Labrador puppy receives donations for life-saving surgery

by Darren Jamieson on April 26, 2012

Sue Sparrow, the owner of a chocolate Labrador puppy, has recently been working hard to spread the word about her young companion’s condition. The puppy that was bred at a puppy farm in Wales was recently told that he had just a few short weeks to live due to a life-threatening condition. Axe Valley Vets in the Somerset area are assisting to save Cadbury’s life with keyhole surgery. (more…)

Dogs are transforming the lives of deaf children

by Mark James on March 7, 2012

While dogs have always been the number one choice for a companion, it appears that they have many other uses aside from keeping their owner company. It is estimated that there are over 45,000 deaf children throughout the United Kingdom and more children than ever before are now getting assistance to build independence and confidence with the help of a dog.

Derbyshire based James Cheung, who is 11 years old, is one of these children. Being hard of hearing limits James to doing everything he wants to on his own, yet despite this a golden Labrador retriever named Kurt has changed his life. Kurt has (more…)

Golden Labrador undergoes operation to remove swallowed toys

by Mark James on February 10, 2012

Chester, a 21-month-old Golden Labrador, was thanking his owners that he was covered by pet insurance after he underwent an operation to remove a toy cow and a toy frog. Marian and Neale Stribling, the owners of this playful pup, had their fears alleviated after the staff at Cromwell Vets in the Huntingdon area successfully performed an emergency procedure to remove the toys.

The Golden Labrador encountered the incident after consuming the toys on two occasions, after mischievously stealing them from some of his other pet pals. Mrs Stribling said she was in ‘total shock’ when Chester (more…)

Kate Middleton given pet Labrador puppy for birthday

by Darren Jamieson on January 20, 2012

It was the Duchess of Cambridge’s 30th birthday on the 9th January and, while the whole nation revelled at the knowledge of Kate spending her first birthday as a royal, she was spending her time enjoying an adorable present. It has recently been revealed that, aside from the luxurious clothing and jewels that Kate received on the celebration of her birthday, she also received the gift of a pet Labrador puppy.

The Labrador puppy had a shiny black coat and was given to the Duchess by her new husband, Prince William. Kate is an animal lover and it appears she was thrilled with the new addition to her royal family. While the couple (more…)

European dogs derive from some Asian breeds

by Mark James on December 28, 2011

New research has shown that the origins of dog breeds in the western world are different from what was previously first thought.

It was discovered through the research that dogs which came from ancient south-east Asia had a substantial influence on dog breeds in Europe, as well as in the United States.

Initiated by a team of researchers at the University of California (UC), Davis, a study looked into the theory that most of the canine breeds in the western world originally derived from dogs which hailed from the Middle East and also from early western civilisations.

It was found that this idea is unlikely to be correct, due to it appearing that pet dogs in Europe and in the US actually originate (more…)

Fenton to release single for Christmas

by Darren Jamieson on December 15, 2011

Little Mix may be the hot favourites but the race for Christmas number one may not be over yet with a popular YouTube video being turned into a remix hit.

The YouTube clip of a dog owner frantically chasing after his dog Fenton across Richmond Park has been remixed by The Hoxtons, a progressive house duo, and may be heading to the much-desired number one spot this Christmas.

The single, “Benton! Jesus Christ!” which features Fenton Against (more…)

YouTube canine sensation is called Fenton not Benton

by Mark James on November 29, 2011

A short YouTube video has now been viewed more than 700,000 times since being posted on the site last week.

Ali Goodyear, 37-years-old, had taken his animal loving 13-year old son to Richmond Park in London for a day out. They set about filming some deer in the park and ended up getting some fantastic footage of a different kind.

Their video pictures a man running after his dog, Fenton, who has managed to get away from his owner and is seen chasing a huge group of deer.

The owner is heard in the video screaming for his dog and trying to catch up with him after he makes a dash for (more…)

Birmingham Alabama helps train up leader dogs

by Darren Jamieson on November 13, 2011

Leader Dogs being trained are often seen in Birmingham and, on an average day, a few of the dogs can be seen walking around the town, restaurants or shops.

Founded by three Detroit area Lions Club members in 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester is there to provide the blind with a trained guide dog. This scheme was so successful that around 270 people every year are placed with a completely trained up dog as their guide, and this is a free of charge service for them.

There are about one in three of the puppies that make it through the training regime and then become (more…)

Detection dog at US high school

by Leanne Thompson on November 12, 2011

The board members at Minooka high school, in the USA, were introduced to a detection dog, just 3-years-old, called Goldie, who will soon be a permanent presence at MCHS in spring.

Goldie came along with Glenn VadeBonCouer, her handler, and both are employees from Interquest Detection Canines, a company which provides local school districts with illegal substance-sniffing dogs. Interquest’s dogs can find illegal drugs, gunpowder, alcohol, prescription pills and fireworks in the schools by (more…)

Spotted: Dambusters Ghost Dog

by Darren Jamieson on November 8, 2011

The loyal canine companion of well-known Dambusters hero Guy Gibson has been spotted years after the war in an old photograph.

Ghost hunters, brought in to shed some light on the photo, believe the apparition of the Dambusters’ mascot is standing guard over his master’s old working quarters.

They believe that the spirits of both the chocolate–coloured Labrador and Wing Commander Guy Gibson guard the remote airfield where they both spent so much time during the war. Investigators starting looking into the photograph after spotting, what appears to be, Gibson’s long since deceased (more…)

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