Stepping Out From the Cold: Medication for Pets with Arthritic Conditions

by Vivien Richardson on March 29, 2012

The long arm of winter is a cold and undiscriminating one. It cares little for age, size, environment, or physical condition, preferring to wrap us all in its icy claws and ask its questions later. It leaves us demotivated and tired, impacting on our mobility and our vigour, and it is for that reason that we welcome the warm rays of spring sunshine that ease our aching joints and lift our tired spirits.

The same is true of our beloved pets; winter takes a similar toll on them, and the cold can have a lasting impact on the mobility of our furry friends. For pets that suffer from arthritic conditions, winter is a particularly gruelling season, and even the warmth of the English springtime can offer little comfort. One of the most important ways that (more…)

The Scottish Prison Service are seeking out dog breeders

by Leanne Thompson on

An announcement has been made regarding the Scottish Prison Service’s decision to increase the number of sniffer dogs on their team. Breeders around the Scotland area are excited for this plan as all dog breeders are invited to apply their canines for the number of available positions. (more…)

Grandmother raises 250 puppies to aid the blind

by Mark James on March 27, 2012

Dogs have always been the perfect companion but Carol Evans, a grandmother from Stourbridge in the West Midlands, has noticed the potential that canines have for assisting people with blindness and partial sight. As if being a grandmother isn’t enough, Mrs Evans is also devoting her time to breeding puppies for the Guide Dogs charity. (more…)

Getting your first dog

by Vivien Richardson on March 25, 2012

For those who have never owned a dog, it can often be difficult to understand what all the fuss is about. Friends who are dog lovers may seem a bit crazy over their dog and it can be hard to understand the appeal. However, once you have owned a dog you will probably never want to be without one again. Owning a pet like a dog can bring so much to your life that it is no wonder people become very attached to their pets. (more…)

Invention of dog support harness will help canines overcome walking problems

by Darren Jamieson on March 23, 2012

Vikram Jashapara has made use of a past experience to deliver a new glimmer of hope for many dogs. The successful businessman from Hertfordshire has designed and developed a new pet product that is set to assist dogs of all shapes and sizes in walking correctly. This support harness can aid dogs who struggle with arthritis, old age or any complications that could affect movement. (more…)

Border Collie and owner scoop Crufts competition top prize

by Leanne Thompson on March 21, 2012

Natasha Wise, a 29-year-old dog trainer, has been rewarded for her efforts after a triumphant experience at the annual Crufts dog competition on March 11th 2012. Dizzy, her Border Collie pet dog, competed in the event for the Championship Agility Medium award, which has only been available at Crufts since 1978. Following months of training, the five-year-old dog and Natasha competed against four fellow pooches in a flawless routine. (more…)

The benefits of having a dog

by Mark James on March 19, 2012

People often turn to yoga and meditation when looking to reduce the stress of their life and these practices certainly have their benefits. However, buying a dog can also offer health benefits, as well as bring a new best friend into your life. (more…)

Bracco Italiano puppy survives 50ft drop

by Darren Jamieson on March 17, 2012

On Thursday 8th March 2012, members of the Coastguard team at South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade had their work cut out when a Bracco Italiano puppy fell a staggering 50ft from a cliff edge. The tragedy occurred when the seven-month-old bitch slipped and fell during a walk with her owner. Despite the steep drop, the puppy escaped with minor cuts after the rescue team retrieved her from the rocks and returned her to her owner.

The rescue operation lasted a gruelling 45 minutes, but the outcome was positive when the puppy was lifted up the cliff edge on a rope with no severe injuries. The startled, yet relieved owner of the dog did not want to be named, but he stated that he would be (more…)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier regains sight thanks to animal experts

by Mark James on March 15, 2012

Dodger, an 18-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has had his vision restored after a lifetime of suffering with blindness and deafness. The young dog was born with cataracts and minimal hearing, meaning that he found it difficult to see or hear anything. To make matters worse, Dodger’s previous owner beat him and was caught doing so in an online video. Following the video’s distribution, his owner was banned from owning any canine for 15 years and subjected to a prison sentence.

Although this story began in a rather unfortunate way, this Staffordshire Bull Terrier is now living a happy and hopeful life thanks to professionals working at the Animal Health Trust. Dodger was rescued after his owner was caught hitting him and brought to the RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre, based in Cambridgeshire. Deputy manager (more…)

Is a rescue dog right for me?

by Mark James on March 13, 2012

When thinking about getting a new dog, you might be considering a puppy from the local rescue centre instead of buying one. You might feel that this is the right thing to do since there are lots of abandoned and unwanted dogs around. If you are not particular about the breed of dog, then it is certainly a consideration.

However good your intentions are, it is important to consider how a rescue dog may differ from a dog that you might buy from a breeder. There are many ways that the dog may be different. Few rescue dogs will be puppies and so your new (more…)

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