Dogs Trust helps set green standards

by Mark James on December 21, 2011

Many dog owners are understandably concerned about the various threats to the planet. Perhaps because we dog owners spend so much time outside with our best pals, many of us really appreciate the wonders of nature. It is only a short step from admiring the beauty of the world to wanting to intervene to stop it from being damaged irreparably. The pro-conservation mindset of many dog owners is being reflected by the behaviour of progressive dog charity, the Dogs Trust.

The charity has constructed a wonderful carbon neutral complex at Shrewsbury. The building has been designed with great care and is now being used as an example to influence architects. The building is thus more than a remarkable sanctuary for its (more…)

Make sure your new puppy gets some space

by Vivien Richardson on December 20, 2011

When you first bring your new puppy home, your family will probably be really excited and everyone will want to fuss the puppy, hold him or teach him new tricks. However, you must try not to put too many demands on a little puppy when they first arrive in their new surroundings – even all the cuddles and attention can be too much for such a small animal. Whilst an enthusiastic hug might be genuine affection for your new pet, your puppy may not be accustomed to this and may feel a bit threatened.

Make sure there is a quiet space for your puppy to retreat to when they want to be quiet, whether it’s a basket or a dog cage. When they are in this space, ensure the whole family understands not to disturb the puppy. Some people use a (more…)

A beginner’s guide to dog shows

by Leanne Thompson on December 19, 2011

Is your dog suitable to enter a dog show? There is only one way to find out, have a go! Here are a few tips to get you started:

The best way to begin is at the local shows, which are usually just a bit of fun where you can just show up on the day, then there are open shows where pre-registration is required and there will be different classes. The championship shows are for real enthusiasts; in most cases winners will be given Challenge Certificates, which can eventually lead to the likes of Crufts.

The local shows offer good opportunities for practice and for getting to know how your dog is likely to react to being in a show situation. Not every dog has the right temperament for showing. Judges may want to handle (more…)

How can you tell if your dog is ill?

by Vivien Richardson on December 18, 2011

Certain signs should not be ignored and could mean that your dog needs to go to your vet without delay. Symptoms to watch out for can include:

  • Visible wounds that won’t stop bleeding
  • Fitting or loss of consciousness
  • Unable to move
  • Trouble standing or getting up
  • Rise or drop in body temperature

Short term lack of interest in food could just be a tummy upset, has the dog eaten anything suspicious lately? A change of routine can causes stress in some dogs or puppies resulting in temporary loss of appetite. Dogs, just like humans, can go some time without food but not without water, if they are not drinking than he or she should be (more…)

First steps of puppy training

by Vivien Richardson on December 17, 2011

The ideal starting point for training a new puppy when you bring him home is to practice getting your puppy’s attention. Your puppy may respond to you when you speak in a kind tone to him, but to really enhance future training you need to command a puppy’s attention and get the pup to understand when his name he is called; this way you’ll gain the ability to control his behaviour.

Teaching your puppy his name and therefore practicing how you grab his attention can take some time, so you will need to persevere. When you bring your puppy home, several times a day you need to take a few (more…)

New dog ownership bill called for by groups

by Leanne Thompson on December 16, 2011

Campaigners for Animal welfare are set to join MPs, trade unionists and vets to try to encourage the Government to continue with the planned reform of the dog ownership law that is considered “irresponsible“.

Organisations which include, the Police Federation, the Communication Workers Union, the Kennel Club, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Royal Mail are all showing their support for a petition that is trying to bring in a new Bill that will help bring dog control legislation up to date. They are hoping that this will be incorporated in the Queen’s (more…)

Fenton to release single for Christmas

by Darren Jamieson on December 15, 2011

Little Mix may be the hot favourites but the race for Christmas number one may not be over yet with a popular YouTube video being turned into a remix hit.

The YouTube clip of a dog owner frantically chasing after his dog Fenton across Richmond Park has been remixed by The Hoxtons, a progressive house duo, and may be heading to the much-desired number one spot this Christmas.

The single, “Benton! Jesus Christ!” which features Fenton Against (more…)

Dogs in cars – safety first

by Mark James on December 14, 2011

Dogs do need to travel by car these days, to go to the vet or to reach a favourite walk, some go to work with their owners. It’s important to make the journey safe and comfortable for both the dog and yourself.

Keep your dog secure

Dog guards exist for all cars and small vans, most are easy to fit and relatively low cost and will keep your dog safely in the rear of the vehicle.

If you prefer your dog to travel on the back seat there are specially designed (more…)

Christmas is for dogs, not just for humans

by Darren Jamieson on December 13, 2011

To make sure that your dog enjoys the festive period as much as you do here are a few tips, after all Christmas can be stressful enough without having a miserable dog to worry about.

Dogs and parties

Most dogs enjoy social gatherings and will not get stressed if noise levels are above average for a short while. If your home is going to be noisy for a long period, it is best to remove your dog from the immediate vicinity to an area where he can relax. Keep him or her provided (more…)

Dog delivery for your Christmas trees

by Darren Jamieson on December 12, 2011

If you’re looking for a way to inject some much needed festive spirit into your Christmas this year then look no further, how about having your Christmas tree delivered to you by a pack of huge, friendly dogs?

This is what people who purchase their Christmas trees from a visitor centre in North Yorkshire can expect when their tree is delivered to them.

The dogs are known as Newfoundland dogs and they can each weigh up to around 12 stone. The dogs have been hired by the Forestry Commission in Dalby Forest, near Pickering, in order to help customers who are struggling to transport (more…)

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