, restaurants or shops.

Founded by three Detroit area Lions Club members in 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester is there to provide the blind with a trained guide dog. This scheme was so successful that around 270 people every year are placed with a completely trained up dog as their guide, and this is a free of charge service for them.

There are about one in three of the puppies that make it through the training regime and then become (more…)

Detection dog at US high school

by Leanne Thompson on November 12, 2011

The board members at Minooka high school, in the USA, were introduced to a detection dog, just 3-years-old, called Goldie, who will soon be a permanent presence at MCHS in spring.

Goldie came along with Glenn VadeBonCouer, her handler, and both are employees from Interquest Detection Canines, a company which provides local school districts with illegal substance-sniffing dogs. Interquest’s dogs can find illegal drugs, gunpowder, alcohol, prescription pills and fireworks in the schools by (more…)

Military dogs to be honoured on Veterans’ day for help on September 11th

by Mark James on November 11, 2011

There will be some canine heroes honoured this Veterans’ Day in Washington for their help, both in America and overseas, during September 11th.

Dogs will be visiting the House Veterans Affairs Committee for their help with September 11th and will be receiving the first-ever American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards for their help and bravery in the Pentagon, Iraq and also at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. The awards will be televised and wil (more…)

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