Putting the ‘I do’ into Fido – a guide to dog weddings

by Susan Partridge on July 16, 2015

Dog weddings might not be a familiar concept to everyone, but they do exist and are growing in popularity. In 2011, they became the centre of media attention when Essex dog lover Louise Harris shelled out £20,000 to treat her (more…)

#woofwoofwednesday hits Twitter

by Darren Jamieson on July 15, 2015

Dog owners rarely need an excuse to share pictures of their pets with friends, and even with people they don’t know. Thanks to social media, sharing pictures of your pooch has become even easier.

Today saw the hashtag #woofwoofwednesday trending on Twitter, and gave dog owners the chance to Tweet photos of their beloved dogs and share them with other dog lovers the world over. As always happens with trending topics on Twitter, businesses also jumped on the dog wagon and Tweeted to promote their services.

Here are some of the Tweets from today’s #woofwoofwednesday. There’s still time to share your posts too, so get Tweeting those dog pictures!

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