Dogs Life WordPress Theme

by Mark James on April 30, 2012

Here at Dream Dogs we love dogs so much that we wanted to help other people set up their own doggie related websites. With this in mind we asked our talented designer to create a custom dog related WordPress Theme, which dog lovers can use on their own WordPress blogs to make their sites doggified (we’ve checked, and that is a word).

This WordPress Theme, named ‘Dogs Life’, is free to download and use on your WP websites, and even comes with some pretty cool features AND it works on the latest handheld devices, such as the iPhone and iPad using media selectors.

•    Simple and easy to extend
•    Responsive design
•    Basic column grid included
•    Animated back to top button
•    Custom comment template

Simply download the zip file here, extract the file and place it in your wp-themes folder in WordPress. You can then activate the theme and have your own dog-related website.

Dogs Life

If you use this theme, let us know in the comments below so we can have a look. Also let us know if you have any problems using the theme, or have any questions or ideas for improving it.

Nutritionist develops dog ice cream to be sold in stores

by Leanne Thompson on

Dogs are always curious about what their owners are eating whether it is a sandwich, chocolate or a biscuit, but thanks to the introduction of a new ice cream for dogs, canines can now indulge in their own sweet treat. Marie Sawle, a garage manager turned nutritionist, is the creator of Billy & Margot. The product is named after her dog Billy, who enjoyed venturing to the ice cream van near his home every time the high-pitched melody sounded. (more…)

Nominations underway to crown winners at the Dogs Trust Honours 2012 event

by Mark James on April 28, 2012

Members of the military stand on the front line and risk their lives every day, but recognition is now being awarded to the many dogs that use their courage to save lives too. The Dogs Trust Honours 2012 works to shed some light on the abundance of canines that selflessly combat violence, uncover bodies and salvage lives every single day. As the awards near their fifth year, a shortlist of candidates has been confirmed and now the public have been asked to vote for their winner. (more…)

Labrador puppy receives donations for life-saving surgery

by Darren Jamieson on April 26, 2012

Sue Sparrow, the owner of a chocolate Labrador puppy, has recently been working hard to spread the word about her young companion’s condition. The puppy that was bred at a puppy farm in Wales was recently told that he had just a few short weeks to live due to a life-threatening condition. Axe Valley Vets in the Somerset area are assisting to save Cadbury’s life with keyhole surgery. (more…)

Holidaying in the UK with dogs

by Vivien Richardson on April 24, 2012

With the current economic climate meaning that the trend for holidaying in the UK is on the increase, dog owners can find that they no longer leave their beloved pet behind when they go for a summer break. Taking dogs on holiday can be very enjoyable both for the pet and the owner, particularly for those dog owners who hate to be parted from their pet – or any dogs nervous about being left behind in a kennel. (more…)

Keeping a dog in a flat

by Leanne Thompson on April 22, 2012

If you live in a flat, you may think that you cannot get a dog. Certainly, whatever your circumstances and living arrangements, getting a dog can be a very big responsibility and the decision should be considered carefully before committing to it. Considering owning a pet carefully means that (more…)

Norfolk-based animal sanctuary re-home over 40 Romanian dogs

by Mark James on April 20, 2012

Hillside Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary for homeless dogs, has recently helped over 40 Romanian dogs to be cared for in loving homes throughout the Norfolk area. Romania is an area with millions of stray dogs and the severity of the issue has caught the attention of John Watson who works at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary based in Frettenham has seen (more…)

Diagnosing a sick dog

by Darren Jamieson on April 18, 2012

It can be a very worrying time if your puppy or dog seems to become ill or is in pain. Without being able to communicate clearly with your pet, it can be difficult to know exactly is wrong and their symptoms can be hard to diagnose, which is obviously very distressing. The first sign that your pet may not be feeling well is if they begin to act differently, for example becoming lethargic, or if the dog’s appetite suddenly changes. (more…)

Owning many dogs

by Vivien Richardson on April 16, 2012

Even though you may love dogs, adopting more and more pets can cause complications in your household. Just as getting one dog is a big responsibility that should be considered carefully, every subsequent pet that you think about introducing into your home should be considered carefully. Introducing dogs to one another can be tricky as your existing pet may become territorial, or your new pet may be nervous and display signs of distress for some time before settling into your home. (more…)

Choosing a kennel for your dog

by Leanne Thompson on April 14, 2012

If you are going abroad for your holidays, the chances are that you will need to leave your dog behind at a kennel. Unless you have a willing friend or relative who will take on your pet for the duration of your holiday, you are likely to need to find a kennel for your dog to board at. (more…)

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