Rescued pooch to have prosthetic limbs fitted

by Vivien Richardson on March 19, 2014

A dog that was found by a Norfolk animal charity in Romania is to have new false legs fitted after having recovered from being poisoned.

The charity, Safe Rescue for Dogs, is an organization that (more…)

Corgi promptly rehomed prior to opening of Dogs Trust

by Mark James on February 4, 2012

One lucky dog that needed a home has been granted his wish by the kind-hearted workers at Loughborough’s Dogs Trust facility. What’s even more remarkable about this story is the fact that the dog, who is a five-month-old Corgi cross named Cracker, was taken into the charity months before its opening was due to take place in the summer, later this year.

Colin and Pat Gee from Hathern immediately fell in love with young Cracker when a staff meeting regarding the preparation for the Dog’s Trust opening saw four pooches brought in. These dogs came from a nearby dog (more…)

Traditional dogs fall out of favour in UK

by Mark James on November 22, 2010

Following on from the news that the Alaskan Malamute has experienced the sharpest increase in popularity amongst dog owners in the UK, the Kennel Club has revealed that several more traditional breeds are falling out of favour also.

West Highland TerrierAccording to the latest figures released by the established authority on dogs within Britain, the number of West Highland Terrier pups that were registered in the UK last year fell by over 50 per cent to just 5,890.

The numbers of Yorkshire terriers registered slumped 44 per cent to just 3,767, with the golden retriever not far behind with a drop of 39 per cent to 7,804 pups.

The UK’s biggest breeds also saw a decline in numbers, with the popularity of the (more…)

Which dogs are best with children?

by Mark James on September 5, 2010

They can make an awful lot of mess with the minimum of effort. They need constant attention and affection. They require a lot of playtime to tire them out and give you some well deserved rest. They’re inquisitive, and you have to always keep an eye on them to make sure that they don’t get into trouble. They always manage to steal the comfiest spot on the sofa. They’re liable to poop anywhere, and it’s always up to you to clean it up.

Yes, kids can be a right handful.

If you have young children, you may be putting off getting a dog. It might be that you have concerns about your child’s safety around a pet, you may have your hands full enough with your little one without the responsibility of a dog, or you may be unsure what breed may fit in best with your current circumstances.

You may have also heard a lot of different stories about which breeds of dog are best to have around children. Speaking from personal experience, I have a friend who swore by her yappy, territorial Yorkshire terrier and another who let his daughter play with his massive, slavering Rottweiler without batting an eyelid.

What is universally true is this: there is no (more…)

Beagle Breed Profile

by Leanne Thompson on June 24, 2010

Originally bred as a scent hound, the Beagle is a small to medium sized dog which is mainly kept today as a companion. Similar to the Foxhound in appearance, it has a small, sturdy frame, sleek tri-colour coat, rounded, soft ears and an appealing, earnest expression. A friendly, non-aggressive dog, robust and easy to care for, the Beagle is a sweet-natured canine companion which makes an ideal family pet.

An active breed given to boredom, the Beagle can become destructive if not exercised regularly. A naturally curious dog, he is inclined to wander away when off the lead. He also has a propensity for rolling in anything unmentionable that he finds en route, meaning a lead is usually better than letting him run loose.

Typical Beagle Facts

Height: 33 – 40 cm/ 13 – 16 in
Weight: 8 – 14 kg/ 18 – 31 lbs
Average litter size: 5 – 8: Bitch 33cm-40cm, Dog 33cm-40cm
Life expectancy: 9-15 years
Good with children: Yes, extremely
Kennel Club classification: Hound Group

Colour of a Beagle

The Beagle has a short, dense coat which is tri-coloured black, white and tan. The eyes are coloured hazel or brown.

Grooming a Beagle

The Beagle has a short, fine coat that requires minimal grooming – a quick brush each day being all that is needed to remove loose hair. However, Beagles have the habit of rolling in whatever muck they can find, in order to disguise their scent while “hunting”, so regular (more…)

Who will be Over the Rainbow this weekend?

by Darren Jamieson on May 20, 2010

It’s the live final of BBC’s Over the Rainbow this weekend, where the three remaining girls (Lauren, Sophie and Danielle) all compete for their dream role as Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s reworking of The Wizard of Oz in London’s West End.

However, more important is the search for Toto, and which dog will win the role of Dorothy’s faithful sidekick for a one off performance. The final five dogs have been put through their paces over the last few weeks, performing various tasks to impress the judges, before this weekend the winner will be announced.

So who will it be, here are the final five dogs:

A cross between a pug and a shih tzu, Eddie is one year old and is one of the cutest dogs in the final. Eddie can’t handle the pressure of sitting on the seats in the theatre, as we saw recently, but he can pull back a curtain with the best of them.

Dangerous Dave
Dave is a miniature schnauzer and is famed for (more…)

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