Streaker invades Crufts dog show

by Darren Jamieson on March 15, 2010


The nation’s elite dog breeders were given a fright at Crufts this weekend when the Birmingham dog show was invaded by a nude scouser. Liverpudlian Mark Roberts brought a halt to the judging when he invaded the floor, dressed only in his boots and a cat mask covering his modesty.

Mark was pretty lucky that the dogs at Crufts were all so well behaved, as he could have found his stunt proving very costly indeed. Mark was chased around the arena by a laughing guard, before being escorted away.

This wasn’t the first time Mark had removed his clothing in aid of, well, nothing really as he has a reputation for streaking. Mark first shot to fame by invading the weather map on This Morning, when he leapt at a startled Fred Talbot. Since then Mark has (more…)

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