Pup reunited with family following fatal car crash

by Leanne Thompson on August 16, 2011

A beloved pup has been reunited with his family after going missing following a fatal car crash.

Caesar, a Maltese, was taken back to his owner Monica Benson, following a 1,500 mile round trip which began with the crash in New Mexico on June 15, 2010.

The tragic accident claimed the life of Monica’s husband Gary and her five year-old daughter Emily, and injured her (more…)

Dog breeding Hitler ad deemed not offensive

by Leanne Thompson on March 25, 2010

peta-poster-300-292423499There aren’t many organisations who would choose the subject of Adolf Hitler and the ‘Master Race’ to promote its campaign, but Peta (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has never been a stranger to controversy. Peta recently created a poster for display around the UK showing a pedigree Maltese dog sporting a Hitler style moustache, together with the slogan:

“Master Race? Wrong for People. Wrong for Dogs. Boycott Breeders. Adopt.”

The poster was meant to target dog breeders by suggesting that the ‘breed standards’ adopted by Crufts and the Kennel Club were to the detriment of all dogs. The idea is that you should adopt rescue dogs rather than trying to seek out one organisation’s ideology of a master race.

Sound familiar?

That’s just what Peta thought. However, when the poster was displayed around Birmingham in the run up to the Crufts show it caused quite a stir, and generated a few complaints.

One of the complaints came from the Kennel Club, naturally, who commented:

We put a complaint in to the ASA on behalf of all of the responsible pedigree breeders – and indeed pedigree dog owners – who love and care for their dogs and who know that they (more…)

Top 7 world’s most famous dogs

by Leanne Thompson on September 10, 2009

It wasn’t too long ago we reported that Elle Macpherson’s dog signed a modelling contract, taking the Labradoodle Bella to instant stardom, and talked about the world’s richest dogs, so here we take a look at the top 7 world’s most famous dogs.

1 – Obama’s dog Bo – Portuguese water dogportuguese_water_dog_bo
Top of the list at the moment, according to the Telegraph, is Obama’s dog Bo. We reported every step of Bo’s journey from when Bo was returned to his breeder to his welcoming as First Dog Bo. Bo’s addition to the Obama family has rocketed the Portuguese water dog breed to instant fame worldwide.

2 – Tinkerbell Hilton – Chihuahua
Hot on the heels of Bo, Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua is (more…)

Maltese puppy Scooter contender for world’s smallest dog

by Darren Jamieson on July 16, 2009

worlds-smallest-dogIt wasn’t that long ago that we published an article on Tilly, the 15 inch little dog that may become Britain’s smallest dog.  However, now we might be looking at a new contender for the world’s smallest dog – so meet Scooter, a Maltese puppy whose owner believes may be the world’s smallest dog, if he’s stopped growing that is.

Scooter lives in New Zealand with his owner Cheryl McKnight and currently, at six months old, he is only a mere (more…)

Helmsley’s trustees reduce donation to dogs charities

by Leanne Thompson on April 23, 2009

On Tuesday this week, it was announced that $136 million of late New York property and hotel billionaire Leona Helmsley’s estated would be given to charity, but it was disappointing to hear that just $1 million will be distributed to dog-related charities that she preferred.

Helmsley died aged 87 in 2007 at her home in Connecticut, leaving instructions to the trustees of her estate that most of her multi-billions should go towards the care and welfare of dogs.  However, the will also gave the trustees discretion in distributing the funding.

A judge ruled that the trustees do have sole authority on how to distribute the money and although Helmsley had left her beloved white Maltese dog named Trouble $12 million, more than she had left to (more…)

Maltese Breed Profile

by Leanne Thompson on April 6, 2009

The Maltese dog breed (pronounced Mall-teez) is a lively, intelligent and playful breed.  It is not as common in the UK as other long haired breeds, such as the shih tzu or the llasa apso, but nonetheless, has grown in popularity since its first introduction to the UK.

It is said that nobody ever ‘owns’ a Maltese, but rather this regal little dog owns the owner.  Its pure white coat, when grown to its fullest, adds to its glamorous appearance but even when cut short this little dog retains its regality.

When purchasing a Maltese, it is not uncommon to see breeder’s advertisements stating ‘tiny’ or ‘toy Maltese’, ‘miniature Maltese’ or other such names that may imply a smaller and cuter Maltese but these should be ignored.  Like any other breed, there are smaller and larger forms of the breed but they are no different to any other Maltese in any way.

Typical Maltese
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6.5 – 9 lbs (3-4 kg)
Average Litter Size: Around 3 – 5 puppies
Life Expectancy: 11 – 14 years, has been known to live as long as 18 years
Good with Children: Yes if handled with care (see below)
Kennel Club Classification: Toy Group (more…)

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