Martha Stewart brained by bulldog head-butt

by Mark James on January 22, 2011

martha_stewart_russell_croweUS media personality, business magnate and one-time jailbird Martha Stewart has been hospitalised after being head-butted by her dog.

Stewart, 69, needed nearly ten stitches to her top lip after her pet French bulldog, Francesca, administered a textbook smack in the mouth.

The TV presenter said that she leant over to her dog to “whisper goodbye” to it while it was (more…)

Top 5 singers who have dogs

by Mark James on August 19, 2010

Continuing our week long list of lists, today we turn the spotlight on singers.

It’s funny old life being a rock star or a member of a band. When you’re not holed up in a studio, recording your 152nd take on a backing vocal because you still can’t get it right, filming a reality TV series about your dysfunctional kerr-azy family or twitching in a gutter outside a nightclub after overdoing the Columbian marching powder, you’re more than likely you’re on tour, spending months away from your home and family.

This hardly seems like the behaviour of a conscientious dog owner. We all know that your pet needs love and attention, not to mention feeding, watering and exercise. Luckily for the average rock multi millionaire, he’ll have hired help on hand to assist with the day to day care of his pet, whether it’s an elderly English retainer or a young Filipino manservant. This leaves you free to pose with your pooch for photographs for Hello’s exclusive 8 page spread of your brand new Hampshire mansion.

Of course, this is a sweeping generalisation. In a profession where image is everything, sycophancy abounds, teen idols have a shelf life measurable in weeks and talented people never seem to get the success you think they deserve; the unquestioning loyalty and friendship that your dog will give you can be beyond compare. Let’s have a gander at some of the more famous warblers who have a pet dog.

Robbie and his dogsRobbie Williams

Not long back in the UK after his American UFO hunting jaunt, the one time Take That bad boy and now new Take That bad boy owns several dogs. Due to quarantine laws, he had to leave his pets in Los Angeles for six months when he moved back to Blighty, but this didn’t stop him from spending time with his Labrador/Pitbull cross, German Shepherd, Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler and a wolf called Sid. He shelled out £4,000 per month on first class, 11 hour flights to see his pets. The dogs were (more…)

Girls Aloud request dog crèche

by Leanne Thompson on April 27, 2009

Girls Aloud kicked off their new Out of Control tour this week at the Manchester MEN Arena, but it seems that dancing in sexy outfits and having a good time is not the only thing on their mind.

27 year old Sarah Harding is missing her male French bulldog puppy Corker, pictured here, whom she acquired in February of this year.  Sarah is said to be so upset that the Girls Aloud group has asked if they can have a doggie (more…)

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