Scientific study reveals how dogs can foresee human behaviour

by Leanne Thompson on December 26, 2013

Biologists working at Dundee’s Abertay University have discovered that in future years, dogs will understand and learn how to predict human behaviour.

The project, which was led by Clare Cunningham, revealed how dogs have evolved through thousands of years of exposure to (more…)

Dog returned to owners almost a decade after going missing

by Darren Jamieson on December 18, 2013

In May 2004, Milissa Mae walked into her garden in Worcester to discover that Niamh, her Staffordshire bull terrier, had squeezed through (more…)

Dogs Trust scoops £100,000 prize from Postcode Lottery

by Vivien Richardson on December 11, 2013

Every day, people around the UK are winning life-changing sums of money thanks to the Postcode Lottery. This inventive competition uses people’s postcodes to determine (more…)

Goose transforms rescue dog from mighty to mellow

by Leanne Thompson on December 4, 2013

Rex, a German Shepherd rescue dog who was once labelled as “dangerous”, has surprised his handlers after developing a friendship with a goose.

It seems the dog’s tender side was under wraps for a long time, but his feathered friend has helped him (more…)

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