UK population of rare Komondor dog is boosted by 25%

by Darren Jamieson on November 14, 2008

A record litter for a rare dog has seen the UK population of the Komondor dog boosted by 25%. A usual litter of pups for the dog is just four, but new mother Kyra had a litter of nine puppies recently, taking the UK population of Komondor dogs from just forty, to forty-nine.

The scarcity of the dogs means that they are also very valuable, as each puppy is expected to sell for £1,000 a piece. The dogs have a unique appearance, as the Komondor dog features natural ‘dreadlocks’, making them the world’s hairiest dog.

As each puppy is identical they’ve been daubed with colours so they can be identified, and they’ve also been temporarily named after (more…)

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