Terrier tantrums halt post for nearly two months

by Darren Jamieson on January 29, 2011

postman patRoyal Mail deliveries have returned to normal in a street in Northampton, after they were halted for weeks when a postman was attacked by a terrier.

A blanket ban of all postal deliveries was implemented on December 7th after the postal worker was allegedly savaged by the cute bundle of fur, who is a member of the Joyce family. The attack is said to be the latest in a long line of incidents involving the terrier.

Now, nearly two months after the attack, services have (more…)

Safestix: Soldier aims to make playtime with your dog safer

by Mark James on December 22, 2010

safestix-and-a-dogHealth and safety regulations, which many think are the bane of life in modern Britain, have influenced pretty much everything we do. Now, the dreaded words are being applied to the simple game of fetch with your pet dog.

Safestix – a rubber substitute for, well, a stick – have hit the shelves in the UK amid advice that real sticks can be harmful to your dog’s health and prevent any unnecessary claims on your dog insurance.

The 2ft long pliable toy was dreamt up by Paul Blair, a sergeant in the Army, after Razzle, his four year old Jack Russell terrier, was (more…)

Jack Russell terrorises mountain lion

by Mark James on November 20, 2010

Jack Russell terrorises mountain lionIt’s not unusual for a dog to chase a cat up a tree, but it is when the moggy in question is a mountain lion and the dog is a Jack Russell.

Chad Strenge, of Colman, South Dakota, heard the commotion whilst at home on his farm. He went to investigate, and discovered that Jack, his Jack Russell terrier (very clever with the names these Americans), had chased a mountain lion up a tree on his land.

Now, you really have to imagine the scene here. Jack Russell Terrier – Mountain Lion. One is a short, snappy dog – the other is a very large predator.

After spending some time clinging to the top of the tree, the mountain lion, also known as a cougar, made a break for it and (more…)

Dog eats owner’s toe and saves his life

by Darren Jamieson on August 10, 2010

KikoWhen a dog takes to biting off toes from its owner’s foot, you would normally expect the canine to be put down as being a dangerous dog. However, when Jack Russell Kiko, owned by Jerry Douthett from Michigan in the USA, took it upon himself to bite his owner’s toe clean off, he was hailed as a hero by his owner instead of being chastised.

Kiko’s owner, Jerry, had a very serious infection at the time – one that could have become fatal. Jerry had Type 2 diabetes, but it was undiagnosed and it was centred in his big toe. The reason Jerry’s diabetes hadn’t been diagnosed was because he foolishly tried to conceal the infection from family and friends, and even his wife didn’t know about it. Kiko, the dog, knew though – and Kiko knew just what to do.

One evening Jerry’s blood sugar level was reaching dangerous levels, at around 560. The normal level someone is around 80-120. With the pain becoming too much to bear, Jerry got himself blind drunk (rather than calling for an ambulance) and then passed out cold. This is when doctor Kiko leapt into action, setting about the infected toe and (more…)

Liz Hiorns reunited with lost dog

by Leanne Thompson on May 14, 2010

Last week we wrote about 72 year old Liz Hiorns and her Jack Russell named Penny. Liz’ dog Penny ran away from home and was taken in by a rescue centre, before being sold to a new family as she had no microchip and no collar. Despite Liz contacting the rescue centre, they refused to contact the new owners claiming it was against their rules, and Liz faced the prospect of never seeing her dog, who she had been with for 11 years, again.

Liz reported Penny’s disappearance at the time to Stratford District Council, but they lost the details and the dog was subsequently rehomed when it was found.

All’s well that ends well though as Liz and Penny have now been reunited.

Liz Hiorns had to take matters pretty far however, even launching a £4,000 legal fight to get her dog back. The dog cost the new owners just £80 when they bought it from the rescue centre, and on the day before the case was due (more…)

Lost dog is rehomed but original owner wants her back

by Darren Jamieson on May 8, 2010

If ever there was a case for having your dog microchipped, this is it. 72 year old dog owner Liz Hiorns recently lost her dog, a Jack Russell named Penny. The dog didn’t have a microchip – which could have contained important data such as the dog’s name, address and the phone number of its owner. Nor did the dog have a collar and name tag – so the chances of the dog being returned were slim.

Luckily the dog was found by a dog warden and taken to a rescue centre in Tibberton, Danemere Animal Rescue Centre. However, because the dog had no nametag, or a microchip, staff had no way of tracing the owner. Following their own procedures, they sold the dog to a family living 30 miles from Liz Hiorns.

Mrs Hiorns only discovered that her dog had been found, and subsequently sold, after she contacted a local vet on the advice of her friend. The vet told her that a dog that sounded as though may have been Penny was found in Stratford-upon-Avon in April, and was taken to the dog rescue centre. Upon contacting the rescue centre, Mrs Hiorns was told that her dog had been sold and they couldn’t give her the contact details of the new owners.

Mrs Hiorns commented:

I’m not in the first flush of youth and I was widowed last year and Penny’s a real (more…)

Top 7 world’s most famous dogs

by Leanne Thompson on September 10, 2009

It wasn’t too long ago we reported that Elle Macpherson’s dog signed a modelling contract, taking the Labradoodle Bella to instant stardom, and talked about the world’s richest dogs, so here we take a look at the top 7 world’s most famous dogs.

1 – Obama’s dog Bo – Portuguese water dogportuguese_water_dog_bo
Top of the list at the moment, according to the Telegraph, is Obama’s dog Bo. We reported every step of Bo’s journey from when Bo was returned to his breeder to his welcoming as First Dog Bo. Bo’s addition to the Obama family has rocketed the Portuguese water dog breed to instant fame worldwide.

2 – Tinkerbell Hilton – Chihuahua
Hot on the heels of Bo, Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua is (more…)

Churchview Vet, Heswall slices dog and charges owner

by Leanne Thompson on September 3, 2009

BusterA trainee vet at Churchview Veterinary Centre in Heswall on the Wirral cut a dog with a knife when she should have been removing his stitches, and then the vet centre charged the owner for the treatment.

A retired fitter, Mr Evans, of Heswall on the Wirral was playing with his Jack Russell terrier Buster in July when (more…)

Cat Protection League seeks home for dog who thinks he’s a cat

by Leanne Thompson on August 30, 2009

dog thinks hes a catChippy is a Jack Russell that appears to have had an identity crisis having spent his entire life around 40 cats.  The Cats Protection League is treating him as an honorary feline and is seeking a home for him.

The charity in Stroud, Gloucestershire, says that Chippy sleeps next to his best friend, Annie a black female cat and even uses a litter tray.  He rarely barks, and the charity believes he thinks he’s a cat! (more…)

Jack Russell rescued from well by firefighters

by Darren Jamieson on June 3, 2009

firemen-rescue-dogFirefighters were applauded yesterday for rescuing a dog, a Jack Russell terrier, from a well.

The Jack Russell, Vera, fell down a well in Staffordshire whilst out walking with her owner in Stretton, Burton-upon-Trent at the junction of Derby Road and James Brindley Way.  The dog luckily landed on a ledge about 16 feet (5 metres) down the well and was unhurt.

The fire brigade were called and a firefighter was lowered into the well so he (more…)

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