Can you give your dog a vegetarian dog diet?

by Mark James on June 25, 2011

Some people who adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle may choose to reflect their diet onto their dogs. Yet is a dog that doesn’t eat meat going to have a healthy quality of life compared to a meat-eating canine?

Dogs in reality are almost omnivorous and like to consume both plant based foods and meat. However a dog is mainly a carnivore and deal better with meat based foods. Their guts, although designed to consume a wide variety (more…)

Food dangers for dogs

by Vivien Richardson on May 15, 2011

Most dogs are generally not fussy eaters (just ask your slippers or your newspaper) and, inevitably, during their life they will consume food that you don’t want them to.

sick-as-a-dogWhether they find leftover food on the floor or just steal out of your hands, dogs will do whatever they can to eat what they want. However, there are some foods that have huge dangers to a dog’s health.

Most people know that chocolate is harmful to a dog as it contains a chemical called (more…)

How to train a dog not to snatch food

by Vivien Richardson on May 4, 2011

When a puppy is first they are not adept at retrieving food from a person’s hand, this can cause a problem when accidentally someone’s hand is bitten or nipped.

feeding food to a dogWhat happens is the next time food is given to a puppy the person is frightened of receiving another nip, the result is the hand is quickly pulled back before the puppy can get at the food.

A puppy will think he has to be quick to get the food and, before you know it, (more…)

A good dog diet

by Vivien Richardson on May 2, 2011

Nutrition is one of the key components to good dog or puppy care. The food a puppy eats is of paramount importance to its development and long-term health. Just like human beings, dogs and puppies require a balanced diet to maintain their health and good fitness levels.

Puppy-eating-premium-dog-foodThe main element of a dog’s diet is the protein food group. This is generally made up from meat and chicken (and sometimes fish) and should be given to a puppy daily. However, it is important not to over-feed a dog or puppy (more…)

How to ensure your dog is receiving essential dog nutrition

by Vivien Richardson on December 29, 2010

dog eating his foodA dog requires stability in his home, and regular meals that consist of quality ingredients that will help as he reaches adulthood and, later in life, seniority.

Just as humans need to eat the best groups of foods, so does a dog. A brand of puppy or dog food should have the following ingredients listed:

  • Proteins and Carbohydrates.
  • Good fats and low amounts of salt.
  • Vitamins and minerals.

A dog requires all of the above, fed the right amount of portions at mealtimes and having access to fresh water at all times. Manufacturers of dog food are required by law to print the ingredients and the relevant amounts (more…)

Does my dog have Hip Dysplasia?

by Vivien Richardson on December 9, 2010

german-shepherd-hip-dysplasiaIn larger breeds of dogs, such as Rottweilers, Retrievers, German Shepherds and Great Danes, there is a tendency for them to be affected with Hip Dysplasia. This is when the hip joint, or the ball-and-socket, becomes loose; the hip socket becomes too shallow, the actual ball is not round, or when the ligaments are too loose.

When a puppy or dog has this condition it is easily recognisable, you will hear a clicking sound when your dog moves, he will have difficulty in moving about as the condition is quite painful.

There is also Elbow Dysplasia; this is a condition that affects the (more…)

The correct dog food for dog nutrition

by Vivien Richardson on November 1, 2010

dog eating dog foodThere are many different types of pet food sold in superstores, local pet shops, markets and of course for easy shopping, online. Online shopping is a great way to make sure you have enough stock of dog kibble or canned dog food. The ‘plus’ with shopping and purchasing pet food online is it is it is delivered direct to your front door, which makes it much easier than having to trudge to the shops.

Some owners prefer to feed their dog dry food, and some give both dry and canned dog food to their pet. This is acceptable healthcare, as long as the dog food is full of balanced quality ingredients that will aid good dog nutrition.

While deciding on the best dog food for a puppy, adult dog or a senior dog, it is important that the dog’s nutrition remains balanced. Details of the ingredients and a guide on the correct portion to feed your dog can be found on all (more…)

Choose the correct dog food for a large dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 28, 2010

large dog eatingWhen choosing quality dog food for a large adult dog, one that weighs over 50lbs for example, it is essential for the dog’s health that the ingredients are well balanced. A larger breed of dog has a higher level of metabolism; therefore the food that is given to him should qualify for good joint health and satisfy his dietary needs.

An owner of a large dog should choose large kibble; larger pieces will give a dog more satisfaction and promote the movement of good chewing. It is essential that, even when a puppy, a large breed of dog for the first eighteen months of his life should be fed puppy food that will keep him fully satisfied.

An adult dog will require dog food that is specially prepared to keep his body in good condition; to keep his bones and muscles nice and strong, with bright clear eyes and a (more…)

Diet tips for an older dog

by Vivien Richardson on October 18, 2010

When your puppy grows up into a strong adult dog, it is hard to imagine him ever being at a stage in his life where you will see him starting to struggle with the simple every day tasks, such as walking. However, dogs do get old; it’s a sad fact of life and something that dog owners have to come to terms with.

A pet diet for a senior dog has to change. He requires a pet diet full of extra vitamins that will give him a chance to be more flexible, while improving and lengthening his quality of life. Humans, as they reach their mature time in life, start to slow up mentally. It is the same with a mature dog, mental slowdown and some bodily dysfunctions can (more…)

What causes dogs to be sick?

by Vivien Richardson on October 3, 2010

When you own a dog, at some point in his lifetime he will feel unwell and will be sick. This is a perfectly normal way for a dog to relieve himself of unwanted food or articles, and you should not worry if your dog is sick from time to time.

One thing that could cause your dog to be sick is through his interest in slugs. You may find that your dog takes to nibbling at slugs, or other creatures, in the garden; this is one habit that needs amending. The danger signs to watch out for are diarrhoea, slow body movement and your dog vomiting excessively. If your dog is vomiting on a regular basis, a quick trip to the vet is on the cards.

Sickness and diarrhoea are caused by an irritation of the lining of the small and large intestines in the dog; the result is (more…)

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