Fife dog rescued from blaze

by Vivien Richardson on April 3, 2014

A Ballingry family are breathing a sigh of relief following the rescue of their pet dog during a middle-of-the-night house fire.

The blaze broke out at (more…)

Woman’s pet dog helps her to find her wedding ring

by Mark James on March 27, 2013

A wedding ring symbolises love and an eternal bond between two people. Because this piece of jewellery is so important to the person who wears it, it is understandable that Jayne Brady’s heart sunk when she realized that her gold and titanium wedding band had come off her finger while she was busy doing chores the previous month. In a bid to recover the ring, Jayne placed signs around her town pleading for assistance from local people.

However, the last place she was when she was wearing the ring was Arrowe Country Park, which stretches over 250 acres. The Wirral-based park is a favoured destination for dog walkers (more…)

Boxer dog rescued by fire-fighters after slipping through ice

by Darren Jamieson on February 6, 2012

A two-year-old boxer dog suffered a mishap on Sunday February 7th 2012, as he slipped through the ice on a frozen reservoir in Clatto County Park. The cold conditions that has seen the United Kingdom dusted with snow over the weekend seems to have caused a problem for the dog, who required the assistance of fire-fighters to rescue him from the cold depths of the broken ice. This is just one of a number of similar cases that have happened as a result of frozen lochs and reservoirs.

The owner of the boxer dog made an attempt to reach and retrieve the dog on her own. Despite her efforts, a call was made to Tayside Fire Service who made an appearance at the scene and made use of (more…)

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