Hermaphrodite dog hopes for a new owner

by Mark James on October 20, 2010

An unfortunate dog that possessed both male and female organs has undergone an operation in an attempt to increase her chances of finding a new owner.

Georgie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was born a hermaphrodite – in other words, having both male and female reproductive organs. Her rare condition meant that finding a new home for her was tough, according to Manchester Dog’s Home.

Manager of the home, Lisa Graham, commented:

“Georgie received a lot of interest but when people found out she had both male and female organs they backed away.”

Now, Georgie has had her male parts removed in an operation paid for by the home, which is located in (more…)

Dog saves family by attacking burglars

by Darren Jamieson on September 13, 2010

We wrote a list recently about the top five dogs to have as guard dogs – maybe we should add Staffordshire bull terrier to the list now too. A Staffie named Alfie recently saved his family from armed masked intruders, who were intent on robbing them in their own home, by leaping into action, armed only with his teeth and a tenacity that couldn’t be suppressed.

AlfieAlfie, at just four years of age, attacked the armed intruders when they broke into his family’s home in Winstanley, Wigan. The armed intruders got more than they bargained for when they came barging into the home, waving guns around, as the dog immediately went for one of them, biting him in the leg and refusing to let go. The armed man then hit the dog several times with the butt of his gun, before 22 year old Carly attempted to help Alfie. She herself was clubbed over the head for her troubles, as one of the intruders knocked her to the floor, causing a gash in her head.

This merely spurred Alfie on as he (more…)

Lost Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Oxfordshire

by Darren Jamieson on August 5, 2010

Lost Staffordshire Bull Terrier

We received an email this week from Lyndsey from Oxfordshire, who is looking for her lost dog. Here is what Lyndsey said – maybe you could help her?

My dog went missing on 25th March from Oxfordshire. We have had no sightings, no news, and after all this time we are certain someone has him and are trying to keep him.

He is about 20 months old, dark brindle, small bit of white fur on back right paw. He isn’t neutered and is very friendly. We believe he is microchipped, however there is a chance he isn’t.

He has a Facebook page which has over 3,000 members, lots of pics and contact information. He has been in the Oxford Mail (paid advertisement), and they have done a story on him, he was mentioned on the radio once, but no-one else will help us!!

We are desperate to get him back home, and are trying to advertise him everywhere possible.

He has been gone for so long! He’s on doglost, and just about all websites, and he has a crime reference with the Police.

If you can help, please contact Lyndsey on 07769 185 413.

Judge lets prisoner go home to feed dog

by Leanne Thompson on May 10, 2010

Judge David Pugsley recently allowed a prisoner who was on remand go home to feed his dog, so concerned was he about the welfare of the animal. The judge has been heavily criticised for his actions, but his kindness towards the dog owner showed a real human side to him.

Judge-David-Pugsley31 year old Daniel Reaney, who was due to be sentenced last week for burglary, but he appealed to the judge from his prison cell, where he was awaiting sentencing, stating that he needed to look after his Staffordshire Bull Terier named Vinnie. His dog is called Vinnie, after Vinnie Jones – the former Wimbledon footballer turned movie star.

Daniel Reaney pleaded with the judge, saying:

He’s lovely, he’s like a child to me. I’ve had to get someone to go in to feed him but I need to sort something out for him. I know I’ll probably be sent to prison on Friday. I’ve turned my life around. I’ve been doing voluntary work and doing better than I’ve ever done.

Paul Spratt, the prosecutor, opposed the bail but he was (more…)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Profile

by Leanne Thompson on April 30, 2010

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or Staffies as they are affectionately known, are a hardy breed and are affectionate and loyal to their owners. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are misguidedly seen as good guard dogs when they are in fact, a very people friendly breed and excellent as a family pet, preferring your lap or the sofa to being on their own.

As they are a very strong, sometimes boisterous breed it is vital to provide good basic training to keep them calm around visitors and enable you to enjoy your walks on the lead. A fearless character with a muscular appearance, the Staffie is eager to please and enjoys companionship. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have little sense of fear or cautiousness and are therefore likely to get themselves into situations where they could be injured. Even though the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has received bad press in recent years, with careful training and socialisation they make wonderful pets and will give many years of loyal service to their owners.

Typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier facts

puppy-training-staffordshireHeight: Male 14-16 in (36-41cm) Female 13-15 in (33-38 cm)
Weight: Male 25-38 lb (11-17 kg) Female 23-35 lb (10-16 kg)
Average litter size: 4 to 6 pups
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Good with children: Yes
Kennel Club classification:
Terrier (more…)

Come and have a dog if you think you’re hard enough

by Leanne Thompson on October 21, 2009

Some dog breeds have, it seems, been harshly branded as ‘hard dogs’ by the media and are finding that image difficult to shake off, even when the reality is far from the truth. The real problem seems to be when irresponsible dog owners are looking for what they consider ‘tough breeds’ to act as guard dogs and to replace some element of their manhood that is missing from their lives.

Staffordshire Bull TerrierStaffordshire bull terriers are one such dog breed that has been singled out by dog owners looking for fierce dogs, yet all too often finding that the dogs themselves are meek, mild and playful – far from their portrayed media image. This results in the poor dogs being abandoned by their owners for no being ‘hard enough’.

The problem is particularly rife in Scotland as SPCA workers in Edinburgh have taken in record numbers of Staffordshire bull terriers that have been abandoned by their foolish owners.

The Balerno centre reports that out of the current dogs it has looking for new homes, 80% of them are Staffordshire bull terriers or cross breeds with Staffs. Equally, Seafield’s Dog and Cat Home in Edinburgh states that out of the dogs it has on its books, (more…)

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