Poodle works alongside priest

by Leanne Thompson on January 9, 2012

An intelligent 5 year old poodle named Donovan is proving to be more than just a companion to his owner. Donovan has shocked and impressed all that know him by detecting any problems that arise with his owner’s health. Due to Donovan’s owner, Rev. Joel Marable, previously suffering a number of strokes, his pet poodle has become aware of any health related issues in a bid to protect his life.

Rev. Joel Marable has the role of curate at his local church in Newport, Virginia in America. Although the priest is rather anxious about his health deteriorating due to prior difficulties, he trusts in his poodle to alert him and stabilise him should anything happen. When Donovan discovers there is a blood pressure drop, he amazingly instructs (more…)

Dogs make off with £33 million worth of loot a year

by Mark James on May 31, 2011

A British woman has been the victim of credit card theft by the most unlikely of suspect, her pet poodle.

Wendy Cronin, of Hartlepool, was using the card to make purchases online until she got a phone call, and left the card unattended.

Dog chews furnitureWhen she came back into the room there was no sign of her credit card. Even after she had searched the house for hours there was still no sign of it, and Gilbert, her ten month old poodle, was looking (more…)

Allergic to dogs? All is not lost

by Leanne Thompson on May 21, 2011

bedlington-terrierMany people suffer from allergies which affects some, or many, of the lifestyle choices that they make. However, if the kids are still begging for a dog and you’re steadfastly refusing to give in there are a few simple techniques that can be helpful in reducing the risk of an allergic reaction to having a dog in your home.

Dander, which is attached to the dog’s hair, is the main reason that people suffer from allergic reactions to dogs. However; there are dogs that have consistent and predictable coats that produce less dander, therefore reducing the risk (more…)

Missing poodle turns up alive and well after 18 months

by Mark James on February 6, 2011

A family are stunned to discover that their pet poodle, which went missing over 18 months ago, has turned up alive and well 115 miles from his home.

Archie the poodle disappeared in July 2009, leaving his owners, the Moran family, devastated and in fear for his life. Although they searched high and low for him, the days, weeks and months passed, and they resigned themselves to (more…)

Which dog breeds are best for allergy suffers?

by Mark James on August 12, 2010

A person can be afflicted with an allergy at any stage of their lives. Whereas someone may avoid a particular detergent or soap, dairy products or shellfish if they are allergic to them, a dog owner will often choose to live with their symptoms rather than give up their four-legged friend.

If you find that you start to suffer from sneezing, a runny or itchy nose, watery eyes, a sore throat or skin rashes when you’re around your dog, there’s a good chance that you have developed an intolerance to him. This can be confirmed by a visit to your GP, who can arrange for you to undergo test to determine the source of your allergy.

It’s unlikely that an owner will swap their pet for a breed that is allergy friendly, but there are several measures that you can take to minimise the onset of your symptoms.

First and foremost is cleanliness. Dog allergens will be found on furniture, walls, curtains and clothing, and can remain airborne for some time. Don’t allow your pet to sleep or play on any furniture that you will be using. Dander can gather here, and can cause a severe reaction. It’s essential to ensure that your house is cleaned regularly. Shampoo or steam clean your carpet every (more…)

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