How much is the doggy in the window??

by Leanne Thompson on June 15, 2011

A multi-millionaire, Kenny Lai, has invested in a number of Tibetan mastiffs which are the most expensive dog breed in the world. He bought a £3.2 million collection of dogs three years ago and has now bred his collection so it is now worth around £8 million.

He is breeding the dogs after their numbers dwindled after the Yushu earthquake last year, which is believed to have wiped almost 90% of the breed. Following this event, Lai wanted to make sure that (more…)

Me love you Hong Dong – 1.5 million dollah!

by Mark James on March 21, 2011

A red Tibetan Mastiff pup has entered the record books by becoming the world’s most expensive dog.

Hong Dong – or ‘Big Splash’ in English – is just under a year old but already tips the scales at over 180lbs and is three feet high from shoulder to ground. The hefty pup also sports a bright red coat.

The specifics of the sale are highly confidential, but it is reported that Big Splash’s new owner is a (more…)

Is this the world’s most expensive dog?

by Leanne Thompson on September 12, 2009

worlds most expensive dogThis month, a Tibetan mastiff may well have broken the world record for being the world’s most expensive dog when a Chinese lady known only by the surname of Wang bought the dog for a figure reported to be 4 million yuan (£350,000).

The prize dog is called Yangtze River Number Two, is 18 months old and stands 31 inches (80 cm) tall.  Apparently, a parade of 30 cars were sent to the airport in Shaanxi to collect Yangtze and a crowd gathered to meet him.

Earlier this year, a figure of $155,000 (more…)

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