Coonhound takes record for world’s biggest ears

by Mark James on September 8, 2011

Big ears: as Dumbo found, they could be both a curse and a blessing. Whilst oversized lug ‘oles are sometimes poked fun of in humans (I often point out to a bald friend of mine that he looks like a Volkswagon Beetle with its front doors open), they have been the ticket to a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for one pooch.

Black and tan coloured coonhound Harbor, of Boulder, Colorado, has just been named by Guinness officials as the dog with the longest ears in the world. The tale of the tape shows that his left ear measures 12 ¼” (31.1 cm) and his right one at 13 ½” (34.3 cm).

As celebrated as he is for his record shattering ears, they proved to be a liability when (more…)

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