Jennifer Lopez upstaged by disabled dog

by Darren Jamieson on April 26, 2010

Jennifer Lopez is one of those celebrities who’s used to getting their own way. She’s a diva with a reputation for hogging the limelight, but at a recent premier for her film ‘The Back-Up Plan’ she was upstaged by a two-legged co-star in the shape of ‘disabled’ dog Nubbins, a Boston Terrier.

article-0-093D36F0000005DC-469_468x449At the premier, Lopez shared the spotlight with her husband Marc Anthony, and Nubbins the dog, who stars in the film as her dog Nuts. In the film, Jennifer plays a character who sets up a pet boutique called Hudson Mutts, which is dedicated to pet adoptions and pet care.

Jennifer spoke of her character’s love for the disabled dog:

Even though Nuts is handicapped, Zoe treats him like he’s normal.

She’s tough on him and she loves him. She’s always there for him.

Dog lovers need not worry for the real Nubbins though, as he’s only acting disabled – he actually has four legs, but remained in character for the premier! Nubbins shared the role of (more…)

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