Dog owner tracks down stolen puppies after receiving tip-off

by Darren Jamieson on November 27, 2013

A 40-year-old dog owner from Pudsey was left heartbroken after two Alsatian bitches were snatched from her home.

The six-month-old dogs were targeted by thieves on November 20 at Wild Grove Farm in Pudsey. To the delight of Miss Coates, however, a (more…)

Dogs detect deadly disease

by Mark James on August 26, 2011

Dogs – they fetch your slippers, find drugs, bite rioters on the crotch and confound your postman, but it seems they can claim another talent – sniffing out lung cancer.

A new report in the European Respiratory Journal by German boffins conclude that your pooch may be able to detect lung cancer by smelling your breath. Although the team worked with just four dogs – an Australian Shepherd, a Labrador and a brace of German Shepherds – the success rate was remarkable. In 100 samples from lung cancer sufferers, they were able to (more…)

Win 1 of 3 copies of Caring For Your Dog the Essential Guide

by Darren Jamieson on August 19, 2011


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  3. To enter the prize draw, answer the simple question on the website, complete your details and click Enter
  4. Within a week of the closing date, winner(s) will be selected from all entries into the competition
  5. The prize consists of 3 x Caring For Your Dog the Essential Guide Book
  6. All entries into the draw must be received by 23.59 25th September 2011
  7. Winners will be selected at random under independent supervision within 14 days of the closing date.
  8. No cash or other alternative prizes are available, except that in the event of circumstances outside its control the promoter reserves the right to substitute similar alternatives of equal or greater value.
  9. By entering this Promotion, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
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Police sniffer dogs hinder investigations, says report

by Leanne Thompson on April 3, 2011

Sniffer dogs that work with the police are in urgent need of better monitoring and training, according to a new report.

The National Policing Improvement Agency has said that dogs used to find missing people have not received training to the standards required.

In addition to this, the agency says that there is currently no effective mechanism for assessing the performance of recovery dogs.

The original report was conducted in 2009, but details have only just come to light after a request for information made by Sky News.

The report states:

“There is no consistency in what the dogs can do and how (more…)

Ve Haf Vays of Making You Walk!

by Mark James on January 23, 2011

Mitzi, a German Shepherd, has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with cutting edge prosthetic foot and ankle.

Paralympians sporting fantastic-looking prosthetic limbs are a common sight nowadays. The pioneering design and space age materials they employ are a far cry from the wires-and-springs ‘can opener’ used by Tee Hee to menace James Bond in ‘Live and Let Die’, but as the technology is now within reasonable reach of anyone who needs it, it was inevitable that it would (more…)

Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Copper comes a cropper

by Mark James on October 16, 2010

Welcome to day 6 of Dream Dogs’ celebration of the funniest dog moments recorded for posterity.

Police dogs have a fearsome reputation. We’ve all seen footage of a German Shepherd chasing down a lumbering volunteer dressed in protective clothing and sinking his fangs into the poor sap’s arm. Even the most ardent hippy protestor would think twice about tangling with such a well trained animal. It’s no wonder that the police are well known for their training techniques. However, they don’t always have it their own way, as this copper discovers. What happens at 0:28 is just the cherry on the cake…

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final video in our series.


Which dog breeds make good guard dogs?

by Mark James on September 9, 2010

There’s no getting away from the fact that dogs are cute. Even the gruffest of people would be hard pressed not to elicit a coo in the presence of a fluffy young puppy, and the pleas to provide a good home to a sad-eyed hound that feature in adverts by the Dogs Trust would melt even the blackest of hearts. Even the most repulsive of dogs can find a place in our affections – when presented with even the world’s ugliest dog, the lizard-brained, primordial instinct to burn it with fire is overruled by the urge to scratch it behind the ear and give it a treat.

However, it’s important to remember that dogs aren’t just here to tug at our heart strings and impair rational thought. Many dogs earn their keep by working; in fact, it’s a necessity to give your dog something to do to fulfil his natural instincts and prevent boredom setting in. One instinct that all dogs possess is to act as a guardian to their owner, but even so some are better than others. Let’s take a look at which breeds make a fine guard dog, but bear in mind the difference between a pet that will bark at the postman, and a slavering hell-hound trained to go for the throat on sight. That’s an attack dog, and Dream Dogs recommends that such animals are best left to (more…)

Which dogs are best with children?

by Mark James on September 5, 2010

They can make an awful lot of mess with the minimum of effort. They need constant attention and affection. They require a lot of playtime to tire them out and give you some well deserved rest. They’re inquisitive, and you have to always keep an eye on them to make sure that they don’t get into trouble. They always manage to steal the comfiest spot on the sofa. They’re liable to poop anywhere, and it’s always up to you to clean it up.

Yes, kids can be a right handful.

If you have young children, you may be putting off getting a dog. It might be that you have concerns about your child’s safety around a pet, you may have your hands full enough with your little one without the responsibility of a dog, or you may be unsure what breed may fit in best with your current circumstances.

You may have also heard a lot of different stories about which breeds of dog are best to have around children. Speaking from personal experience, I have a friend who swore by her yappy, territorial Yorkshire terrier and another who let his daughter play with his massive, slavering Rottweiler without batting an eyelid.

What is universally true is this: there is no (more…)

What is the difference between a German Shepherd and an Alsatian?

by Mark James on August 8, 2010

To the person with only a passing interest in dogs, the German Shepherd and the Alsatian are completely different breeds, despite looking very similar. They’re characterised by a domed forehead, a long square-ish muzzle and large, erect ears. They can come in lots of different colours, but the most familiar is black and tan, with a black ‘saddle’ across the back. There are other variations in colour, including all black, all white, blue, sable and liver.

According to The Kennel Club, sable and all black coats are perfectly acceptable; blue and liver are considered serious faults and all white is considered grounds for instant disqualification. This is because the white coat is much more visible if it is a guard dog, and it makes the animal harder to see if it is herding sheep or if it is snowing.

So what is the difference between the two? In fact, there’s none at all; the divergence in name came about as a result of the nationwide anti-German sentiment after World War I.

The breed is a relatively recent one, and its origins can be traced back to (more…)

Dog survives after being shot 6 times by owner

by Darren Jamieson on July 16, 2010

Some people should never be allowed to own dogs again, for as long as they live, and Ohio man Lawrence Mick is one such man. This convicted criminal in the USA took it upon himself to quieten his caged dog, a German shepherd named Sarge, by shooting him with his gun. Lawrence Mick shot the caged, defenceless dog SIX times, while his friend Adam Collins also joined in the sick games.

Incredibly, the brave dog survived the vicious attack from the two assailants and is now being cared for at an animal shelter. The police were alerted by a neighbour of Lawrence Mick, Melissa Compau. She stated that the dog wasn’t being aggressive, or making a noise, and was merely sleeping in his cage before the two men began shooting at him with a .22 calibre pistol.

Lawrence Mick is in jail awaiting trial, and as an already convicted (more…)

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