Your puppy’s first year

by Leanne Thompson on January 31, 2012

With all the excitement of bringing home a new puppy, you probably cannot think past the first fun filled few days as your puppy gets used to you and its new home. However, the first year of living with your puppy is important if you want to train your dog properly. Of course, most homes just want a fun loving loyal companion, but all dogs need to be taught a few commands in order to fit into family life and avoid chewing the furniture.

Teach your puppy that good behaviour is not always rewarded with a treat. Of course, it is nice to give your puppy (more…)

Open evening calls for dogs & owners

by Leanne Thompson on January 30, 2012

For many dog walkers, it’s important to have a large space to walk a pet companion. Dogs need plenty of fresh air and space as a way of escaping the indoors and keeping fit. The Parks Trust, based in Milton Keynes, recognise this and are planning an open evening for pets and owners to attend. The main purpose of this evening will be to discuss options for the dogs and all related details surrounding the park itself.

The opinions of many dog owners will help The Parks Trust expand their facilities (more…)

In praise of the good old fashioned mutt

by Vivien Richardson on January 29, 2012

In praise of the good old fashioned mutt.

Much has been made recently of various dog breeds, large, small and ridiculously tiny. There is also a growing interest in specific cross breeds such as the labradoodle. Has the poor mongrel been forgotten in all this made-to-measure designer dogdom?

There are many great looking pooches out there of mixed parentage and each one is going to be unique, some of the most engaging looking pups are the result of a chance meeting and rescue centres are overflowing with great dogs passed over in favour of the pure breed in the next cage.

Dogs that can trace their ancestry back are often related, some diseases and defects have become inherent to particular breeds, and mongrels often have a better resistance to doggy diseases.

Mongrel or not, the same principles apply when it comes to finding your ideal dog. See the parents (if known), or if you are going to re-home a rescue dog, talk to the staff at the centre. Be wary of small ads that are offering dogs “free to a good home”, make sure that the dog is not a problem animal that the present owners are trying to offload.

A word of caution if you are taking on a pup of unknown provenance, pups grow and there is no telling how big your new friend will be when fully grown, as you will have no point of reference. Beware of throwbacks, mongrel parents of small stature have been known to produce much larger offspring. If a large dog is going to be a problem play safe and get a pure or cross breed.

Intelligent Yorkshire Terrier alerts owner about house fire

by Darren Jamieson on January 28, 2012

Dogs have always been great, friendly companions, hence the Man’s Best Friend title, but nothing comes close to the valuable help provided by a Yorkshire Terrier named Maisie, who recently alerted an owner that his house was up in flames. The local canine managed to use initiative to run to the location of the owner and encourage him to come home and find help for the situation.

On Saturday 21st January 2012 at approximately 6pm, Maisie noticed (more…)

Piece of chicken saves trapped Jack Russell

by Darren Jamieson on January 27, 2012

On Saturday last weekend, Tig, a female Jack Russell, was faced with a terrible ordeal when she found herself stuck in an underground tunnel in the Dundee area. Thankfully, Tig has been returned to her owner after 26 gruelling hours alone, with the help of a dog rescue team in Macalpine Road – and a bit of chicken. This unexpected experience may have worried her owner and those trying to help her, but Tig remained unharmed and was eager to fill her belly when she was released from the tunnel.

The ordeal began when Tig was doing her regular habit of chasing rabbits in the (more…)

A bit about unusual dog breeds

by Darren Jamieson on January 26, 2012

Being creatures of habit, we humans tend to stick with what we know. Go to any park on a sunny day and will see Jack Russells, Labradors, Alsatians, Yorkshire Terriers and so on. These are all common breeds that have justifiably won a firm place in any dog lover’s heart.

Unfortunately some of the more unusual breeds seem almost forgotten. Hungarian Pulis, Briards, Wheaten Terriers, Teckels or even the Saluki and the original 1970’s hippy dog, the Afghan Hound; they are all charming breeds that are hardly seen any more.

If you are thinking about getting a new dog, why not do a bit of research and what is available. Most breeders (more…)

So it’s time for the vet

by Vivien Richardson on January 25, 2012

Most dogs are not great fans of going to the vet, in some cases it can be a real problem but that behaviour can be changed.

Make time for some fake trips to the vet. Drive some way towards the vets and park the car, get out and put the dog a lead. Now go for a walk rewarding your dog for good behaviour, do this several times.

After a few walks, extend the route so you go past the vet’s surgery, again rewarding (more…)

Dogs assist people with physical disabilities

by Mark James on January 24, 2012

For many people, living with a disability can prove to be a major burden, especially when it comes to performing everyday tasks. Despite the challenge that these individuals face on a daily basis, some very special dogs have come to assist with particular duties that can incredibly relieve the stresses for those with disabilities. A volunteer group based in Oxfordshire called ‘Dogs for the Disabled’ have managed to construct a team, without the help of any government funding.

‘Dogs for the Disabled’ managed to accumulate fundraising amounts of over £15,000 last year, as a way of employing the help (more…)

What to look for in a dog breeder

by Darren Jamieson on January 23, 2012

It is always important to choose a reputable dog breeder if you are going to buy a puppy. Supporting irresponsible dog breeding will only serve to perpetuate bad practices which can ultimately be harmful to the dogs.

Dogs used to breed too many litters, puppies that are taken from their mothers too early or dogs kept in terrible overcrowded conditions can be all too common if dog breeding is seen as purely a money making scheme and (more…)

Being a responsible dog owner

by Mark James on January 22, 2012

Before deciding to buy a dog, you should really think about what it means to be a responsible dog owner. Owning a dog is a big commitment and should be thought of as such – which means seeing past the cute face of a puppy and carefully considering what you are taking on when you buy a dog.

The average dog could live between ten and fifteen years, so this is a big commitment in terms of changing your life for the foreseeable future. Your dog will need your time and lots of your attention, so it could mean a real lifestyle (more…)

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